12+ Ways to Diffuse Essential Oils (Without a Diffuser)

Tara Wagner: Everything you need to know about
diffusing with or without a diffuser, it’s in this video. In fact, I’ve got 12 alternatives to a diffuser. How do you like them apples? What’s cooking, good-looking? My name is Tara Wagner, your belief breakthrough
coach. Usually, I drop a video on emotions and a
new essential oil, but this week we’re going to do a little bit of Emotions 101 and talk
about the aromatic use of essential oils or diffusing essential oils. I’m going to go over some dos and don’ts along
with those 12 different alternatives to diffusers, so make sure you watch to the very end. I will also have a handy little guide for
you as well. Tara Wagner: Before we go into all of that,
I want to make sure you understand when to diffuse so that you can pick the right option
for you. Aromatic usage is when you’re inhaling the
aroma. You want to do this when you want to impact
the mood, when you want to impact immune support on a slow, steady, consistent basis, when
you’re wanting to impact respiratory health, or just clean and deodorized the air. It is a low and slow approach to using essential
oils, so keep that in mind as we go through the dos and don’ts and those 12 alternatives. Tara Wagner: I also have to add that although
these 12 alternatives are great, and I use them all the time, they don’t fully take the
place of a good diffuser. A good diffuser dispuses. A diffuser disperses the oil molecules throughout
the air in a way that allows them to suspend longer. It also will usually come with an on-off cycle,
and all of this can create a mellower aroma and really help you to maintain that low and
slow approach. So when you’re ready to invest in a good diffuser,
you want to look for an ultrasonic diffuser. I recommend one with at least an eight-hour
setting and an on-off cycle. Then, also pay attention to the square footage
because every diffuser will cover a different amount of space. Tara Wagner: Enough about that. Let’s go into the dos and don’ts, starting
with the don’ts. The first don’t is to not hold your face over
the diffuser. This isn’t always a risk, but there are some
oils that can be really irritating for the skin in this way. And you don’t want to end up as an internet
meme, so let’s just not do that at all. If you’re wanting to smell, you want to kind
of just, you know, just fluff it into your face like that. Just fluff it in there, okay? Tara Wagner: The next don’t is to not lock
your pets in the room with the diffuser. As long as they can get away from that diffuser,
you’re going to be okay. I will recommend though that you minimize
oils like melaleuca, or even cinnamon, or clove, these really strong oils that are harder
for their bodies to process. It’s okay in small amounts or in blends, but
you definitely don’t want to overdo it. And there are some good alternatives, so go
ahead and opt for those whenever possible. Tara Wagner: The next thing you don’t want
to do is this. Oh, I just got it on my lip. That’s part of why you don’t want to do it. The other reason you don’t want to do that
is opening, closing your bottle too much is going to expose it to air, which is going
to start to decrease the quality of the oil over time, as it oxidizes. So, don’t sniff-sniff from the bottle. Tara Wagner: And the next don’t is to not
use an oil burner. An oil burner can actually decrease the quality
of your oils. So yes, it may smell okay, but you’re not
getting the benefits. And then, what’s the point, right? Did I miss any don’ts? Leave a comment below, and let me know if
I did. Tara Wagner: Now we’re going to jump into
the dos. These dos are your 12 diffuser alternative. The first do or alternative is a cotton ball
in your air vent. Put a couple drops, stick it in there, you’re
good to go. The next one is to put some fabric on a fan
and let it blow around the room. The third option is to apply it to your hair. This is going to allow you to smell it as
you’re going throughout your day. But keep in mind that if this is going to
rub against your face, you want to make sure you’re going to use oils that are not going
to be irritating. The fourth option is diffuser jewelry, kind
of like this one. You can actually put the essential oils on
these wooden beads and then smell them. And they smell so yummy. And yes, you can use diluted oils on a lot
of these diffuser pendants, or diffuser bracelets, or necklaces, so you’ve got some options there. Tara Wagner: The fifth diffuser option is
a reed diffuser. The next diffuser option is toilet paper roll. You can actually put a couple drops in your
toilet paper roll. Then, every time you go to pull toilet paper,
you’re going to get a little whiff of essential oils, which is much better than getting a
whiff of something else. Your seventh option is to drop some of these
drops on your air filter in your home. Number eight is to use a room spray. And number nine is a perfume spritzer. This could be something like witch hazel or
vodka that you put the oils in that diluted very well, and then you can spray it on like
a perfume. Your 10th alternative is to apply this to
a pillow case or maybe a stuffed animal. Do be careful, again, that either the oil
is going to be diluted or it’s going to be in an area that’s not going to get rubbed
all over your face in case it’s an oil that’s going to be a little bit more sensitizing. Tara Wagner: Number 11 is to use the oils
in the shower. Now, I thought that they would just go right
down the drain, so I tried to put my oils actually on a wet wash cloth, but that didn’t
allow them to diffuse quite as well. When you put them in the corner of the shower,
this does take some of them down the drain, but the steam from the water will actually
bring it right back up again. It’s a great way to support the respiratory
system or your mood just to kind of get you up and moving and happy first thing in the
morning. Number 12 is to get crafty. Clay, cotton, leather, felt, or any other
absorbent materials can all be made into a diffuser. So, get creative, get crafty, have fun with
it. Tara Wagner: To help you out a little bit
more, I put together a little guide, not only with all of these options, but as well as
some links to some of my favorite DIYs, some of my favorite resources in terms of diffuser
jewelry, places that I really love to get mine from, and my top three diffusers so that
when you’re ready to invest you’ve got some recommendations to get you started. You can grab that in the description below,
as well as in the link that should’ve just popped up above my head. Tara Wagner: I would love to hear from you. How do you defuse your essential oils when
you don’t have a diffuser? Leave your ideas in the comments below for
everybody else to benefit. Then, give this video a thumbs up, because
that really helps me out as I’m growing this channel. Be sure to subscribe if you’re interested
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see you next time.

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