hey guys today is Monday and this is
officially I’m making this the first day of my 24-hour dry fast with the 1-hour
eating window on the 25th hour going back after the reefy into another dry
fast for 30 days and I just thought just started off right on Monday morning do a
weigh-in let you guys know where my weights at um when I first spotted dry
fasting which I’ve got a lot of benefits from it focus obviously weight loss and
my sleep is getting better again and you know it’s putting another reset on the
body his father’s where the juice cleanse
took me where I’m not still hungry even when I do a refeed I’m not eating
because I’m hungry I’m doing it more so for energy so that I can go back on a
dry fast journey um but when I started May 28 going dry fast I was in the 80s
and I was struggling for maybe 2 weeks in the 80s so when I started May 28
doing the dry fast up until now I’m in the 70s I’m definitely out of the 80s
only time I see the 80s and when I do re feed and the next morning I go back to
the 70s um so my goal for the end of this week beginning next weigh-in Monday
is to be out of the 70s so I’m gonna get on the scale tell you how much you know
tell you where I’m at right now arm and basically you know hopefully there’s
good results Wow
whoo so I’m down 178 pounds point eight but let me get back on and do it again
just to be sure 178 point eight so it’s one seventy
eight point eight okay I want to make sure you guys see that so I started at
183 so you do the math how many pounds basically from May 28th that I lost from
just simply applying dry fasting um it has taken me to fat loss you know some
it was water weight but um you know it’s safe to say that uh I kept off you know
some of the weight I went from 183 to Monday and 178 I did
many dry fast was it not even a hundred hours then I did 108 I would dry fast I
didn’t finish the whole five-day dry fast but that was just recently and I’m
still at a hundred and seventy eight pounds the first five-day dry fast I
ever did which was May 28 I did that for five days when I ended that dry fast I
was at 171 so uh I’m doing good from that so I’m very proud of myself and I
hope that you guys can get inspired by that and you know hopefully do your dry

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