10 Things to do NOW to Heal Leaky Gut

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel, And if you’re new, thank you so much for stopping by! I get questions all the time about leaky gut So I thought today I would share 10 things to start doing/eating to help reseal your gut. Before I get started, I just want to say with leaky gut you always should eliminate the candida overgrowth, And the parasites, and the dysbiosis, before trying to heal your gut because you won’t be able to Reseal it If you do have that inflammation and the bad bacteria overgrown. So consider doing a cleanse, getting rid of the candida and once all that’s gone, you can think about moving on to Actually trying to reseal and repopulate your gut with good bacteria. So, if you’re already on this phase these tips are going to help. If You’re not yet on this phase and you’re still going through the candida phase, This could still help but it won’t give you as good of results if you still have the dysbiosis in the gut. So just want to put that disclaimer out there. The very first thing you want to do is eat pureed food! Pre-chewed or pre-blended food is going to be extremely soothing to the gut because it causes no inflammation provided it’s good ingredients, and it’s going to be extremely easy for your Body to absorb and pull nutrients out to nourish yourself without having to strain to break food down. It’s also going to help if you have constipation and things like that. It’s really going to just go through your bowels easily. Your body’s not gonna have to go through a lot of work to push out that food. The second thing is drink hot lemon water every day! I’ve mentioned this in several videos, but it does many things for the body. The first is that it cleanses the liver and it flushes things out of the digestive system. But the most important is it actually stimulates your digestive system to produce more enzymes and more stomach acids. So when you do go and eat your meal your body can break it down so much easier Which means less gut inflammation and more gut healing! The third thing is to add gelatin to all your teas or even bone broth if you don’t have gelatin, but I love gelatin. You can add to teas, to anything hot, to soups… what this is gonna do is it’s gonna provide your body with certain amino acids that help to rebuild the gut lining and it also seals the gut lining. If you think when gelatin kind of firms Up, it’s more jelly and sticky. That’s kind of what happens… it sticks to your gut it reseals it up to prevent food from leaking into the gut and Prevent that inflammation, so fantastic. Gelatin is fairly affordable! You don’t need a huge amount, you just pour some into your tea. Let it gel up and you’ll enjoy it. You don’t have any flavor there either. The next thing is to take L-glutamine twice a day. L-glutamine is fantastic for so many reasons in your body but one of the most is that it is one of the main fuel sources for the cells and your gut lining and When you consume it, you’re gonna help your gut rebuild itself. It needs the l-glutamine as its fuel source So taking it every day twice a day is great! I do five grams in the morning and five grams at night. If it’s a free-form l-glutamine, you could take it with some food or in a smoothie, you can add it to Anything really. I usually just add it to a glass of water and eat it with a couple Vegetables or some fruit or some protein or something like that! The next thing is to take an omega-3 supplement. I love cod liver oil if you’re vegan, you can do Ahi flower. There’s so many, you know ways to get omega-3s but what this omega-3 oil is going to do is it helps lubricate the Digestive system or digestive tract so that food can go through properly reduces the inflammation Significantly, which is what we need to do to reseal our guide and your gut also needs fat to help rebuild itself So you’re gonna provide your body with so many nutrients to be able to do all of the things I just mentioned It’s fantastic and I recommend taking it every single day Like I said cod liver oil is my all-time favorite. I really like the one from Genestra, but if you are vegan, there are so many other options too. Genestra actually does have a vegan essential fatty acid liquid as well. You can look into it, but either way, get some in your diet everyday. You can also get it from wild caught fish, Salmon being one of my favorite. The next thing is to take potent Probiotics. So if you have already done the candida cleanse or you’re on it and you’re kind of moving to the gut healing phase this Is where you really want to Repair the gut lining and then replace it and give your body a good dose of healthy Probiotics or good probiotics so that you can kind of finish off your journey and your gut will be an optimal health. So what I recommend is taking a potent probiotic, of course do this under the supervision of at your health care practitioner But I sometimes recommend going up to 500 billion probiotics for a period of maybe five to ten days and what that’s going to do it’s gonna give your body or your gut a huge dose of probiotics to completely cover your digestive tract and Reseal it So that any food you eat from here on out will be broken down Efficiently and all of that your immune system will be boosted. So fantastic for helping to realign the guy The next thing is slippery elm. I love the supplement. I talk about it all the time you can get it either in a powder and add it’s like oatmeal or something or you can do capsule I prefer capsule because it Tastes better. I like the brand Nature’s Way But you can get so many brands out there what this is gonna do is it reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract? Which is super important when trying to heal the gut because you’ve got won’t heal if it’s inflamed so you need to calm it down so it can start to rebuild and Slippery elm is one of my favorite supplements to do that. You can all show you also use a licorice root or marshmallow root They’re great as well. You can do teas you can do capsules so Do whatever works for you. Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water with these type of Anti-inflammatory supplements, but they are so good for reducing inflammation to allow your gut chance to heal and relax One of the next things that I absolutely love is taking activated charcoal you can do this It does not have to be every day of the rest of your life But maybe try it for two weeks to a month do 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal with about two cups of water at night away from food away from Supplements right before bed what this is going to do is it goes through your intestines and it grabs on to? toxins to heavy metals to bad bacteria It pulls everything out acts like a sponge and pulls it out through your stool which is exactly what you want because there’s a lot of stuff in your gut that cause inflammation and if they’re not pulled out your guts gonna Always be chronically inflamed. Which means IBS and all of these issues including leaky gut so by pulling out these toxins letting your gut relax It’s gonna be fantastic for healing. So activated charcoal is one of my favorite ways to do that. You can also use spirulina Bentonite clay so there’s a few other options But I find charcoals the easiest and the best one and you can also do a powder or a capsule form Last two tips number one steam all your veggies when trying to heal your gut do not eat raw. I love raw vegetables. They are fantastic for getting a lot of enzyme in your diet and nutrients However, they are hard to break down when your gut is really compromised so by steaming it and I’m preferably curing it in like a smoothie or A soup is great. But if not at least steaming it will really help your body break down that cellulose It’ll be a lot easier for your body to digest and it won’t have to strain the less our gut strain It means the more relaxed. It can be it can be and the faster it can heal So steaming your veggies is really critical during this phase and then my last final tip is to avoid grains for now during this period so If you’re doing the candida cleanse then moving on to the gut cleanse or gut repair I just recommend avoiding grains for a time. Not all carbs carbs are okay, so you can do sweet potatoes during this gut healing Repairing phase you can do like squash things like that are actually fantastic for realigning the gut but grains Contain number one lectins which cause inflammation in the gut and it just kind of destroys The gut lining and then the second is that they are a little bit inflammatory because they contain dye Sakura days which are a type of carb that require your micro villi and your gut to digest but if your micro villi are not producing enzymes because they’re dull and Destroyed how due to having leaky gut you’re not going to be breaking down those grains and they are going to sit in your gut feed Candida cause inflammation and Over time it’s just gonna cause more leaky gut so it’s gonna do more harm than good so I recommend during this phase to avoid all grains for now and stick to Like sweet potato and squash and other sources carrots for your carbs rather than on having grains So those are my 10 tips Like I said, you can really incorporate these tips throughout every single phase you can start right now but if you want the most benefit most gut healing benefits and I would Do these after you have done a candida cleanse because that’ll be perfect Once the candida is gone to have like a clean slate to regale your gut and reseal it up on A couple of these can be used for the candida cleanse like the hot lemon water and activated charcoal and even slippery elm. So Do it take some of these tips or take all of them and use them how you like? But just thought I’d share these with you They are fantastic and this is what I have been doing to help him like and I have noticed amazing improvement Especially in terms of my IBS that I had a couple years ago So thank you so much for taking the time to watch it. If you are not make sure you follow me on Instagram It’s not Marla’s healthy life for daily tips like this for got friendly recipes and all the rest of it So, I love you all. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye

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  • Heal candida first, got it! How will I know if the dysbiosis is gone?
    (1) Eat pureed foods, so soups and smoothies are good?
    (2) Hot lemon water everyday, do I put anything else in there? Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, honey, cayenne pepper.
    (3) Add gelatin to all your teas, or drink bone broth. Got it! made my first pot of organic, non gmo, free range chicken bone broth going right now.
    (4) Take l glutamine twice a day. MAIN FUEL SOURCE!!! 5g in the morning and 5g at night.
    (5) Take omega 3 supplement
    (6) Take potent probiotics. 500 billion for like 5 days, cool
    (7) Slippery Elm. Never heard of that. DRINK LOTS OF WATER
    (8) Activated Charcoal, at night away from food or supplements or anything.
    (9) Steam all veggies. DO NOT EAT RAW!!!
    (10) AVOID GRAINS…. for now…. carbs like sweet potatoes and squash are ok though.

    Tried transcribing it as well as adding some of my own questions. Hope this helps others as well.

  • I seem to have got Psoriasis and it is slowly increasing in size, what is the best way to get rid of this, I guess spicy food is not good for me now hey? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  • So how do you know you’re out of the candida phase to move onto the healing phase? Your symptoms will still be there til you heal your gut right?

  • Im losing snw much weight im 40kg to begin aip now im 38 kg only i eat sweet potato smetime meat and fish mre and veggies😢😢 oh my im so depress and lossing my confident😢😢

  • Omg I am so glad I found you, and another YouTuber ( he told me about Black Seed oil ) and you two have helped me so much and I feel so much better; my stomach was hurting every single day and I wasn't able to get out of bed. I thank you!

  • What do you think about traditional Chinese medicine and the slow oxidizer diet. Also copper zinc dysregulation? I recommend dr Wilson's website!

  • Lglutamine,collagenes, digestives enzyme and probiotics are they good for the healing process ( i have eczema/no candida)

    does it really work with all these supplements?

    thank you

  • Hey dear

    Can I have your email address. Actually I have lots of problems together with Vitiligo (Am autoimmune condition). So wanna discuss with you all my problems. Actually am very much confused about everything like from where to start my journey to cure this condition naturally.

    I hope my request will meet your sympathetic consideration. Thanks though.

  • Hai marla it is safe to take pure puiraria merifica? To treat insomia? Menstrual problem? It is safe for autoimmune?

    The Dangers of Pueraria Mirifica

    BY  JANET RENEE, MS, RD   •  AUG. 14, 2017

    Pueraria mirifica is a plant native to Thailand that has medicinal properties. It is marketed as a natural and safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy because it contains phytoestrogens, which are plant hormones. Traditional hormone replacement therapy has benefits

    Ths one is a herb from thailand f u knw it

  • Hi..I'm inspired by you how you came up with all your critical illnesses.. I'm depressed instead, thanks for giving me hope. I have few questions
    1. I have kidney stones. Can I use the supplements for leaky gut and candida, parasite cleanse?
    2. I have auto immune disorder, hypothyroidism, pcos, ibs,severe constipation and super hair fall for over 6years. I think all these because of leaky gut.

    Please guide me where to start?? In your previous videos you mentioned before cleaning one must do liver detoxification. So the order must be
    1. Liver detoxification
    2.parasite, candida cleanse
    3.leaky gut treatment
    Shall I follow these while having kidney stones( I have 9 stones, all are below 5mm )

  • how long does it take for one to notice results? I've had severe eczema for a long time which flared up last week that's when I decided to change my diet to heal my gut. It's been a few days now and I haven't noticed any significant relief.

  • Hi, you mentioned to steam your veggies before eating them bc raw are to hard to digest. Is that bc of the fiber? And would it then be ok to juice your greens? Thank you!

  • 1. remove harsh foods
    hot lemon water
    3. add gelatin to your tea
    4. take l-glutamine
    5. take omega3 supplements
    6. take POTENT probiotics (up to 500billion for some periods of days)
    7. take slippery elm
    8. take activated charcoal
    9. steamed veggies
    10. avoid grains

  • I am during a parasite cleanse ,I have to say one thing that always screws me over is ibuprofen ,I take it for my neck pain and omg it sets all my efforts backward ,any type of analgesic is terror on my stomach and bowels

  • Been told to do this for my sjogrens but it's so overwhelming there's so many steps and money involved .. I feel like given up

  • I eat gelatin every day:)and omg yes lemon water is my go to drink hehe….aaaand L glutamine really does help yaaaay:)))

  • Marla can we use Artichoke tincture for example, like to help out the liver even after the cleanse?Will artichoke help with enzymes and stuff like that,like lemon water?

  • Hi!

    I have food allergies and sensitivities. I'm sure I have an overload of candida, heavy metals and parasitesas well. I tried doing the gaps diet several times (following it to a tea). I feel great day 3-8, after that I lose lots of weight (which I cant afford as I'm 5'5 and only 118) and I feel lethargic, weak, brain fog. I feel as if my body is eating my muscles not my fat as I dont have much fat to eat. I have a sensitivity to dairy, eggs, coconut, and anaphylaxis to all nuts. Im also super super sensitive to supplements and have to start of slow and low on them. I'm lost and dont know where to start. Btw when I break the diet and go back to eating sprouted spelt flour or oats I feel normal again. I feel like my body doesnt do well avoiding grains.
    Hope you can give me some tips

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