വീട് എന്ന സങ്കൽപ്പം || Jan’s Thought About Home & Book Review || Ep:623

Speak up Veena. Its all yours This is my Fathers job. He does this for insects not to enter the mango tree He has made holes on it and filled some water in it. You will have to ask him. He says the insects go away from this. Is this a light for them to see at night? You ask him all these This mango tree is not so healthy It wont bear your weight. It will fall down Everybody wants to know why you dont stay here You reply for that. You yourself reply to it Nobody stays in my house now. His parents live in a flat at Poonkunnam now. We were there during the floods. After that we came here. So much of shade here in our house? Thats rambuthan This is kanni konna Older people are finding it difficult to stay in big houses. So they are staying in a flat At Trissur you have all the facilities close by including hospital So they are staying in a flat at Poonkunnam. We had gone and stayed with them They have no problems in me staying in my house. They know my mother is old and they dont have problems in me staying here Jan should reply to why he is staying in my house Why I am staying at your house? Many people are not liking that. We never look at costoms and rituals. We live according to our convenience. Its just decisions we have taken as a family. Live wherever you feel comfortable Sometimes I stay with my parents and sometimes here If we are on a journey, we stay at any hotel or stay at any friends house Its just to sleep. Many are not able to accept that Many girls send me messages. They are afraid to go for a vacation to their hometown Because they are pulled from both the sides They have to stay at their husbands house and their house Some people get just 2-3 days to stay at their house Many send me messages saying they are sad to go home. They are surprisingly asking me how do I stay for so many days at my house Thats why I asked you to reply for that. Its each persons individual likes Jans parents dont have issues in me staying here There was a message yesterday regarding this from people who cannot accept it People can say anything they want. They hafe the right to say anything and we have the rights to live as we like If I had listened to such people, as I said I wouldnt be standing in front of the camera today Its our individual decisions. You dont have to convince anybody for that. Oh there is nutmeg here People will run hearing us sing Only if I knew to sing You got passion fruit this time to make chammanthi of it Good manure for the land now Why is this husk placed like this? How nice this looks right? I wanted to show him the place This place has lots of trees and plants. I havent seen these since years I come and see it every year Everybody sees you walking through here in the video. Then whats wrong in seeing you directly This time there were lots of rambuthans She had kept it in the fridge. It was tasty There was a pond long back in our compound Long back How about drying the pond Its not easy doing that There is a motor there Its better to buy the land behind it and make a pond You just have to dig little more then What fruit or seed is this? I am first time seeing this This is a valley till there Its always like a pond here Its not a small place. Its big and the pond is at the corner This plot is for sale. If anybody wants to buy a big pond. This side there is a pond. Because its a valley you dont know where all water is there You can see the cashewplants and trees on that side there All that will come to this valley The cashew mangoes and nuts Even we had long back This is whitish yellow and ours was red Many had asked you say review about these two books Its difficult to say on generally reading books. Now its these. Algebra of Happiness The art of gathering. Its like when you are conducting a wedding or event, who to call and not call The heartfullness way is something I have already read. For our 4th meetup 2 people gave the same book as gift. Its on meditation or somebodys help that makes us meditate. These are the books. Now we are at Jans house So dont say there was no interview sitting at Jans house Not an interview, a talk from his house. Now say about the books About our reading habits, its reading what you like. It changes at each phase I read more of non fictional books. Once read are not fun to be read again. The Algebra of Happiness was taken from a fair. The reason is that I have read another book of this. I have read The Four of Scott Galloway’s. I felt he showed how he felt life and it was alike to how I looked upon too Thats why I took the book. There are lots of situations that we overcome or go through that he has found out You should find out what books you like and read. I am not able to read many books now. But in non fiction also there are some that dont move much with me but I completed his book at a go So find out what your likes are and read. There is nothing such as good book for all There are books which many say are good but I dont enjoy. In yesterdays video I had mentioned on where a person would like to die Its in this book. He made his mother stay in a good senior community place After surgery she was moved to a room that smelt urine etc.. She said she didnt want to die here. He then says he spent the final days with her. In the book it says your first house says your future and possibility. Your last home signifies the profound, the people who love you It was a part of this I had said in the last video. I dont have to say more on a book. I liked this book on my todays mindset Everybody need not enjoy or like it. It depends on your taste After five years, maybe I might not like to read this again. I used to love reading certain non fiction books before. But now I dont enjoy them Today I like another author. Tomorrow it might change. We move like that Many asked why did you say after the age of 20 its bonus? How can you be fed up by the age of 20 What mad you feel satisfied is what many are asking Like how you said that we shall say when we reach 10 Million There should be a suspense always. You should have a mystery in life. You cannot live keeping everything open. Many are asking are you planning to start a channel or stay with Veenas curryworld Even if I start a channel, I dont have the creative spirit like you to talk daily First of all I am not interested in talking like that. Then I wont have any topics to speak on Another thing is I wont have the mood. When all these come together I shall come as a visiting professor here Only if you post 2-3 videos a week, the subscribed people will stay with you There is no point starting a channel and then coming anytime you want So he will be with Veenascurryworld like this either full time or a part of behind the scene Veenas curryworld means all of us. Its not just me. Its more than 4 of us, including Kuttetan now I think its correct to come like this only. I dont think each person has to show his own individuality separately There was a time like that but now we have already done it in the existing level There is a time to gather and do good things. We are now in the phase where people are separating from one another So we have to think if its needed or not Many are not able to accept that. Husband speaking on wifes channel and starting one individual is different There is a set of people who think it that way. Thats the main problem We are not able to ignore them completely. They are a part of us. So we have to reply to them I support that we have to respect them. Regarding where to stay, as of me we four and our parents are a whole family Wherever we join together is our own house There is nothing as such material place. Whether is Poonkunnam, your house or my house We enjoy more when we are travelling is what I have understood Wherever we go and stay, we live as a part of that house They will have lots of their own work. Only when we bring them to our world, it becomes complete Our kids join us more when we travel. That is what we usually do. Every years trip and what we plan are all a part of it. This time it didnt work out. That is our core home. The moments where all are together. Where you are and who all are around us or convincing people is not our priority All may not accept that. Some friends of mine before coming home for vacation, enquires who all are in town They like to meet around. According to me I am out of that age Now I am in another world. My father still enjoys all that. He goes for his Engineering college meet ups Even now he looks into all that. For me I dont. Some go back to that mindset but I dont Maybe because I dont have that I never felt it was needed. More than what we are in front of public, I believe we have to be what we are and I see it as sincerity. This is me. Its when I change to be somebody else I stay away and otherwise be with you That might be from the family too Oh really! You meant Vanavasam? Sorry vanaprastham Vanaprastha is what you meant I will also come with you. I will not let you leave me here alone and go This is all from the mind. You dont have to go to the forest for that So thats the answer for that I have brought JAN here. Like he has introduced on these books, we have many books in Dubai too When he likes or is in a mood, he will say suggestions on some books. Thank you for your valueable time. Thank you This is to kill what insects? There are some that come to destroy the mangoes It will come and die in this. What about this yellow one Its the same. But here it falls into the water It cannot go away once it enters the box I used to remove each one from another tree. It catches only flies. This kills the male The female comes and when they die its believed to stop Its very useful It comes and lays eggs. Thats what turns out to become worms. Inside the mango, inside the flower

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  • ++ "Lead light for the insects to home in…? " hahah hilarious take by JJ on the yellow hued insect trap ! The closing bits on wht it was all abt was elightening ! The males getting trapped thereby containing propogation..! One is also reminded of the sinister BlackSpiders ( Widow syndrome) tht devours the male post mating !

    ++ Tht cliched poster bit "Home is where the heart is" shld say it all ?! I wldnt know of the dilemmas tht couples face stemming from holidays, until VJ hinted, which to me is just preposterous ? Personally if you ask me..wherever my partner is happy wld be where id snuck in ! ( But then not any friends homes or tht of alien folks) And quite rightly as JJ had referred .. its not necessarily where u live ..but then where u die tht shld deserve attention (truly in my life today )

    ++ I never wish id find my genre or author which then gives me the freedom to flirt with all.. from fiction to NF, classics to contemporary works, bios to epics, business to new age…comics to magazines..anything n everything ! Born to read…im afraid id probably be dying holding a book too ! Its all id have ?!

    ++And yess.. tht of collective endeavors vs indivdual ones..staying connected vs being discerning..being inward vs outward..are all phases tht we all address differently in our lifes and cant be forced upon truly !

    Cheers VJ/JJ for all the insights ! ( the insect lead light too hahah !)

  • negative comments നൊന്നും മറുപടി പറയാൻ നിൽക്കണ്ടെന്റെ കുട്ട്യേ. ജാനെ Interview ചെയ്ത വീണയുടെ കെട്ടും മട്ടും ഒത്തിരി ഇഷ്ട്ടമായി. സാരിയും കെട്ടിവച്ച മുടിയും ഒത്തിരി സുന്ദരിയായിരുന്നു. എനിക്കിതാണിഷ്ട്ടം.

  • Hai veenechi
    Chechiyude vedioes Elam kanarund
    But I st comment.really inspiring person anu veenechi&jan chettan.i have twin girl child 10 years ayi.avarkkum chechiye valare istamanu.jan chettante view correct anu. But social issues varumbol girls ne mathreme parayu chechi .God bless your family.

  • Shariya chechi.. n jan cheatta.. veena chechide vtl thamasichen orth entha kuzhapam.. nammal nattunadap nokanda avshyam illa.. jan cheatta love uu big brother.. 😍😍.. jan cheattante parent's n um big appaluase.. 👏👏.. ente hus nte parents um nammude ishtathin enth cheythalum support a.. 2 aldem jadikka thottam patt👌👌.. jan cheatta nte veed, sthalam kanan enth bhangi a😘😘😘..


  • Haichechi janchettante speach kelakkan nalla thane mind nalla relaxde avum janchetta big thanks😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jan is person with great individuality and mindset. Veena you are really blessed to have him your life. Stay blessed for ever.😙

  • Jan Veena വളരെ നല്ല സംഭാഷണം… കേട്ടുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കാൻ തോന്നും. നല്ലൊരു പുസ്തകം വായിക്കുന്നതു പോലെ ..

  • എന്റെ ജാൻ, വീണ നിങ്ങള് എല്ലാവരുടെയും കമന്റിന് ഉത്തരം പറയാൻ പോകണ്ട… അതും നിങ്ങളുടെ വളരെ പേഴ്സണൽ ആയിട്ടുള്ള കാര്യങ്ങൽ. എല്ലാ subscribers അത് മനസിലാക്കി കമെന്റണം.. പിന്നെ ജാന്റെ parents ആണ് ശരിക്കും ഹീറോസ്

  • Sathyam Veena, kalyanam kazhinjal bharya veetil thamasikkunnadu oru kurachilayi ellarum parayunnuu.. I don't know Y people r thinking like dat? Jan nd Veena Ningal randuperum parentsinte otta makan nd makal anu.. So I think nammal ethra vayasayalum nammude ammayude aduthu pokumbol oru security feel cheyyum.. Adinum restriction varumbol anu sankadam..but anyway u r lucky for dat..

  • ഹായ് വീണ ജാൻ…… എല്ലാം വർക്കും സുഖമാണല്ലോ.. ജാൻ പറഞ്ഞതാണ് ശരി. നാട്ടിൻപുറത്തിന്റെ നാട്ടുനടപടി അനുസരിച്ചല്ലല്ലോ നമ്മൾ ജീവിക്കേണ്ടത് നമ്മുടെ സൗകര്യത്തിനു അനുസരിച്ചാണ് നമ്മൾ ജീവിക്കേണ്ടത്. എനിക്ക് നല്ല ഇഷ്ടമായി ഈ Toppic. നല്ലവണ്ണം തന്നെ ജാൻ മനസ്സിലാക്കി തന്നു T qu So much വീണ.😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Jan chetta pls do suggest some good books for my 5yr old daughter…. She loves to listen to stories…. Thank you 😊…… Veenachechi jus like ur case…. Hubby n me are pretty cool on where we would stay during vacations to kerala…. And like u me too August born… Returned back to dubai after bday in kerala…

  • "INNER ENGINEERING a yogi's guide to joy"' By SADHGURU my recommendation to JAN and everybody . A Taste of Well-Being by SADHGURU for VEENA will help others who have health issues

  • Well said jaan chetta. Booksine kurichu paranjathil thanks. Ororutharude taste anusariche book select cheythu read cheyyan pattullu.thanks for considering my question.

  • താമസിക്കുന്ന വീട് ഒക്കെ തീരുമാനിക്കുന്നത് ചേട്ടന്റെയും ചേച്ചിയുടെയും പേർസണൽ കാര്യം അതിൽ എന്തിനാ പുറത്തു നിന്നുള്ള ആൾക്കാർ തല ഇടുന്നതു ലവ് യു ചേട്ടാ ചേച്ചി 😍😍😍😍

  • റോസ് ചുമരും റോസ് സാരിയും ചേച്ചി സൂപ്പർ സാരിയിൽ

  • ചേച്ചിയുടെ അതിജീവനത്തിന്റെ കഥ കേട്ടത് മുതൽ ചേച്ചിയേക്കാൾ ഒരു പിടി സ്നേഹം കൂടുതൽ കൊടുക്കുന്നത് ജാൻ ചേട്ടനാണ് .പിണങ്ങല്ലേ ചേച്ചി ചേച്ചീനെ നമുക്ക് ഇങ്ങിനെ ഹാപ്പി ആയി തന്നത് ജാൻ ചേട്ടനായത് കൊണ്ടാണ് .വീണേച്ചി ജാൻ ചേട്ടൻ ഇഷ്ട്ടം ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Even I used to stay in my home when I go for holidays..even my husband also join with me most of the times..we don't need think about others..live happily..

  • ഇതു ജാൻ ഇനോട് ആണ് നിങ്ങൾ നായർ ഫാമിലി ആണെങ്കിൽ ഒരു കാരണവശാലും അച്ചി വീട്ടിൽ താമസിക്കരുതെയ്. ഇപ്പോൾ കുഴപ്പമില്ല ആയിരിക്കും പിന്നീട് ഭാരിയ ബെന്തുകളും, ജാനിന്റെയ ബെന്തുകളും സമൂഹവും കൂടി മുറുപിറുപ് പറയും അവനു ആണെന്നതും മില്ലാത്തവന് എന്നു ചെന്ന് അച്ചി വീട്ടിൽ താമസിക്കാൻ. അതും അല്ലെങ്കിൽ കൂടി സമൂഹത്തിൽ തന്നെയേ ഒരു ചീഞ്ഞ കാഴ്ചപ്പാട് ഉണ്ട് മറ്റുള്ള മതസ്ഥർ ഇരുടെയ് ഇടയിൽ നയമാര് സ്വന്തും തറവാട്ഉം ജനിച്ച മണ്ണിനോടും സ്നേഹമില്ലാത്തവൻ എന്ന്‌ ഒരു പെണ്ണുകെട്ടിയാൽ എല്ലാം ഉപേക്ഷിച്ചു അച്ചിയുടേ കൂടെയേ പോകും. പുതു തലമുറയെങ്കുലും ഇതു മാറ്റി എടുക്കണം. Choice is yours..

  • തൃശ്ശൂരിൽ എവിടെ ആണ് , ജൻ ചേട്ടന്റെ യും വീണചേച്ചി ടെയും വീട്

  • ഹായ് വീണ ചേച്ചി…. കാണാൻ കഴിഞ്ഞതിൽ സന്തോഷം… 😘😘

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  • അങ്ങനെ ഒരു ചോദ്യം ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നു?. ഏതായാലും ഉത്തരം നന്നായി. ഒരു പാട് ആൾക്കാർ ക്ക് ഒരു ബോധം വരാൻ ആവശ്യം ഇല്ലാത്ത കറിയത്തിൽ തലയിടണ്ട. ഓരോരുത്തർക്കും അവരുടെ തായ ഓരോ റീസൺ ഉണ്ടാവും ബെർതെ ആലോചിച്ചു നിങ്ങൾ സമയം കളയണ്ട.. 😀. ലാസ്റ്റ് വന്നു ലുക്ക്‌ പിങ്ക് സാരീ of veeneechi ന്ക ഇഷ്ടായി

  • Many times i have looked at book collection in background of ur vdeos n wondered what jj's thoughts about those were….thank u sooooo much for this …loooove to see books discussed n reviewed❤️❤️❤️completely agree wid his thoughts about home..its much beyond the materialistic constructions..looking forward to more such sessions❤️❤️❤️

  • You are a true motivator.. I also created a channel inspired by you. My channel is related to finance. I would like to build a financially literate society.. Keep motivating chechi. 🙂 All the very best.

  • പാട്ടു പാടാൻ ഇപ്പോ വലിയ കഴിവൊന്നും വേണ്ട
    ആർക്കും തോന്നുന്ന പോലെ പാടാം
    ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ പാട്ടൊക്കെ എന്താ
    അതിൽ വലിയ കാര്യമൊന്നും ഇല്ല
    നിങ്ങളെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നവർ അതും ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടും പാടിക്കോ

  • എനിക്ക് ജാനിന്റെ അഭിപ്രായം വളരെ ഇഷ്ടമായി. നമ്മൾനമ്മുടെ വീട് എങ്ങനെ ആണോ അതുപോലെ കരുതണം നമ്മുടെ പങ്കാളിയുടെയും. അതിനു നമ്മളും നമ്മുടെയൊക്കെ മാതാപിതാക്കളും ഒരുപോലെ പെരുമാറണം. ആഭാഗ്യം നിങ്ങൾക്ക് വേണ്ടുവോളം ഉണ്ട്. I love you veena jan n your family. 😘

  • Chettaayi ithu polichu ketoo,,,idaku idaku ingane vannu oru padakam pottikkunathu nallatha 🤩🤩🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️🎉

  • Dear jan

    and veena, nan ningalude ammayude fan anu, trissure vannu ammaye kananam ennundayirunnu, palarum chodikkunna karyamgal ningalkku ishtamavunnila ennu thonunnu, ningale ningalakkiya subscribers anu ivarellavarum onnu thirinjunokku, books vivaranam nannayi,thanks

  • You are lucky Verna.I didn't get that luck. I have a son .In the future he will grownup ,when as a mother I will think like Jan's mother

  • 😊njanum epazho chodhichirinnu …for jan Chetan book review..thank u so much …yes i like ur stand ..thuranna pusthkam ayi jeevikaruth…aalukal pratheekshicha ulladakam allenkil vayichu kazhinja pusthakam pole avar nammale maati nirthum….just a quote..ellarum apoopanum ammooomem ayite jan Chetan story parayu😃

  • Individuality depends and defers from person to person. no? Every one has their own vision and conclusion in dealing with their family affairs it's easy to give advice! Facing and living it will be task!ur one of the bold hooks of veenas curry curry! Make it stronger by ur presence! Expecting more valuable words of knowledge from u!!No change is needed! Be urself! Tc!👍👍♥️♥️!

  • Great Jan chetta..I am a single child..nattil aanengil njan ente veetil aanu nilkkarullu..athinu ente husband nte veetukarkku oru kuzappavum illa..husband um nattil vannal kooduthalum ente veetil thanne…njan Ph.D eduthittundengil full credit um ente husbndnum ente achanum ammakkum thanneya..ente veetil nilkkthe athu sadhyamarunnilla..same views aanu ente Anishettanum..Bahujanam palavidham..be yourself..be happy..

  • ആദ്യമായി കാണുന്ന ആ ഫ്രൂട്ട് ലക്ഷ്മി തരു അല്ലെ….

  • Kore alukalalund മറ്റുള്ളവർ എവിടെ ജീവിക്കുന്നു engine jeevikkunnu എന്നൊക്ക അന്വേഷിച് .. orortharkkum അവരവരുടെ കാര്യം അന്വേഷിച്ചാൽ പോരെ.. jan ചേട്ടൻ chechiyude വീട്ടിൽ പോയി താമസിക്കുന്നത് കൊണ്ട് ആർക്കും ഒരു nashtom ഇല്ല…pinne entha kuzhappam

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