Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils (full movie) – Secretele Antice ale Uleiurilor Esentiale (film)

[Music] essential oils they’re all the rage these days more and more people are five passing the pharmacy in favor of something else essential oils yeah but many are now swearing by the therapeutic health benefits from these plant-based oils after trying a natural home remedy one by the way that is surging in popularity lately the truth is that oil has hundreds of compounds in it and so if somebody asks you what will that oil do you can give them a quantum physics answer and say what do you want it to do because it’s just a packet of possibilities you [Music] in 1999 I was introduced to these essential oils although I had been interested in theology and the read the Bible all my life I really just read right over the parts of the Bible on oils I didn’t even know that frankincense and myrrh were oils when you get into quantum physics you realize that our mind and our thoughts and our intentions are impugned upon physical matter and we know know that your thoughts and intentions influence the effects of oils and so quantum physics becomes a fundamental science in understanding how they oels work in quantum physics light can be manifested as a continuous wave or can manifest as a stream of discrete particles called photons well when we measure light as a series of particles or we can measure it as a continuous wave we know what it is at the time we measure it but what was it on its way to where we picked it up you know like if a light starts over here and you pick it up over there what is it in between so they decided that light when it’s in flight and it’s on its way to either your eye or some other measuring device it’s neither it’s not even light it’s just a packet of probabilities we have to look upon oils in the same manner now somebody asked you what will an oil do you can say well that’s oregano and it’s got phenyl propane aids in it and it does various things and you can give them a chemical answer that would be a good answer but the truth is that oral has hundreds of compounds in it and so if somebody asks you what will that all do you can give them a quantum physics answer and say what do you want it to do because it’s just a packet of possibilities and it’s going to manifest certain possibilities for you it’ll manifest different ones for me and different ones for somebody else what decides what possibilities are manifest is your intention and so out of that packet of possibilities we make decisions on an unconscious or conscious level that pulls out of that oil certain things to happen and that’s why prayer works so well with the oils and where they all work so well with prayer what’s absolutely fascinating is today you can understand how these oils do work on a molecular level and that’s really where my fascinations come in and what I’m trying to do today when I traveled the world and I teach about essential oils is really to take this information that is coming out by the day now and because it’s pretty complicated when you talk about epigenetics and transcription factors and how it changes the DNA and RNA and all the kind of stuff in your cells to kind of take that and explain it in a language that everybody would understand the essential oil basically what we get is a mixture of components it’s not a single organic compound it has a mixture of components that imparts in most cases of placenta aroma we know I talked about the King’s medicine cabinet and essential oil is being superior to prescription drugs because they’re all-natural and they were created to work with our body you know prescription drugs are today the third leading killer in America literally millions of people are dying from the side effects across the globe from medications how do you essential oils work because the oils are composed of very tiny molecules and because the membranes and our bodies are oily and because even our skin has got oils on it they can penetrate skin and once they’re inside the body they can travel through the lymphatic system through the circulatory system they can follow nerve pathways you can put essential oils on the soles of your feet like peppermint something you can taste just wait a few minutes and pretty soon you’ll taste that peppermint on your tongue those oil molecules will have worked all the way up through your body there’s two basic kinds of oils there’s the essential oils that are in a plan and they circulate in a plant right through cell walls and back out again and serve many life-preserving functions for the plants because of their mobility and ability to penetrate down to cellular levels and back again so they bring nutrition and various kinds of information to the cells of the plant carry waste products out plants also produce another kind of oil it’s found only in their seeds their bigger molecules and they don’t move they stay in the seed and they will stay there through the life of the plant and never used by the plant what they’re used for is in the next generation when a plant seed begins to sprout plants have to be able to make their own food and they can’t do that until they have a root system and a stem system and through photosynthesis create sugars and starches and proteins as they need and so there’s a little gap in there when the first sprouts when it doesn’t have any of those things so the plant lives off of the oil in that seed until it can make its own food so plants produce the seed oil for the next generation not for themselves and we press those oils out of the seeds and we call them vegetable oils but those aren’t the healing oils because they do not have the capability of penetrating your skin or passing the blood-brain barrier or addressing issues at a cellular level the essential oils can do that they can work like hormones and regulate your endocrine system they can support your digestive system they can support your nervous system they’re also very effective against bacteria and viruses and the fact that they work at a cellular level is wonderful because that’s really where all disease begins and that’s where it has to be resolved molecular shapes and sizes of the molecules of essential oils are so compatible with our human body and that they fit the receptor sites on the cells so perfectly and knowing that humans were not the first ones being created this planet plants came first and the Orioles came first so to me that means that these oils who fit us so well and were created before we were created that God was thinking ahead and thinking of our well-being before he ever created us so to me that means God was already loving us before he made us god never wastes an opportunity to use plants to promote the gospel and so a koi a place where that’s really evident is in Genesis chapter 6 verse 4 and it says that and this is God telling Noah to build an ark and it says make for yourself an ark of gopher wood or cypress wood and you shall make the Ark with rooms and shall cover it inside and out with pitch so God didn’t even waste an opportunity here to present the gospel just by using the plants that he gave us in the garden well in the case of Mesopotamians we see a lot of correlation between how they treat their patients and how the worship was done the same oil that’s used to treat deceased people as well as to anoint the gods there are certain correlation between that but we see distinct preparations for treating the disease as well as worshiping the God in the case of Egyptians they have different concoctions different preparations of the scented oils but in the case of Mesopotamians we see a lot more and in treating diseases 4th millennium BC so that’s 4000 BC it’s around the time where the Mesopotamians used these scented oils that predates the early Egyptians to some extent well you’ve seen Egyptian paintings and you see the ladies with horns on their head it’s thinking about that high and I always thought that was her news but actually those were cones of hippopotamus fat that they’ve been saturated with myrrh they didn’t wear many clothes in Egypt because it was so hot and so in the morning they would put those cones on their head and as the day as the heat began to rise throughout the day they would start to melt and the myrrh is a sunscreen not only that it’s an insect repellant so as the murder would come down over their bodies in the heat of the day it would protect them from the Sun and from the insects they were actually myrrh in a fat for that purpose so in the ancient times different civilizations used two different techniques for example among the Egyptians they would lay the flowers or leaves on the fact and they expose it to Sun and during the daytime the facts would melt and they will extract the components out of the out of the plant material and then it will drip down in basis and they will collect the waste that contains the melted fat that has extracted all the causing compounds or the fragrant components of the plant material it’s called as expressing the expressing the essential oils in a fat or even sometimes wines in other cases what they would do is they will take these fragrant materials whatever aether it is the plants or shrubs or leaves or flowers they will take that put it in a big pot along with water they’ll boil it and then they will filter the water out and they will have a essential oil water mixture and they have used that also so in the modern world when it comes to distillation we usually credit Avicenna as being the founder of modern distillation and rose oil being the first thing that he distilled but when you take a look at modern archaeology which is really cool I love archaeological stuff it teaches you all kinds of things about the world there’s a site in Pakistan where they found some distillation equipment that’s pushing 5,000 years old so whether they were actually separating the oil from the water the Hydra lot I’m not sure they could have been fragrant waters you know Hydra Sol’s that they were extracting they could have been letting them set and then separating the oils I’m not sure anybody knows that for sure but distillation has been happening for the better part of five millennia most of the cases it might be tallow literature evidences suggest that people used crocodile fat since crocodile is pretty abundant in that region they have also used beeswax in fact there are records on Egyptian hieroglyphs such a says that they have a standard beekeeping practice to get the beeswax the main purpose of the beeswax is to extract the perfumes out of the plant material and then the beeswax are made into a scented cones and the scented cones are placed on the top of kings and queens like in their head and during the daytime in the heat of the desert what happens is that the cone would melt it’s a it’s basically a VAX material containing perfume and the cone would melt and it would emit a fragrant order to be surroundings we had the Egyptians with Cleopatra she is still known as having had a beautiful skin and having been a beautiful woman well we know from the scriptures from the times that she used powderized frankincense and myrrh and that they mixed into paste and she used that in her face I’ve been a professional model for 27 years and in an effort to try to prolong my career I started using anti-aging products so if you go to PubMed gov and you put in into that search engine frankincense balsam oil or myrrh oil you’ll find that those three oils those three tree resins from that region would cause apoptosis or cell death cell death to damaged skin cells so you’re going to find a bunch of creams and serums today that have both and frankincense and myrrh amongst other oils in it as ingredients to support the skin so what that means is that if someone has wrinkles someone has sun damage someone has age spots whatever’s going on with the skin those wrinkled or damaged cells can be killed off by these oils so that your body can then proliferate and create new healthy cells myrrh for example was used in the caravans when you had liquids they would spoil I mean the caravan will go three four weeks to the hot Sun it was really blistering hot so stuff would spoil well if you added some marine it more as a preservative so as you use it as a preservative for food or liquids you could use it as a preservative for your skin why are all seemingly becoming more popular in today’s time people are discovering that the pharmaceuticals are not working instead of making them well they often make you more sick you know you end up overcoming this problem and acquiring a side effect which is maybe worse than your problem pharmaceuticals and medical practice in general is designed for relieving symptoms not getting to the root cause of a disease there were about 400 articles recently on essential oil and cancer when you really drilled it down at the end of the day about 130 of those roughly hundred and thirty described exactly what they have seen in genetic testing and all that what these oils did on the cancer they find out that essential oils actually address the roots so we are at the verge of a new understanding what natural medicine does for the body and how we can compete or complement directly with what we do with prescription medicine so in my search to find what else would have been used in Scripture especially during purification I had to go to Queen Esther and in this verse it says that she was given six months with oil of myrrh and six months with sweet odors and with other things for the purifying of the women and so when I had to look into what were those other things because we know oil of myrrh and we know how that would have been used for beautification and the purification of our skin it’s also very soothing for the skin it’s great for all types of skin issues and so when you go to the Hebrew text in that sweet odours and other things one word that keeps coming up is balsam oil now Boston oil is a tree resin resin and it’s from that region but it was also from the same climate and region as frankincense so frankincense was also most likely used in those beauty regimens freaking scents myrrh and then particularly balsam so that’s why these oils would have been used during this time period and of course that’s exactly why I’m going to be using those oils today well the Bible is not a book about oils it’s a book about God’s a relationship to the Israelites and the Evo’s in the early Christians and the only reason oils are mentioned in there is because in that part of the world in the Middle East there what we call the Holy Land for thousands of years oils was a integral part of their life they used them on a daily basis they used them in their food they even baked bread with frankincense they were used in their rituals in the synagogue and in the temple it was just a an everyday thing two of the best-known essential oils are frankincense and myrrh and the reason for that is because we read about them in the Bible and so the old story goes that the three wise men brought baby Jesus precious metals and some essential oils so the question is why would someone bring not more gold or diamonds or precious stones that they had at a time why did they think that frankincense and myrrh were so precious that the most important baby ever born should get frankincense and myrrh all of the gifts they brought Jesus the frankincense gold and myrrh were all very valuable and in fact the most valuable of those three was the frankincense or valuable pound-for-pound or than the gold when you really think about it at the time – 2,000 years ago probably 3040 if not 50 percent of babies would die on childhood infections early childhood infections a lot of mothers would die after childbirth because they didn’t have antibiotics but the only body except the time were frankincense and myrrh we know today that both frankincense myrrh have excellent antifungal antiviral antibacterial properties so one of the main reasons why you would give such a gift to a newborn baby was maybe to preserve the life of that baby the three gifts looked after Jesus’s physical well-being his spiritual well-being and even his financial well-being with the gold so it was a complete gift for his whole life and for his family babies newborn babies of kings and priests would be anointed with frankincense and so naturally with wise men coming from the east and then they knew who Jesus was and who this child was and that he was to be a king of sorts naturally he would need some frankincense to be anointed as a child and the myrrh came because myrrh is a companion to frankincense but MERS more than that oils were used for healing purposes if you mixed myrrh with the frankincense it would go a lot further and so that you get four times as much healing out of frankincense if they mixed it with myrrh so that’s why the three wise men brought both of those oils together because they were really meant to be used together myrrh has been a companion to many oils because of the property of supporting whatever they do and make it it lasts longer and more effectively perfumers knew that if you put myrrh with your perfume the scent would last a lot longer women of those days and Mary knew this Annie Mellie and her culture would know this and if you would take myrrh and put it on your abdomen after a birth for six months to a year they believe they would take stretch marks away so when the wise men brought the frankincense tumor to Jesus and his family they didn’t explain what it was far because they didn’t need to [Music] well myrrh is the most mentioned oil of the Bible it was given at his birth but also it was given at the cross before he was crucified they offered him myrrh in the wine that they offered him and that was done because the Romans they carried wine everywhere they went because there wasn’t any safe drinking water that was their drink and so at the cross it was customary for them to offer the victim a drink of wine which contained myrrh because they believed that if you put a little myrrh in the wine you could drink more of it before you became drunk and then in his burial Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus came to bury him and they brought a supply of myrrh to prepare his body for burial in his life there was a couple of times three times actually that he was anointed by a woman the first time was early in his ministry then it’s in the Book of Luke where a sinful woman from the city it says and he was at a Pharisees house at the time came with a bottle of spikenard and anointed his feet and washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair but the ointment contained myrrh because myrrh was found in all of the ointments of the time and in fact the Greek word for ointment is Mila which is the Greek word also former and the ointment so that they had that name of myrrh because myrrh was automatically added to all the ointments to extend the action of the other oil so we’re in there so when in time you mix myrrh with another oil it would make that orals fragrance and therapeutic action lasts longer later on in the house of Lazarus and Mary who was one of his disciples six days before his crucifixion she anointed his feet with myrrh her a rather was by Kennard which was Mila which was myrrh in the ointment now this is up for debate by some researchers but many researchers believe when you read spikenard in the Bible they’re referencing lavender or a very close cousin of lavender and there’s a a scripture in the Bible that I love and it’s it just really shows the amazing capacity of love and it’s where Mary breaks a bottle of what they call a spike nard and she washes Jesus feet with her hair and here’s the incredible thing they said that bottle of lavender that bottle of that nard was worth a year’s wages that’s how valuable essential oils were in the Bible I mean they were worth as much as the year’s income we’re talking about I mean today you know ten thousand dollars for a bottle that’s how valuable these were then two days before its curse the FIDE he was in the house of Simon the leper that’s told in the book of Mark in the book of Matthew and an unknown lady the name earth he Kate’s she came and anointed him on his head with oil n’t precious ointment of spikenard which contained myrrh as well so Jesus received myrrh several times in his life from birth and even after his death and even at the cross for many reasons it was also one of the oils that you find in the holy anointing oil in the book of Exodus it’s also found in the holy incense described in the thirtieth chapter of the book of Exodus Mar was a really fundamental oil of the Bible the number one there’s an incident in the Old Testaments in the Book of Numbers that plague was sweeping through the Hebrews already a hundred and forty thousand Hebrews had died so Moses told Aaron he said go up to the tabernacle and bring a sensor now a sensor is a either clay ceramic or metal container that’s fireproof he said go up there to the altar of the tabernacle and get some fire get some coals and take incense now this was the holy incense which was Gotham Hanukah myrrh and get that incense and put it in the sensor and that heat source of the sensor was a head it was a higher fireproof bottom part and in a shelf in there where they’ve put the oils and resins and then that heat source would vaporize him and you’ve probably seen this when Catholic ceremonies that that’s a sensor so Moses told him go out among the people because a plague has be kind they referred to it as the wrath of God he went out and actually went to all the tents there was a probably to half a million people out there in a desert there was Aaron and all of his sons and helpers and they fumigated every tent the people would stand in the vapors as those vapors even touch their skin it was going the molecules into their body and the vapors was actually soaking into the walls of the tents sanitizing everything the plague stopped right then and there there were no more any deaths after that up until World War two you had practices of fumigation and so people in medical wards and churches anytime there are outbreaks people were burning herbs you had you know incense essentially a fumigation they’re burning things for the smoke and the smoke had disinfectant properties antimicrobial properties and you can do that now with essential oil extracts as opposed to fumigating within a hospital and I think there’s tremendous potential in buildings not just hospitals but any kind of building because not only are they antimicrobial but you feel better it elevates your mood to help moderate people’s energy levels if you look at the origins of the oils that were used in the biblical part of the world where the old and the New Testament took place you won’t find out that most of the oils they used came from plants that don’t grow in that part of the world but the reason they had access to them is because if you’re a trader and you’re coming from the Far East and you want to go to Africa or if you’re an African you want to go to Europe or in Europe you want to go to Africa you have to go through there that’s the only way less you cross the Mediterranean so all the caravans of the world went through the Holy Land and so all of the oils being traded came through there and so they had access to oils like sandalwood which came from India spy Kennard which came from Tibet Hanukkah which was part of the holy incense which actually came from Indonesia even frankincense and myrrh don’t come from the Holy Land and they just used them but they didn’t grow there I talked to people about the importance of the spice trade because I like to eat what’s my food flavoured with spices you know I like medicine what are they built from what are they made from what are they extracted from spices you know every chemical company on the plan is extracting molecules and and things that come out of herbs and spices and things like that and so I asked people we live in America why was America how did America get founded why was it founded why did Christopher Columbus set sail because he was looking for a shorter route to India for the spice trade the United States literally exists because of the spice trade and things they may not have been using and extracting essential oils like we know them today but they would have been used an incense they were compounding things there were ways of extracting the materials and the spice trade was vibrant back then and it is today and everyone in the Western Hemisphere you know in the new world exists because of the spice trade what we want to talk about now is the different ways on how you can apply use the essential oils and of course the original ways to do our Roma terapy that has been done for thousands of years the problem comes can you ingest what’s when you go to aromatherapy school they will tell you never ever consume internalize an essential oil because it could be life-threatening well so watch my suicide right now in front of the camera there’s just about three or four drops look I completely understand the line of thinking because there are essential oz you should never internalize however what that line of thinking should also understand is when you just stay with aromatherapy alone you’re missing out on so much of the world that the essential oils can give us I hear people that are really very very aggressively defending the statement you should never eat or consume an essential oil because it’s dangerous to your life guess what those people go the same day to go to the grocery store they buy food they buy beverages they eat it they drink it and they’re still alive why because all these foods all these beverages all the flavors or essential oils so the FDA has an entire article that talks about the oils that they have approved essential oils for flavoring of food and beverages unfortunately these aren’t typically not natural pure essential oils they’re synthetics because the food and beverage companies are trying to save money but if you think that you never ever consumed an essential oil you need to rethink your life because you’re eating and drinking them single day and you can go let’s say in France and you go to the pharmacy and say I will kind of called a hello cough I need something and they will ask you and say do you want the pill and medicine or you want something natural so I’ll say I want something natural they say do you want an essential oil I say cool I want an essential oil and they say how do you want it I have capsules here I have capsules here and you can buy entire boxes with prefilled capsule with essential oils and you can consume them so they are used in the culture and they’re still doing very well so now from the FDA point of view there is a different kind of topic that you need to look at it’s called labeling so if you label something as a cosmetic act oral meaning an aromatic you’re not allowed to ingest it if it’s part of a supplement then you can ingest it I use to improve athletic performance exercise performance so I used that with professionals with athletes but as well with people like me that just won’t improve the exercise when you take peppermint and you rub it on your muscles and you inhale it ah you’re getting more air well the reason for that is you you’re opening your small Airways in your lungs so therefore you’re getting more oxygen and the oxygen will go into blood and now we have Auto oxygen delivery to your muscles so that will lead to a longer muscle contraction before you reach what we call a lactic threshold the lactic threshold is when you don’t have enough oxygen and you can produce energy with your muscles the muscle will start using a pathway that does not use oxygen we call this anaerobic pathway and it will create lactic acid so when you build up a lot of lactic acid in your muscle then the muscle will quit working so how easy it is just to use a little bit cut mint and the lactate threshold goes up and so I use this for my workout I use this with athletes I use peppermint I use other oils I use oils that already prevent the soreness of the muscle when I’m done with the workout I can workout better I can workout longer you take one drop of peppermint in a glass of water just before you work out your grip strength will increase by 34 percent your vertical jumping will increase 7% and your long jumping just out of your standing will increase 6% why is that because you just got more oxygen in your muscle so I use pepper may not just rub it on my muscle and inhale it I also put one or two drops in my drink and so I increase my workout performance once you have a safe all to ingest in your hand how would you ingest it well I demonstrated you one way to do that it’s just kind of dropping in your toe under your tongue or on your tongue another way to do that is to take a glass of water and then you drop a few drops here and then you just draw it drinking mm-hmm now another way to do that is to take little capsules this is a little capsule maker just to put the capsule in there and just to show you how that works these are vegetable capsules they empty now don’t try with water because water will dissolve it so but you can use any kind of oil coconut oil whatever or an essential and the way you would do that you would open that capsule and you would take your oil and then you just kind of fill it up and now you see hopefully so here I just filled the whole capsule so I gonna cap that back together tank wallah I have my essential oil capsule what do I do with this I take my essential oil infused water and I’m healthy there is a whole list in the FDA which one approved one not and if you’re a company that sells you your essential oil is very smart they will go to the energy and to the costs and the lawyers and the collaboration with the FDA to label them so that you as a consumer you know which one you can consume internally and which one not and again I absolutely agree with the aromatherapy school with that line of thinking they are very on the careful side that’s always good to be there are some essential all you should never ingest they have certain things in it that your body will not tolerate very well and then the last question is what those can you ingest if you do a few drops of each oil that will be fine have you watched a movie commercial on a drug so you’re sitting there and you’re seeing a grandma playing with the children somebody helping building a house for someone who lost a house there’s a voice in the back that will tell you oh you will die because you live or go for and you will die the most terrible dad you ever seen but all you’ll see is the wonderful mother with the children and the flowers and you don’t listen to that voice anymore so when you take the essential oil in comparison to that one drag because now you’re giving this mega dose of this drag of course you have all these side effects but when you take the oil you have all this balance and so your safety margin is just absolutely amazing it’s just humongous if it’s done in a reasonable amount it’s very very safe you can read a lot of books out there that forbid any internal use of oils they say its dangers you should never take them internally and then you read another book says it’s okay well here’s the source of that contradiction there are several schools of thought in schools of practice with use of oils the German school of thinking is that the best way to take the oils is to inhale them and that’s good idea because when you inhale them not only do they go to the limbic brain where you can deal with emotional issues but they go in your lungs and into your bloodstream and they reach every organ and cell in your body that way and then you have the British school which thinks that oils are intrinsically dangerous they don’t recognize any healing properties of the oils and they basically recommend diluting essential oils down to no more than two to five percent and then use it for massage and they also believe that it’s dangerous to take oils internally and they don’t even think an undiluted oil should be put on your skin well partly that has to do with they don’t have good oils most oils out there that you will buy and that have a label on them it says an essential oil or maybe only partly essential oil they have other things in them that would be toxic and would be dangerous and should not be taken internally the British are not careful about what kind of oil they use so they’re using inferior grade oils and they for that reason they have to be careful and as we’re all of those fears and cautions come from so when you see these contradictions just realize they’re in a different world and all the dangers they talk about they’re not there for what we use but then there’s another school of thought and that’s the French school is it oils are pretty safe to use any way you want to use them provided they are pure organic properly distilled oils so in the French school they take them orally they take them directly on the skin they take them by holding them in the mouth they will soak right through the lining of your mouth and go straight to the bloodstream that way but you have to use common sense you don’t want to drink a whole bottle of any oil too much of any thing even a good thing can be deadly so as long as you don’t overdo it it’s safe to take a pure therapeutic grade oil you why are all seemingly becoming more popular in today’s time and I’ve noticed the great increase in the interest in oils just in the last 15 years that I’ve been acquainted with them a couple of reasons for that people are discovering that the pharmaceuticals are not working instead of making them well they often make you more sick you know you end up overcoming this problem and acquiring a side effect which is maybe worse than your problem the beginning to wake up to the fact that pharmaceuticals and medical practice in general is designed for relieving symptoms not getting to the root cause of a disease so you just simply get rid of one set of symptoms and you have another because you really didn’t address the problem and so they find out that essential oils actually address the roots most of the diseases that we have have emotional and spiritual roots they’re not physical and if you treat only the physical side of things and you still retain the emotional unresolved problems then you main here’s all one illness and just get another we have five senses four of those senses process through the cerebrum up here which is your conscious rational mind but the nose does not the nose circumvents this part of the brain goes under that into an area called the limbic brain it’s the emotional brain it’s not rational and fragrance goes straight to that part of the brain but that is the part of the brain that is the librarian and cataloger of all of our unresolved emotions so if you have a traumatic experience as a child or any time in your life that you don’t have the maturity and understanding to process then that emotion is stored in your body those experiences have to be resolved if we can’t resolve them at the time then the limbic brain says okay we’re going to save that for later and it’ll put it somewhere in your body let’s say that puts it in your pancreas let’s say that’s a good place we can put that particular it’s there ten years later you don’t even remember it’ll start malfunctioning has pancreatic malfunction now the medical people are going to say that’s just a physical problem and they will treat the physical idea but that doesn’t deal with the route now let’s say you don’t get it and after a little bit of hypoglycemia or some problems in that regard that’s your pancreas trying to tell you there’s an issue it’s here if you will work and call it up and deal with it it’ll go away but you don’t get it and you’re not taught that in normal health classes or books on medicine so when you use the word allergy it’s really funny and the reason is is that when you use the word allergy it’s to a protein there aren’t any proteins in an essential oil it’s a volatile compound extract and so there are no true allergies to essential oils what you can have is a chemical sensitivity and there are a few things to think about here the first off is that when somebody has a chemical sensitivity it can be a genuine sensitivity some kind of molecule that they might be highly sensitive to the other thing to think about is that no one really goes from zero to sixty people are usually driving at 59 the needle doesn’t break the camel’s back it’s every preceding needle that leads up to that one needle being too much so the thing to keep in mind here is that there aren’t allergies to essential oils there are no proteins in the compounds that are being extracted from the plants so when I have patients come in and they talk about allergies that they might have to fragrance I also have a perfume company and so I hear this commonly as well people have allergies to fragrance and so when I treat patients what they’re usually getting is some kind of heat or skin rash again it’s a chemical sensitivity that they’re getting and because no one goes from zero to sixty people were driving usually at 59 when they touch something and that’s what pushes them over I would advise patients or the people that I run into to get treated go see some acupuncture of course it’s not the only modality that you have to go to but I have a lot of great success in treating patients and I find that people no longer react to the things that they’re reacting to [Music] well the oils go straight to the limbic brain you can bring that forgotten memory back to consciousness and then you can deal with it because it’s back in the conscious mind that’s one of the wonderful and unique ways that oils can bring about healing that pharmaceuticals can’t do because they’re designed to mask up symptoms so that you think you’re well when you’re really not I went back to the research and the science and said so what else do these oils do on my brain and I found a bunch of research showing that essential oils will change the brain waves we can change the way your brain waves work for example you go to a spa what kind of scent are you likely to smell when you go to a spa for a massage it’s typically lavender so why would a spa with a blabbering dear well because they don’t want you to be on six blackberries or seven blackberries on your iPad while the massage therapist tried to massage you and you’re supposed to be relaxed lavender will slow down your brain waves and we’ll put you almost in the first stages of sleep so lavender is an excellent oil to put in your bedroom you’re gonna slow down your brainwaves we’re looking at four main brain waves to look at what we call better better ways or when you really active so right now I’m in better then you can go down to alpha alpha is when I close my eyes right now and I start concentrating I’m still awake this is a stage where I become very creative a lot of artists they will paint they will write let’s say you have a basketball player and he wants to shoot a basket and there’s all that noise around him something that distinguishes a very good basketball player is that you can measure that he can have a burst of alpha waves that means he can completely concentrate on the basket and zoom out all that noise and that will distinguish a very good basketball player from maybe not as good to basketball player so we can do this with oils we know for example that sandalwood the frankincense peppermints there will be more the Alpha and the beta however when you go into the lavender the bergamot the cedar woods they will slow you down you go to to better for alpha and then you go to Terra and Delta these are other ways that we have in the brain these are the waves that you use while you sleep knowing all that I can use essential oils for to treat people with insomnia or to help them just fall asleep or babies that cried so it’s just fascinating again how you see the science and then the effect it has on the patients [Music] yes hello everybody is this dog ollie and here is a key that keeping one introduce yourself quick okay so what Becky does is basically in brain mapping real-time brain mapping we’re gonna provide you with life images on that screen that you see you’re gonna see exactly what happens with my brain I have a brain cap on we’re gonna measure all my brainwaves and we’re going to see into the brain and we’re going to smell some essential eyes each one of those squares on the picture represents a five millimeter voxel of electrical information those are your brain waves know they’re measured in cycles per second or how many times they go up and down in a second and the computer takes all this information breaks it down into component bands different frequencies and tells us how much of each different speed we’ve got different speeds of brain waves Delta is slower they eat as a little bit so as in zero to four cycles per second or Hertz and we’ve got theta of beta and this is the front part of your brain here this is the top of the head and then if we turn here this is the back each one of these green dots represents one of the electrodes on your head beta is often that’s the brain wave that’s associated with meditation approach alpha is a nice idle frequency and once you might be separate athletes what we’re going to do now we’re going to assume you’re ready you’re going to tell me and then I’m gonna start I gonna tell you what oral I’m sniffing and I’m gonna see what happens to the brain overall and we’re going to dig into different parts of the brain like the limbic system the frontal lobe the back lobe the occipital lobe temporal lobes and going to see what the oils do to these parts of the brain so the first one I going to use is peppermint if I’m going to use peppermint oil I would use it to to help me to focus and concentrate right so and and do we normally need to focus and concentrate is when we’re going to slow like brain fog so let me take this and window it to that fade out now this here in the front the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that’s in charge of focus and attention I’m spelling tuck them in now so you’ve got on now this is really interesting dr. ami the left side of the brain typically is associated with positive emotions and the right side of the brain with negative emotions the left side of the brain is analytical the right side of the brain is big-picture communal activating here so the left side of your brain is looking like it has more beta than the right side of the brain which means I’m positive that makes the active analytical and positive it’s very interesting and so again I gotta say he’s very loud Pepperman has made me positive and activated my focus and my analytical thinking now I’m going to switch to URL and let’s just stay on this one because we don’t want to mess around too much around with the different frequency let’s go back to the whole brain and I gonna grab an oil lavender so right now I’m taking a lavender I’m going to start breathing on the lavender now lavender is typically associated with a calming effect isn’t it that is correct so let’s see if in if our theory holds then the level of beta activity will decrease when you use the lavender is that correct that is correct and I think that’s exactly what we see you right it appears that way it’s becoming less red so my frontal brain becomes slower now let’s look at this in let’s see what it does with the limbic lobe limbic lobes are usually associated with emotions memories see that red spot in the front there that part of the brain is known as the anterior cingulate gyrus this part here would be the left posterior cingulate gyrus and well these are these are races of the limbic loops that are in charge of where the brain is going to focus attention the anterior cingulate as dr. Daniel Amon would describe he says he’s like the gearshifter of the brain determines what part of the brain this time I take a lemon and just stay on that okay I’m going to see if lemon kind of activates the limbic system so these are your temporal lobes so I’m still doing lemon now we’re looking at temporal lobes let’s see what you can do to activate your temporal lobes dr. Holly good we see that already looks like with lemon I’m activating my ability to listen I got to make something interesting I’m going to mix lemon and peppermint to activating on look at that it’s mainly on the left side too interesting that we see clearly an increase in activity while I’m sniffing on lemon and peppermint so let’s finish it up I’m taking a way to put them into the lemon right now and we’re going to go and do something else I’m gonna open frankincense we’re going to see what frankincense does to my brain now let’s see what I would expect with frankincense with frankincense I would expect a relaxation of the brain and I would expect possibly an activation on the limbic system it will slow down our limbic system I would not so I’m starting sniffing pregnant ends right now and typically this is a problem and people may be in the classroom or on the job just pay attention to too many things and they’re all over the place so it’s not yo decided was very read before is now calm down yeah he was actually a little bit to read now granny when you started smelling that your your brain was in a nice attention good place so it’s very important I would think to be careful about which oils you choose they are powerful and you want to make sure that you select them the one that’s going to be best for you at the moment so clearly frankincense has slowed down my left hand below let’s go into the limbic system okay and at this point I would suggest we go to a lower brain wave because I think the frankincense is supposed to slow down especially receptors in elliptic system well look at alpha alpha seems to be very slow also in the limbic system right now actually alpha right now the Alpha is in a good place it’s in a good place okay if it’s if you don’t have enough alpha it’s going to be on the blue side if you have too much going then it’s going to be on the red side which tells me that frankincense brings me in a very good crazy stage right now it’s very nice your limbic lobes are happy yeah my limbic system is very happy with frankincense which makes sense because we know we have receptors in the limbic system for frankincense Oh interesting if you look I just opened my eyes okay close your eyes again I’m gonna describe what happens this around so your brain is making a normal range of theta activity for somebody your age and gender we’re in a Norman in reference database here but what I’m gonna do you’re just stay right where you are I’m going to show everybody raw brain waves and let this means here see his eyes are closed see these brain waves here that are bigger and more sinusoidal they’re they’re like bigger and wider so those ones are slower and they’re located in the posterior part that there’s one right there nice nice alpha burst in the pro tempore posterior temporal lobes this is what we want to see when people close their eyes and they’re in a nice meditative state if people are really stressed out and hyper vigilant we’re not going to see that we’re gonna see those brain waves continue to go really fast it’s always nice to see that science works together with what you think the oil would do and you’re it’s clear for me to say that the oils do really support healthy brain function we saw that pretty nicely both on the speeding-up side and on the college side [Music] Cedar Road oil is one of the most interesting oils of the Bible it’s mentioned in there as a blend of 50% cedar wood and 50% hyssop oil but what most interested me was it talks about taking that blend and apply it to the right upper ear that’s right here just pull that RIM to the right thumb and to the right big toe and here’s what those points mean they’re all three emotional releasing points this point right here and that part of the year where my finger is is where you would release issues with your mother and father this one is most interesting because there’s where you relieve blockages against learning new material and then the right big toe is to release bad habits and compulsory behavior but the thumb was the one that interested me me the most because I teach course in chemistry there are many people out there who are very good in music they’re good in social studies can learn almost anything but they have a block on one subject like physics or math chemistry why would you be good at everything but one field well it’s because on that particular field you have an emotional block against that subject it’s not your IQ and we can get rid of that block and open the way for you to learn that subject so when I teach my chemistry class I always ask everybody raise your hand who has no problem learning other subjects but you have a problem with chemistry half a dozen hands grow up yeah I never could learn it I said well we’re gonna take care of that right now so we take cedarwood off and put it on the right thumb and I said no that needs to get to the limbic brain your limbic brain is right over the roof of your mouth and below the cerebrum so let’s take your thumb put it in your mouth suck on your thumb push it up there to the roof of your mouth so the whole class is sitting there sucking their thumbs and before it’s over with the people that couldn’t learn chemistry they can learn it gets rid of that blockage many people that couldn’t even learn chemistry that I have taught or now teachers of chemistry and it always goes back to a traumatic experience in their childhood usually in a classroom where the science or may teacher who intimidated the students embarrassed them and humiliated them in front of everybody else you know stand up and recite these things and they couldn’t do it or go to the board and and they just stood there couldn’t do it and they were so embarrassed to put a block right there on that subject so the very thing the teacher was trying to do to teach them they were blocking so organizations like the FDA came out of a large problem with non trained people or professionals however you want to call them selling products and claiming that they had medical value and they may or may not have had medical value or potency or the function that they’re claiming to have so when somebody uses the term snake-oil today what they’re usually trying to say a lot of times you hear the phrase quack medicine and they’re trying to say oh it’s quack medicine I hear this about Chinese medicine too and the thing is is that more than half the world’s population uses this as primary health care it doesn’t mean that half the world’s population are idiots it’s just a different science so when you step back a hundred and fifty years and you take a look at what was happening in the United States first off there weren’t 50 states the United States doesn’t look like it did today people didn’t have a capacity to communicate over large distances of time and space in a very quick manner and so there was a need for the government to step in and try to regulate some of the things that were being claimed as the railroads were being built the Irish were being hired on the East Coast and the Chinese on the west coast and with the Chinese came their medicine and all their medical practitioners and actually snakes are used as medicinal substances there are snake oils that are made from snake the railroads really like the Chinese because compared to the Irish they were in fantastic health the Irish didn’t have the medical practitioners of the knowledge and they weren’t taking care of themselves quite as well as the Chinese were and so the Chinese had a great work ethic and they didn’t get is sick and they lasted a lot longer fewer than 50 percent of doctors would have been trained formally trained and actually have gone to a medical school most people around the world up until recently until after World War Two would have been trained from an apprentice ship and so you worked in a doctor’s office and that’s how you learn the medicine you have another definition of a snake-oil and that as people are out west people got bit by snakes I lived out in California for five years and there’s a whole bunch of poisonous snakes they just wander up into your house sometimes or onto your back porch and so if you lived out west before there were people I can imagine that there might have been some run-ins with snakes and a lot of them are poisonous and so you had lots of antidotes and things like that there were people making for snake bites and they may or may not have been effective and again that needs to be regulated for those snake oils something that people don’t talk about is there’s actually an herb that comes out of Canada and northeastern United States and in its common name it’s called snake root and snake root is also extracted as an essential oil and it’s a species of wild ginger and they’re actually again pharmacy tradition using essential oils as medicine and tinctures and other types of extracts a lot of these extracts would have been fragrant you know again going back into volatile compounds essential oils but the snake root oil again snake root being the common name was used in a wide variety of pharmacy compounding you know things that people were buying the primary purpose of the FDA in general it’s public health and safety so that’s the first thing they are looking for in any product that regulated is is it safe for consumer use for the FDA to approve things they need to have scientific proof so in order to get scientific proof we need to do studies in order to do large studies we need money it will cost a lot of money who is paying normally the money to do large studies it’s the pharmaceutical industry because they want to make money with their new drugs they hope to head to find a new blockbuster you know for a billion dollar dollar sales a year like the statins are so they will invest a lot of money in drug development but they will probably not invest anything in essential oil because there’s really no patents you can fill on that so there’s really no sales for them to do with these kind of drugs it’s really simple it really goes back to money you know when you look at the FDA and pharmaceutical companies so many of those people are really tied together and really the fact is it really comes down to money and that’s that’s really the only reason although more and more pharmaceutical companies start going into the supplement market because it’s an enormous market I mean when you look at about sixty to eighty percent of the population is taking one or more supplements right so it’s a tricky question the FDA is charged to keep the public safe for the last 15 years I was heavily involved in drug development what we do we ask someone to bring back a plant from the jungle flowers trees any plant and then we give this to the chemists and we say look can you analyze this plant for me at the end of the day you get a readout of the components that you find in the plants you don’t always know what these components are but you see curves with a whole bunch of different Peaks and then suddenly you see a huge peak and then again small Peaks and we came kind of to the conclusion probably wrongly so that if you see a huge peak of something in a plan that that’s an active substance now that’s sometimes a very dangerous assumption because sometimes these little small Peaks are as important or more important so you’re getting a readout and then you tell the chemist look I see a big peak why don’t you go back in the laboratory and crew recreate that synthetically for me so the next day he goes in laboratory starts cooking and comes back with a substance then you look at that and say well pretty cool so now you start doing cell line studies you put let’s say in cancer research we take very well-known cancer cells and we mix them together with these substances that we just synthesized and then we see whether it inhibits cancer growth or not if it does then we move on to what we call in vivo studies where we take some animals with well-known cancer models and then we look at is it able to basically save that animal or not or decrease the tumor growth and then we can move into a human trial so what we just created is a drug that is made out of a huge peak only one substance whereas in the plant that we gave in the first place to analyze we had maybe up to 2000 maybe only 500 maybe 3,000 compounds so we took one out of it we now synthesized it so we can give an enormous dose of it and it will just do one thing typically because it’s one compound they will have side effects why because you’re giving an unnaturally high dose of a single thing to a patient that is not natural whereas if I could go back to the plant where we started in the first place I would have something that is very well balanced and I could give that to the patient the same substance is in there but it’s natural and because we have to and compounds in it you know or more we’re gonna see multiple effects we’re gonna not only treat symptoms we may even treat the cause and that’s you know the light I had to go on in my head is oh my god this is the same thing I was doing in drug development but it’s the pure form it’s a natural form it’s the complete form now what I’m saying is very very difficult to say in a sense because the FDA has approved the essential oils as food supplements or cosmetic supplement and the FDA has not approved essential oils as treatment modalities certainly not to internalize and you and I we are consuming essential oils on a daily base we just don’t know it today in all the fluid favoring this is what the Sam’s laws are being used mostly for food flavoring right well for cosmetics so we know that they saved ever save history of thousands of years the FDA is not interested in anything unless it can be classified as a drug drugs generally in their mind our man-made substances are not natural they are really controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceuticals are not interested in anything that doesn’t make them a profit and to make a profit they need to have something that they can uniquely own and patent like a drug that’s not natural it’s men may and it’s unique and so a non patentable medicine is of no interest to the pharmaceuticals and the Food and Drug Administration is not interested either if you have something that’s supposed to be an effective drug they want to see a toxicity study that means that you have to get a set of lab animals and you start giving doses of your stuff to the animal population and you keep increasing it until half of the population dies it’s called the lethal dose that 50% of your animals nights called the ld50 number well it’s you have something that’s natural and it’s not toxic and you cannot find a lethal dose they will not accept that and their philosophy no medicine can be effective unless it’s toxic I do realize there’s still a lot of confusion about compliance and in general you can say you are trying to sell a product or you’re trying to sign up a new distributor automatically that is called commercial speech because you’re trying to do something commercially you’re trying to sell something or to make money of it in one way or the other commercial speech has its own rules and there’s two agencies that will look at that the FDA would look at the Health’s claims that you make and then the FTC so at FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and the FTC which stands for the Federal Trade Commission will look at on how do you use your marketing claims to try to sell something I freely talk about living above the line we have a big red line everything above the line is wellness fitness healthy living toxin free living it’s anything you can do to support your own lifestyle to make a healthy lifestyle so as long you talk about these things that above the line you’re gonna be fine the moment you go below the line it means you’re talking about disease about prevention about treating about curing all that’s a no-no it’s all about two words its intended use and another word called labeling or the label okay so what is intended use well if I take a pepper mean and say I’m gonna use the peppermint for asthma the intended use is to use it as a medicine against asthma that’s illegal it’s a no-no but when I say I use peppermint to support my healthy breathing that’s a different story now you above the line you held it wellness fitness and you just try to improve your life of your life now label is all more difficult to understand people always think the label is just what’s on the bottle right there’s always a little label that sticks to the bottle whatever product you buy has a label and I always try to get people to read labels and learn to how to read labels so they always think well if we talk about essential oil it’s the label on the bottle of the essential oil we’re talking about know from the FDA and FTC point of view the label means everything that talks about the product mentions the products or shows the product meaning your website your Facebook page your email even that mentions a product whatever it is so you have to be really really careful what you say because it’s all considered a label so when it comes to the essential oils the essential oil company will go in this case to the FDA because it’s kind of Health Products and I will say okay we intend to use peppermint for this that this could be aromatic use in other words you do a Roma therapy you smell it it could be topically used so you put it somewhere or it could be internal use we know look the FDA you know stays like 15,000 studies on essential oils so they can read I mean so why Cannot they cannot read all these research studies that we have well they can and they do but it’s not up to them to tell it because there’s 10 studies on peppermint showing this that now every company can claim that it’s up to the company to go to the FDA and say look we used our oil to do this study we did multiple and it always showed the same result therefore we want you to approve it for this use do we want that do you want for every oil that you consume today to go to a physician to get a prescription or to only be able to buy this in the pharmacy I don’t think so so this is why the company they stay with the Cosmetic Act or with the dietary act they don’t go to the over-the-counter or the professional prescription medicine act all over the world when you look at the sense laws with exception of the in 99% of the countries they are registered as cosmetics only so that restricts the claims you can make around the world even more than what you can do in the US so some people think oh my god the FDA is so terrible well go somewhere else in the world the FDA is way more liberal than other places around the world interestingly and one thing that you don’t see happening in modern Western science is once something has been shown no one is going back and retesting the theories and it’s one of the reasons why when you see a pharmaceutical being released out into the public ten years later it’s taken off the market because now what do you have you have a real world experiment you have multitudes of people taking this in a variety of different situations that they exist in and then you see does it work the way that they think it works is it effective is it harming people what kinds of side effect is really the wrong word it’s more like what kinds of unexpected actions does it have side effects sounds more negative than I think what the reality of it is and as you look at these things again over a span of time that’s what real science is clinical science I think is the really effective science because you can show anything to happen an isolated incident in a lab with a small group of people but take it out into the world and you have thousands millions of people using this and there’s not a control all of their lives are different their diets are different their habits are different that’s when you really see how something behaves within a population how many people over at least 2020 200 years of written history and even the oldest texts reference that the stuff is older than the writing and on top of that you have archaeological evidence that shows that this goes back several millennia so there’s no dispute that it’s old and I have trouble believing in a world where everything could potentially be life or death that people would continue propagating something that doesn’t work you know why would people do something over and over again if it doesn’t actually work and why would large masses of people over a very large geographical space over several millennia of time keep doing something if it doesn’t work I mean I don’t know how more science that gets let me explain what a cell does during the day how does the cell know what to do we have a DNA it’s a spiral we’ll call it a helix this DNA is part of your genetic code this is how you look like you look how I look like I look that’s determining your genes so in order for the cells to look at your genes what happens multiple times a day or multiple times even a second that DNA has to open up and now you have two strands of DNA they’re not coming apart and these two strands are being copied that copies call an RNA that copy will go into the cell I mean I all that happens in the cell in the nucleus of the cell I say the most you know one of the most important parts of the cell and the helix goes back together so now we have a copy out there and that copy will tell basically in what sequence you have to bring in certain amino acids to put together to build together some blocks it’s like building Lego and depending on what the RNA says it’s a different sequence depending on the sequence of the amino acid you get different proteins or different hormones this is how your body knows what to do it’s all built on this whole kind of process the big question now becomes how does the cell know this DNA is that long how does it know to start reading here to here not here to here and we call these kind of pieces that will determine where you start reading this DNA transcription factors they will go in there and determine you’re going to start reading here and stop reading here we know that certain foods ingredients in the foods act as transcription factors essential oils we know act as transcription factors so the essential oil will tell you DNA where to start reading where to stop reading and that will determine what kind of proteins the cell will produce the truth is that oil has hundreds of compounds in it and so if somebody asks you what will that all do you can give them a quantum physics answer and say what do you want it to do because it’s just a packet of possibilities and it’s gonna manifest certain possibilities for you it’ll manifest different ones for me and different ones for somebody else and so what decides what possibilities are manifest is your intention the intention of the people are the person anointing you and so out of that packet of possibilities we make decisions on an unconscious or conscious level that pulls out of that oil certain things to happen so we’re wedded to the sciences and to the spiritual world through quantum physics [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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  • Oregano , Teatree, & eucalyptus oil or extract combined are really effective for respiratory infections. Ideally u put 1-3 drops of each in very hot water, put a towel around it and breath in the vapors for 5-10 min at least 1-3x a day…but u can do it longer if ur ambitious! It kills viruses bacteria fungus in ur sinuses throat lungs etc. so it’s great for colds flu and I always use it for bronchitis. Usually reduces the symptoms in minutes, but more importantly helps u get over it so much quicker especially if you do it three times a day or more. Taking oregano extract orally during this time will also beat up the process quite a bit more, is very cost effective, and works for just about anything, so it’s worth ordering a $10 bottle on Amazon BEFORE getting sick again. There are some combinations of these that are basically a sensual oil anabiotic‘s you take in a capsule, that work better than regular anabiotic’s for a lot of things, plus work for viral and fungal infections. Just as importantly, they come from plants that needed to kill problematic pathogens, while keeping the beneficial bacteria in the toilet to support their life, so these formulas don’t excessively kill off probiotics, unlike antibiotics that I absolutely knew them With mold toxins, allowing candida and other funguses to grow rapidly in the body. Studies have shown taking certain essential oil’s and other herbal-antibiotics like olive leave in a balanced formula actually improved levels of probiotics in the body, by killing off it’s competitors. Definitely worth using these as a main line of defense, & they actually strengthens the immune system in the long run in most cases, unlike antibiotics which have their place but unfortunately do a lot of long term damage to the gut biom that is usually difficult if not impossible to repair.

    Use my referral link and we both get rewarded!! Get 50% off of $25 or more! Great deals like bogo on kits going on right now!! These are not the cure all and they won't magically take all your problems away. I'm a sufferer of many mental health issues and these have really helped just give me my own little piece of serenity in the world of chaos. Do NOT substitute these for medications or seeking medical treatment! These are to help calm the mind, body and soul, NOT cure mental or physical illness! I in no way condone the replacement of medications or medical treatment for essential oils. Like i said, its to help ease the stress of our chaotic world! Message me if you have any further questions! I always respond within an hour, but most likely right away!

  • I loved the video. I have always wondered about its significance biblically. Very informative. Thank you.

  • Amazing article thank you sir ….
    I didn't see my grand mother take medicine here whole life she know very well about plant and herbs … when I was child every Friday morning my mother put coconut oil my whole body and use hot water to wash me than she put some perfume oil on my body ( oud oil and attar ) than I go to my mosque that was amazing feeling I can still remember they way I walk and smile it's like a poem but know I'm in busy life but ur vedio make to think…
    When ever I get headache I will smell my favourite perfume oil that make me happy… Now I understand
    "we all are blessed with nature we need keep our tradition" ….
    Every morning we need to use some

  • Now yall know the baby Jesus was black. Stop showing them caucasian babies and wise men 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • These are just a big mlm scam. Why is this pseudo science bullshit in my recommended. They have no proven value, it's essentially saying that plant juices can heal but it doesn't give any actual scientific reasoning or explanation. Modern medicine is amazing, if you're using this instead of vaccines or mental health medication your a giant dumbass. I understand having something that smells nice to relax, and lots of plants have legitimate medical uses, but this is just a bunch of conspiracy theory shit.

  • Now I do not believe in superstition as I am in fact an atheist, and a former 32yr IFB Christian, but I will also defend essential oils because they do in fact work despite what some of my friends on youtube would have you believe.

    I almost jumped on the bandwagon with this ignorant trend amongst antitheists after I had watching Genetically Modified Skeptic's rants against them, and yes I at first took him at his word believing he knew what he was talking about since afterall he did take classes in college for them. I m even guilty of leaving comments on some essential oil videos around that time mocking them, but that all changed when one day I clicked on a video about lavender essential oil and the claims that it relieves stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation.

    Well I am a recovered 15yr heroin addict coming 3 years come July 1st 2019, and since my recovery I had stopped taking both ritalin for my adhd because I had a tendancy to abuse them, as well as xanax which was given to me for panic attacks and insomnia. I just wanted to stay away from meds that both tempted me to abuse, and that caused horrible side effects when I ran out like withdrawl symptoms and higher tolorance which can in turn cause the side effects during withdrawls to magnify or intensify. They are amazing medications for those who don't have a tendancy to abuse them, but my impulsiveness made it diffucult to resist the urge to abuse them

    But I began suffering from the lack of sleep, too much energy, anxiety, so when I heard these claims about lavender, i had matured a bit when it came to proper skeptical thinking and I had thought that it was dumb in the past that I just took GMS at his word because he never at any poiunt in time provided any scientific evidence against them, or any other than anecdotal at best, never even claiming to have tested them for himself to relieve ailments, and since I had only ever heard testimonials about oils benefits by users which i disregarded in the beginning, I decided to give it a try to test them out for myself because other sleeping meds would still take up to an hour to kick in, then make me over sleep.

    Now one thing I was aware of was that the accusation on the other side, is that it is always a placebo at best, but I knew very well that a disorder like insomnia absolutely WILL NOT be remedied by a placebo effect. Would we all who suffer from this love nothing more than to rely on a good 'ol fashioned placebo effect to put us to sleep quickly. Just trick your mind into believing you wont have problems sleeping tonight and walla, your asleep. Sorry but it doesnt work that way.

    Anyways to make this short, it has taken me on average 2-4hrs, often even longer to fall asleep at night. My results I had gotton from diffusing lavender heavily at night are, I HAVE GONE OVER 120 DAYS STRAIGHT SINCE STARTING THIS FALLING ASLEEP WITHIN 10-20 MINUTES!!!!!! I went 2 1/2yrs straight taking 2-5+ hours every night to fall asleep, and now only after using lavener in a diffuser immediate 10-20 minutes without a single anomoly since I began using them? Coincidence?I think not.

    Anyways, yess, oils can work, and you know what its my opinion that whether or not anyone happens to gain a placebo effect from an oil, thats not the point, its better to benefit from a placebo effect than to suffer.

    I'll tell you what really put the nail in the coffin as to whether or not they are all purely placebo effect, is when i had put a drop of this lavender fine oil in a 1/4 cup of water for a bit of anxiety relief during the day. It was around 6pm that afternoon that I did this, and I began to feel very tired, and decided to take a short nap. I didn't wake up until my phone woke me up 1:30pm the next day. This was last aturday this happened. I never woke up once until nearly 20 hours had passed, which to be honest scared the hell out of me because i have never slept nearly even close to that long ever. I later found out that ingesting lavender can cause massive blood presure drop depending on the person, and since mine averages 115-75, i should have done my research on ingesting this before having done it. I could have ended up in a coma, thank goodness I only used a single drop and none more, but I will never ingest lavender again.

    Thats my story for now, but I thought some people should know that Essential Oils have the approval of someone from the skeptical community, who has actually tried them, unlike the others that share many of my opinions.

  • I had a severe migraine & the pain killers did nothing to me, on the contrary, it increased my pain, then i started to use lavender essential oil, mostly i felt less pain & not frequent as it was…thank's God…


  • I am sorry, I just don't agree with a lot of this and I have made essential oils a big part of my life. There is no such thing as "Therapeutic Grade" essential oils, except in marketing. And although in some situations it is safe to ingest essential oils, if you are treating yourself or a loved one, why not just use whole herbs and herbal teas which are far safer to use? Finally, the British take aromatherapy seriously and get doctorate degrees in it, so why write off the British method so casually just because they are cautious. Yes, essential oils are fabulous! I have a channel about using them. They are easy and fun to use, but if you use them incorrectly you can do harm.

  • Our newly developed “EO Water”, which stands for Essential Oil Water; patented,
    surprisingly,ourinnovative technology enabled water-insoluble essential oil to be perfectly mixed with water without any chemical substances.To begin with, ADHOME COMPANY was established in 1985, has manufactured numerous
    aroma related products based in South Korea, and currently expanded its business by adding new laboratory and factory sites in Hong Kong and China. EO Water is completely different from a hydrosol. While a hydrosol is a by-product from an extraction of essential oil,EO Water is a mixture of highly concentrated essential oil and purified wateronly. Therefore, whereas the original fragrance of essential oil cannot be
    scented from the hydrosol, EO Water delivers the full scent of essential oil with aroma-therapeutic benefits untouched.Normal essential oil is often used for aroma-therapy. However, it is better to use EO Water for the following reasons. First of all, EO Water can be applied to skin directly in contrast to most essential oil which
    must be diluted to be used. Secondly, as EO Water dissolves in water, it is easily absorbed and spreads out on skin immediately without stickiness. Finally, by
    being an aqueous solution, EO Water is more conveniently mixed with other
    ingredients in pursuit of various synergies.If you have any questions or need samples, please do not hesitate to contact and I would be happy to talk about our products.

  • Thank you for sharing this amazing movie , It's really useful to learn how to use essential oils.

  • Please correct the Bible verse quoted at 7:47 in the video. It should be Genesis 6:14. Just a heads up.

  • Thank you very much for this movie! I will show it to my students in medical college:)). I love essential oils, and use them for many years.

  • Matthew 25:1-46 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
    And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
    They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:
    But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.
    While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.
    And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.
    Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.
    And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.
    But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.
    And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.
    Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.
    But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.
    Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
    For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.
    And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.
    Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.
    And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.
    But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money.
    After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.
    And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.
    His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them.
    His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed:
    And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.
    His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed:
    Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.
    Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.
    For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.
    And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:
    And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:
    And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
    Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:
    For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
    Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
    Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
    When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
    Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?
    And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
    Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
    For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
    I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
    Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
    Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
    And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

  • Pharmaceutical drugs don't fix the problem deliberately to make more money from the consumers , which is why it's a multi billion dollar industry , they are made to make you more sick in the long run so you pay for more drugs, it's not healthcare it's sickcare

  • A little knowledge in the wrong hands can be a dangerous thing. The ancient people of the bible studied the herbs and oils for years before they used them for therapeutic purposes.

  • 01:01:33 That is exactly the problem with Western Medicine. It's fake, man made, and always "purified" to an unnatural degree. Chemistry is complicated, and magic bullets don't exist.

  • This is a MLM (multi-level-marketing) scheme that has no health benefits.  Other people will try to cure/lessen/prevent their diseases and conditions with a simple, no-good plant extract.  If doctors and the medical industry really tested and saw the non-existent benefits of the oils (self research, employee reviews, and inside peer reviews do not count) then the oils would truly be deemed as 'essential'.  After the oils are seen as needed for the body's health, doctors would prescribe diffusers and oils to patients, which will never happen.  I do my research, unlike your indoctrinated google searches.

  • @ around min 50……..what an idiot woman ……..too noisyyyyyy and even not stick with the report …..THIS WOAN JUST BLA BLA BLA………too much annoyed REALLY DISTURBED

  • Is quantum physics a new form of spirituality for Caucasian race? Quantum science seems like a knock off of American Indian spirituality, with understanding self and use of medicinal herbs, oils etc…..

  • Sunscreen, mhmm? And we just saw darkskin folks after he stated it and they drew that footage fast it only got a short air time….. Why white people creating fallacy argument to claim they Egyptians bout the used sunscreen like a people would thrive in a environment they weren't made forx that's like if fish never had gills (they just drown before they ever discovered a way to compensate for inability to osmoregulation or aquatic respiration), that's not how genealogy works, plus beside isn't this quantum physician a christian, isn't Egyptians considered pagans in the Christian in doctrine, you see the hypocrisy, smh? Well I know I ain't no damn Egypt. This is why when y'all white folks found Egypt it was under tones of sand, implying nobody was their when y'all stumble upon it, lol, it just funny y'all claiming dead people!

  • This video blew my mind! Thank you 🙏🏽😊 Can anyone give me the names of places where I can purchase some 100% pure essential oils in the UK?

  • "If I prayed over the petrol before I put in my car…will it heal my hard starting and black smoke problems just like Frankincense oil helps with dry skin?"

  • "If I put grind up Myrrh in a bottle of Port wine would I be able to duplicate the potion offered up to Christ while he suffered on the cross for our sins? I am told it was supposed to be a very strong analgesic, but Jesus rejected it, preferring to take the full force of suffering for our sinful souls…"

  • canna bossum is one of the ingredients in the healing oil mentioned in the bible , nowadays is well nown that cannabis essencial il extract to be a very powerful medicine

  • What EO can control Hyper Hydhrosis?? My Granddaughter has this in her Feet and Palms of her hands. She will try anything at this point. Nothing is working. She is 11 and she tells me it's very embarrassing.

  • My boyfriend's mom died because she only believed in your essential oil bullshit. Fuck you. You're going to hell and you know it. God is disappointed in you.

  • Off point but this country does not exist because of Columbus. It was here with its native inhabitants long before it was stolen.

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