25 Varieties Puratasi Full Veg Thali Eating Challenge | நாவில் எச்சில் சொட்டும் புரட்டாசி விருந்து

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman today puratasi special thali eating challenge this month we uploaded some non veg videos those shot before this month varieties are little huge papadam, pumpkin, what is this my son? i think it is cabbage nope, it is radish potato beans carrot ladies finger beetroot Broad Beans ridge gourd snake gourd 2 vada is there curd, banana and my favourite honey rice salted dal payasam where is soup(rasam)? so many varieties are here today no timer ok let’s start no timer i said everything kumaravel 5…4…3…2…1… Start i won’t on timer because no timer is here 😛 i feel rice is heavy salted dal is super this is prepared by only using salt and dal it contains more protein dad last time you said papadam looks like chapathi. how is it now? no it is crispy i ate first time from my birth i ate this much varieties. i do no what to eat? Mom: eat everything i’m going to mix pumpkin with rice Sabari: today no timer so eat slowly rice is huge Kumaravel: more green chillies are here Sabari: so many varieties are here so we use more green chillies Sabari: do you want some more salted dal? kumaravel: yes Sabari: why won’t you try soup(rasam)? Kumaravel: no, curd is here for me Sabari: why you won’t like soup(rasam)? Kumaravel: i like little bit 😛 kumaravel friends too came for this fasting from here i like vada a lot Soup(rasam)? 😛 Mom: Sabari, why are you asking that repeatedly to my son ? i think it is ridge gourd Sabari: kumaravel if can’t please leave it veg thali eating went very nicely. for you to it is nice na? we don’t know time because we didn’t keep timer one final touch is there to complete this challenge. selvi give that betel. thambulam means betel what is inside? i have to see. areca nut, gulkand, fennel seeds and some hydrated lime. you have to eat like this what are you doing kumaravel? Mom: he is dancing his head i completed this too thank you everyone for your patience to watch our video. Sabari: nope still some words you have speak again i’m telling those non veg videos we uploaded this month is not shot by this month you people are said repeatedly why are you doing non veg videos in this month. so that we are clarify this areca nut is too small. so i cant able to bite it perfectly Comparing to bone it is easy know bone is large so it is easy it is small so it is difficult i hope you to celebrate puratasi fasting Happy Puratasi to everyone kindly like, comment and share the video don’t forget to subscribe our channel Saapattu Raman why we repeatedly said subscribe means then only you will get our video notification quickly. until then bye from yours Porchezhiyan and yours Kumaravel Byeee….!!!!

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