6 Ways To Appear Smarter Than You Are ft. Lilly Singh

The perception of intelligence is extremely important in human evolution, and as a result, pretty important to your life. Psychology shows that in text, when a middle initial is used, there are positive evaluations of a person’s intellect and abilities. Middle initials are generally saved for more formal contexts like John F Kennedy. One study asked participants to choose academic team partners, and those with middle initials were more likely to be chosen. Middle initial equals increased perceived status. Hey! Reservation for Lilly, please? No, I don’t see it. So (sorry) Uh, Lilly Singh? No, It’s a bank ambassador golf tournament We’re so swamped What about Lilly S. Singh *Slowed down* Oh my god Let her in It has been found that when something seems more “scientific”, it has a greater power to persuade In a study, 67% of participants believed a specific piece of information without a graph but if a graph was added then ninety-six percent of the participants believed it even though it was the same information OMG we should totally watch Magic Mike it got 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes I don’t know about dude dancing. I don’t think that’s for me No, yeah me neither. That’s gross Did I mention it got a 80% on Rotten Tomatoes Oh, okay yeah yeah Lilly, why don’t you try a new science fact for us? No, I don’t know anything about science. I don’t want to seem stupid No, you just have to speak expressively and people will believe you It’s scientific fact Really?! Waddup everyone! It’s your girl, Superwoman! When two people have the same things to say one modulates their speak and keeps pauses to a minimum they come across as more knowledgeable In a recent study participants were asked to present to a hypothetical employer and those who use various pitches, tones and volumes were perceived as more thoughtful, intelligent and left a better overall impression Was that okay? I have no idea what I just said There’s actually a correlation between what a university professor wears and how the students learn In fact, if the instructors wear more formal attire the students are less likely to misbehave Stereotypes play a big role in how people perceive you and there’s a pretty big stereotype that smart people wear glasses In fact, studies even show that those people who wear glasses are perceived as more intelligent I just finished the most fascinating article about ISIS and the impact it’s having on Lebanon borders I mean, will the sanctions work? Have you read it? Um, yes, obviously I am fully aware of all issues related to the Middle East Are you sure you’ve actually read it? Yes! OMG! You’re so smart! You definitely have. To be honest I don’t fully understand the Iran deal The ability to accurately assess someone else’s intelligence is of great evolutionary importance You don’t want to mate with a dummy Studies have found that when people observe headshots the ones that are rated as highly intelligent are more often smiling so show them pearly whites I hope we’re making a good impression I really want her to think that we’re smart Keep smiling She’s turning around! ASAP science is so smart They even look intelligent in real life She looked! Alcohol consumption and cognitive impairment go together Known as the imbibing idiot by a study found that managers perceive candidates to be less intelligent if they ordered a wine over a soda Another study found that those who are actually just holding alcoholic beverages were perceived to be less intelligent than those who were not Hey, boo Where you from? I’m from Toronto but I’m just visiting LA Oh, just visiting Ok, what kind of girls you into Well, I’m scientists so I really like smart girls (record scratch) Oh (throws cup away) So weird because just happen to be one of those smart girls Did you know? The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Thanks for watching! We hope you liked that video Make sure to subscribe to Lilly’s amazing channel She makes awesome comedy, hilarious videos We’ll put the links in the description to that Thank you so much for being here

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