10 Benefits Of Mint Oil | Underrated Herbal Panacea

The last time I caught a cold, coughing and
sneezing, someone suggested something to me that I hadn’t heard of before at all. An oil where one drop would be enough to free
your respiratory tract and make you feel much more relaxed. I was skeptic at first, but I tried. And it worked. The scientific skeptic that I am, I immediately
began to research more about it. You may also know Mint oil as China oil or
Japanese herbal oil. That’s because mint has been used for ages
around the world to treat various ailments. In fact there’s such a great number of uses
for mint oil that it does make sense to make a video about it. I’ll go through them for you and keep it
brief. Let’s start with mint oil as a cold and
flu remedy: 1. Sore Throat – Mint oil can be used to soothe
a sore throat. A sore throat is the first symptom you get
before getting a cold. The menthol in the oil cools and calms the
throat while thinning mucus and reduce swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. 2. Cough & Clogged Sinuses – To free your respiratory
system and to being able to breathe normally for some time, boil some hot water, put it
in a bowl with 2-3 drops of mint oil, put a towel over your head and inhale the steam
for 5-10 minutes. You’ll feel like a different person afterwards. 3. Fever Reducer – A fever helps the body get
rid of the bacteria or viruses that make you sick, so don’t try to fight every fever. But sometimes temperatures rise to dangerous
levels and its important to bring it back to a safe range while finding professional
medical attention. You can apply 2-3 drops of mint oil on the
forehead, temples, your neck and back, and the bottom of your feet to cool down again. Besides that, mint oil also helps relieving
muscle pain. 4. Joint Pain – If you have joint pain, such
as caused by arthritis, you can dilute mint oil in a carrier oil and then massage it into
your joints. 5. Sore Muscles – The same goes for sore muscles
after heavy work or intensive sport. Dilute the mint oil in some carrier oil like
coconut or olive oil and massage it into your muscles. 6. Headaches – The cooling anti-inflammatory
power of mint oil helps to relief headache rapidly. Simply massage it on your forehead and temples. 7. Irritated Skin – Mint oil, in combination
with carrier oils can also be used to soothe and cool down irritations in the skin, such
as sunburn, rashes and acne. I advise you to be really careful here and
use a very mild dose. If you have serious irritations, consult with
your doctor about mint oil first. If you have problems with your digestive health,
mint oil can help with that as well: 8. Mint oil is known for its ability to calm
the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. The mint oil also improves the flow of bile
– the chemical which our body’s use to digest fats. As a result, mint oil helps food to pass through
the gut more quickly and efficiently. Put one drop into a glass of water and drink
slowly. 9. Nausea – For some people, the scent of mint
can soothe nausea. While this remedy doesn’t work for everyone,
the next time you feel sick to your stomach, take a small sniff of mint oil. If it works, you can put a drop on your finger
and gently touch the outside on and below your nose. This remedy has even been known to help some
women through the woes of morning sickness. 10. The part at the top of your digestive system,
the mouth, can also benefit from mint oil. To ease toothache for example, apply 1 -2
drops of mint oil to a cotton swab. Apply directly to the aching tooth to simultaneously
relieve soreness and disinfect the area. A fun fact at the end: Did you know that many
insects like ticks and mosquitos hate mint oil? So when you’re out on a summer day and these
little beasts annoy you, mix some mint oil with water and spray it on your skin to prevent
getting bitten. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I
did researching about this amazing remedy. As with all medical products, precaution is
advised, especially if your skin is sensitive to essential oils, you should always try it
on the back of your hand first before proceeding any further. This video is for informative purposes only
and does not and cannot replace a professional medical opinion. Stay valorous.

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