5 Fast Natural Remedies to Destroy Migraines – Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches – Natural Relief

Hello and welcome to my video! Today I’ll
be discussing 5 Quick & Natural Ways to Relieve Migraines. Stick around until the end to see
the best natural remedy. Let’s get started. Prevention is always the best cure, especially
when it comes to severe, persistent pain. But, when a migraine descends out of the blue,
what can you do? Some migraine sufferers have �auras�.
This is popularly held to be the most common type of migraine. Auras can be visual cues
such as spots or blinking lights. They can also include other neurological symptoms such
as dizziness and tingling in the extremities. The aura also serves as a warning sign. You
can take immediate remedial actions such as hydrating, blocking out light and resting
to minimize the head pain. Without the aura, you need easy, handy fixes to alleviate the
migraine. Here are 5 ways to help you. 1. Peppermint oil
Rose and lavender are the popular ones when it comes to headaches � including migraines
� but peppermint is growing in popularity. It is a �cool� oil that smells fresh and
uplifting. Mix a drop of good-grade peppermint with a tablespoon of neutral-smelling carrier
oil like grapeseed and apply it to the painful areas.
The clean flow of scent also gets rid of any adjunct pain you may have from clogged sinuses,
etc. Keep a bottle on your person always. 2. Coffee
This may seem counterintuitive because coffee is often touted as a cause of headaches. But
some migraine medication actually contains caffeine. Sufferers have reported feeling
better after a cup of coffee. 3. Ice pack
Another easy fix. All you have to do is buy a medical-grade gel pack or two and keep them
in your freezer. When a headache strikes, wrap them in thin cotton t-shirts to prevent
freezer burn and let them cool your head. 4. Green apples
The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that mid-attack, people who
sniffed green apples reported decreased pain. You can even get someone to help slice one
up for you. Make them thin slices; chomping on chunky pieces will cause your head to move
too much and may exacerbate the migraine. 5. Ginger
What�s a list of home remedies without ginger in it? As a migraine sets in, the blood vessels
in your forehead get inflamed. Once this happens, they press against nerves causing further
inflammation. Turmeric is the flavor of the day when it
comes to natural anti-inflammatories but for migraines, ginger should be your root of choice.
Not only does it have a strong anti-inflammatory property, it also kills nausea and settles
the tummy. Make a tea beforehand and keep it handy for
those painful episodes. Buy some matured ginger root and cut off a piece about 1-inch thick.
Grate it or smash it with an old-fashioned meat tenderizer. Put the ginger in 4 cups
of water and boil it for about 10 minutes. Keep it refrigerated. You could also add some
raw honey to take off the pungent edge. Some migraine sufferers don�t even bother
with tea � they just chew on a slice of ginger when the pain hits. If you�d rather
do that, get young ginger root as it�s a little kinder to the taste-buds. The main idea is to have simple fixes that
work for you. Try each of these to see which has the best effect. You may also want to
try a combination of 2 or 3. Be prepared so that when the pain strikes, you�re ready
to hit back with all you have. Hello again. If you enjoyed the video, I’d
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