🌺 Essential Oil Diffuser 🍀 BREATHING LIGHT MODE AROMATHERAPY Review👈

Hello This is the Taotronics Essential Oil
Diffuser with breathing light mode Now here is the box that it came in
I obviously having it running and it came with an instruction manual and
a little cleaning brush This aroma diffuser has a 120 ml capacity
so it is fairly compact in size It has a very clean appearance with the white and the clear
clear covering It is lightweight and compact this would be
great for traveling There are 2 misting modes intermittent and continuous
for the mist press once for continuous mist and press again for intermittent and intermittent
should run for 30 seconds and then stop and continue with the cycle
if you press and hold, that turns off the mist
ok there is also an auto safety shut off so when the water runs out it will stop running
so for the light button you press once to enter the what is called the carousel mode
the color changing mode and then press again to fix the color
so I’m going to dim the lights so you can have a better
look at the colors You can run this without essential oils just
for the humidifier function or you can add your favorite essential oil
essential oils are extracted from natural sources, usually plants, and I said there
are scores of choices many are said to have healing powers I can’t attest to that personally
it seems to work it could be the placebo effect but in any case it is beneficial
so I’ve been exploring some different essential oils and I’m finding I’m liking the floral
and citrus I’m not really crazy about the mint and eucalyptus
but that is very much a matter of individual preference there are scores and scores of
different essential oils and you can use them alone or set up your own recipes
This unit has silent operation there are no beeps
to interrupt the calm so it is great for sleep or nap
or overnight studying if you don’t want the beeping
to break the flow so there are a lot of faux wood finishes out
there in diffusers now, which are nice but they don’t fit in with every room so this
diffuser definitely provides an alternative I find it fascinating that Taotronics calls
this breathing light mode and at first I didn’t understand what that meant and what is means
is that the colors transition from one to the other slowly and seamlessly
I like the sound of that – breathing light mode
because it makes it gives it life it is very easy to operate
there are just 2 buttons – the light button and the mist button
AHHH those colors are so pretty! Yes they are! It’s an aroma diffuser
Whooa! See? Yeah
Oh, that smells so good Ah, it’s so pretty
So this is a very cute little diffuser it is lightweight
this would be great for traveling you could take it back and forth move it around from
room to room it is very compact in size and it has a very
pretty design and that breathing light mode Thanks for watching!

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