Aromatherapy and Stress Management: A guide to using essential oils for stress management

Aromatherapy and Stress Management
A guide to using essential oils for stress management
Christoph Streicher, Ph.D. Amrita Aromatherapy, read by Stephanie Chambers Stress management is one of the areas where aromatherapy is most powerful. Stress is defined as the human response to an external stressor. This can be anything from the weather to your boss or your lover. Stress expresses itself in physical tensions, insomnia, anger, fear, grief, cravings, addiction and ultimately severe illness. There are essential oils that help with stress of any kind such as: Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot. Then there are many that work on specific issues, like muscle tension, grief
or insomnia. But you should not use natural remedies in the same way that you use Western medicine. Look beyond your immediate discomfort.
I am asked regularly: What helps with insomnia? What helps with allergies? What helps with eczema? At times I am tempted to say, What about having a look at your life?
Sometimes I see minor miracles with the oils. At times they act like a magic bullet. But
our everyday life situation usually asks for our participation. That’s what health is about. Use the aromas and see what the subtle energy of the scents do for you. Take them with your awareness into your mind-body. Take them to the place where you feel your restlessness, pain, addiction or fear. If you use the aromas to create body awareness; they will give you health and well-being for a lifetime. A concrete example: You are lying in bed and can’t sleep. Put your attention on your body. You will notice that there is unrest in one part. Stay with it. Apply Deep Rest Roll-On Relief on this part. Continue to stay with it. Notice how your mind, your body and the essential oil blend work together. Have a good night! In the same way, Quit Craving Roll-On Relief Is a helpful tool. Don’t use it like Western
medicine. If you use it to explore yourself; it will help you solve your problem.
Roll-On Relief: Anxiety Free, A Woman’s Balance, Menopause and Stress Free can be used in a similar way. I designed the Roll-On Relief line: for ease of use, for immediate relief from different stress responses To give you a tool to explore your mind-body connection. If you develop the experience of being attuned. Your body will be grateful to you. With all my wishes for your well-being, Christoph Streicher, Ph.D. To learn more about the uses of essential
oils and the values of aromatherapy subscribe to our channel or go to

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