Aromatherapy Diffusion: Essential Oils for the Diffuser

– Whether you have a diffuser or you’re thinking about buying one, you may be wondering how to best use it. Maybe you’ve heard that
diffusing can reduce germs, can ease stress, maybe
even help you sleep better, but you’re not sure which
essential oils to use. You may even be searching
the web and finding all kinds of conflicting information. I’m gonna show you just how easy it is to use five readily
available essential oils that can help you avoid getting sick, reduce stress, and help you sleep. Let’s keep it really simple. Hi, I’m Andrea Butje, the
founder of Aromahead Institute. I love using my diffuser,
and I wanna show you a couple of great oils that you can use in order to help resolve various issues, like germs in the house, that’s a big one, for example in the winter
when a lot of people are getting sick or kids are home and they’re sharing those colds and flues. This is great to diffuse for germs. We’re also gonna use oils to diffuse for stress and for sleep. So let me show you. This is my diffuser. I’m just gonna take off the top, and I’m going to open up and add water. That’s my first step. So I’m just gonna pour some water in here. I like to use filtered
water if you have it around, purified water, that’s nice. And then we’re gonna put
our essential oils in. So this first round is for germs, and I’m using eucalyptus
and I’m also using lavender. Now eucalyptus is pretty well
known for clearing your head. Wow, that smells so
good, clears your head, it clears your sinuses,
kills germs in the air, and I also use it sometimes for cleaning ’cause it’s just a very
good anti-microbial, okay? So, it depends how many
drops you’re gonna put in, on your environment. If you have a small
apartment or a big house, if there’s windows open or no windows, the windows are closed. So, generally, I would
put in three or four drops of eucalyptus, three or
four drops of lavender. But this is up to you. You can try, depends on
the size of the room, and see what fits you best, okay? So, I’m gonna go ahead and put in a couple of drops of
eucalyptus to the diffuser. One, two, three, four, okay. And then I’m gonna put in
a couple drops of lavender. And I know this is gonna smell amazing. The whole house is gonna
smell amazing from this. So now, I’m gonna put
in my drops of lavender, three, four, okay. And then it’s simple. Just gonna put the top on. This one has a little top, and then close the diffuser. And then there’s a little
button here that turns it on, and very quickly, you’ll start
to see the steam coming out, and this will fill the whole room. Again, if anyone is sick in the house, they will really appreciate this. It will clear their
sinuses, it will disinfect. In terms of getting rid
of germs, it’s great. See the water and the
essential oil coming out? The steam is great. All right, I’ll turn it
off for a second now. Then, I’ll tell you about the other oils you could use as well. So for stress, for
example, we’re gonna use bergamot and orange, so uplifting, so emotionally supportive, I love that. So the bergamot is made from the rind of the bergamot oranges. It smells very, very fresh, and just as if you’ve peeled an orange. You can put a couple
drops, three or four drops into the diffuser, along
with the orange itself. I actually have blood orange here, which is a really nice orange
and very perky, very citrusy. So, three or four drops
of each and you are good in terms of creating an uplifting and very happy kind of smell. When someone walks in the
house and you’re diffusing bergamot and orange, I guarantee you, they’re going to say, “Wow,
it smells amazing in here. “What are you diffusing?” Really good for stress. Now on the other side of things, if you’re trying to sleep,
then frankincense and lavender are gonna become your best friends. So a couple of drops of
the beautiful frankincense, which is made from the resin
and is just such a unique aroma and so calming. I love it before I go to sleep. And then, of course, lavender
is a classic for sleep. So three or four drops of frankincense, three or four drops of lavender. And then, you can put the
diffuser on in your bedroom, maybe 15 or 20 minutes
before you go to sleep. And then when you come in to tuck in, just unplug it or turn it off, and you’ll have a beautiful
calming aroma in the bedroom. So, I hope you enjoy
playing with your diffuser. You can mix oils, you can
try different combinations, with just settling on
what your intention is. Hey, if you enjoy this video and you wanna learn more
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16 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Diffusion: Essential Oils for the Diffuser

  • I love my aroma diffuser, cant imagine living without it. I even got one for the school library I am working for in Japan, using Japanese 'Hinoki' Cedarwood, other classic oils such as Frankincense and Elemi or citrusy oils. It helps great when it comes to concentration for the kids or anti virus! Thank you for the lovely recipes and fantastic video, you a are a huge inspiration Andrea!💙

  • Thanks recently used your suggested blend
    Orange, frankincense & patchouli.. and my hubby really liked it 👏

  • Ivenoticed the diffusers that get warm arnt half as good as the ones that dont, why is this?
    Thanks for all you do x

  • Great recipes, thanks Andrea. I'd ordered a gorgeous diffuser from wish, my massage therapist bought it, but it never came. I meant to order another one and you've just reminded me. I'll order one on pay day next week! 💕💕

  • is it not a good idea to diffuse for the duration of the time the diffuser will run? Why turn it off before bed? I love diffusing oils in different rooms. Love watching your videos. I joined one of your webinars – so informative!

  • Great video! Just wondering what's your opinion on diffusers vs oil burners? I've only got an older style burner, do the steam-based diffusers carry more benefits? Thanks 🙂

  • Yes! LOVE these combinations. Serenity and Peace are also 2 magic potions I love for the diffuser. SO great for relaxing the body! 🔮

  • Whenever I use my diffuser I always get oil residue on furniture which is really hard to clean off! Its for this reason I've stopped using it but I really wanna use it!

    Does anyone else have this problem and more importantly, does anyone have a solution?

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