#52 Is there a magic cure for HIV? Is there an herbal cure HIV?

Welcome to 52 questions I’m Shannon Webber director of HIVE. Every year, HIVE answers hundreds of questions from patients, their partners, and providers and each week in 2018 we have brought you one frequently asked question each week Welcome to week 52: our last question of the year. And for this last question. I’ve come to Ward 86 to talk with Dr Monica Gandhi, who’s the medical director at Ward 86 and Monica this is a question that we get Frequently on social media from people and it’s also a question that is frequently searched and that lands people on our website And the question is, is there a magic cure for HIV? Another way this question is asked is, is there an herbal cure for HIV and what is the answer to that question? Well, so great question and the first thing I want to say is To my knowledge there is not yet a magic cure for HIV or an herbal cure for HIV though actually we’re totally working on it and there’s some very exciting Considerations for the future I would try to turn that around a little bit and say that It has been such a privilege for me to be an HIV doctor for so long because we’re in such a good place with HIV and we have so many incredible Treatments for HIV and we have such great ways to prevent HIV with oral Medications that you can take every day, PrEP to prevent HIV, that I would try to focus on this period of time while we’re waiting for that Kiran when researching it and trying to Get there I would try to turn this around and think about how Well we’re doing with HIV and how full your life can be completely full with HIV It has been my privilege To be an HIV doctor because I get to say to someone On the first day of a diagnosis and we’ll get to prevention in a minute That you’re not even going to remember that you have HIV at six months if I’m doing my job, right? I’m going to put you out of medications where you have no side effects. If you have a side effect, it’s my fault We’re going to change it. We have so many options for medication right now. That wouldn’t change it We’re going to make it so that you feel like taking a vitamin every day You’re not gonna think about HIV in six months You can have as many relationships as you can want you can have as much sex as you want You are gonna have, you can have, children you’re gonna have a completely normal life It just doesn’t seem like that right now Maybe on this first day. That’s how great the treatments are and that’s all we’ve come We have many many treatments. They have very few side effects and if they do we can just switch you to one that You don’t have any side effects on and you take it every day And it’s like you’re not, and you don’t even have anything, you don’t have anything wrong with you and it will never ever affect you If we take these medications every day, it is such a wonderful time in HIV treatment and I want to just really stress that and then the same thing for prevention if the reason to get tested is like we said if you have HIV there’s Excellent things we can do in just like taking a vitamin every day and you won’t even feel it totally. Um, Great things ahead and you won’t even feel it every day In terms the other way that reason to get tested is we have such a good prevention ways to prevent getting HIV Taking a single pill every day Other ways to have your partner beyond treatments and you don’t get HIV. There’s so many good ways to prevent HIV We’re just in a totally different era thirty-five years and counting into the epidemic so Even though we don’t have a magic cure and we don’t have an oral cure for HIV Right now and I can safely say that we’re not there we are in a totally new world with HIV and it is positive and it is forward and you You have no limitations, you have zero limitations. So that’s that’s how I put it right now Beautiful. That’s a really phenomenal way to end the year I want to thank you Monica Gandhi for joining us for this week And thank you to all the viewers who’ve joined us on this journey throughout the year

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