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I am doctor Pooja Gupta Welcome to my channel homeo miracles In today’s video I will tell you about girl’s Biggest cosmetic problem Acne Its medical term is acne vulgaris It is a skin condition In which on the skin There are lots of erruptions Either black heads or lots of whiteheads Or fat moles called pimples Mostly they appear on your cheeks Forehead and area around nose They can appear in any age But in teenage group that means from 13 to 19 years Age group children are most impacted Now I will tell you about The reason of these pimples If we examine our cheeks Skin under a microscope Magnified 500 x Then we find out that Our complete skin is covered with hair follicles And oil glands Follicles are connected with oil glands When heavy oil is secreted from Oil glands Then this oil is accumulated around hair follicles And block them Resulting in slow Accumulation of dead skin cells Become acne, either blackheads aur whiteheads Or big sized erruptions Which we call as pimples If all blocked follicles There is bacterial infection Then you can have pus filled pimples Now I will tell you about that Why Oil secretion is increased Why oil glands are so Increase the quantity of secretion First reason is puberty Time of puberty when the hormones Are secreted heavily then they Stimulate the activity of oil glands Due to which more and more oil is secreted In some ladies prior to menses, due to hormonal changes Acne is caused To those ladies which are under Oral contraceptive medication That have hormones may face problem second reason is Genetic factor Genetic factor work strongly when Your mother had acne eruptions If your skin is oily then there are 80% chances Your skin might be oily and You too have a erruptions If you take carbohydrate rich food Example bread chocolate Chips junk food Aur you take skimmed milk Then also acne chances are too high Few medicines like steroids Lithium may aggravate acne eruptions Next reason is stress In itself stress is not reason for acne But if you have acne problems And you are under stress then your problem will be Aggravated and lesions will be increased Now I will tell you about few Myths Spread among general public That if we avoid these then you will have acne But there is no truth in it The first one is if Kids think if they eat oily food Less oil will be secreted from face And we will have less acne eruptions But it’s not like it Instead if you live or work in oily environment Example ladies working in a kitchen Where there are oil fumes They block externally pores of skin And due to that reason You may face acne problem But if you are eating oily food and you think your face Is having heavy oil secretion this is not true Second reason is cosmetics if you Use cosmetic products extensively Then your skin pores may be Blocked but if you Non oil based, if you use water based Cosmetic products then you want face any harm Skin stays very clean. 3rd main reason is Hygiene, kids think that if They are facing acne eruptions then it means Not maintaining proper hygiene But it’s not true you can The costly scrubs face wash etc To rub and clean the skin Peeling the skin it will not Get rid of acne eruptions they will stay there Cause it’s controlled by internal process which You need to take internal precautions Which will cure you or you need to take medication If you try different types of Face wash and scrub on your face On your face But having said that it doesn’t mean That you do not clean your skin You need to keep your skin Neat and clean for healthy skin So that no external factors Block your hair follicles Now for a teenage kid especially Girls the effect of acne I will tell you the first one is Pimple is cosmetically very bad looking for your beautiful skin They are like rag patch on velvet As soon as there is one pimple it becomes life primary goal How to get rid of this pimple Quickly get rid of it Due to acne There are deep holes and face Appears as if somebody has pierced toothpick on the skin And punctured the skin Pimples a little bigger in size And the acne Are cute but sometimes there is scarring on the site Scar tissue is developed,and round or oval shaped Craters are formed Doesn’t look good to see If you have too severe acne problem Scars, and you are conscious due to skin Then it will impact the mental condition of yours On your overall mental status Photon negative impact It will lower your confidence You may have anxiety issues Slowly you mein sink towards depression So u need proper homeopathic treatment Necessarily In my next video I will tell you about acne Effective homeopathic medicines Which you can use on your face To make it neat and clean Also tell some home remedies You try and if they do not help you then Go towards medication This all I will tell you so don’t forget to watch Next video which is on the topic of acne Part two and a few Like my video then subscribe to my channel homeo miracles. Thank you

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