Aromatherapy During Pregnancy — Natural Relief For Stress, Anxiety, Nausea

– Hey, it’s Dr. Gregg with
Align Wellness Center, and today I want to go
over a tip for something that you can do at home
if you’re pregnant or not and you have difficulty with stress, tension, anxiety, and/or nausea. And it’s something called aromatherapy. This is a common tool that
we recommend for our patients to use who may be going
through pregnancy primarily to wind up getting natural
relief from symptoms. When you’re pregnant it’s not a good idea to take medication whether
they’re over-the-counter or they’re prescribed. What we found in being
one of the greatest tools is aromatherapy, that you
can implement and utilize at home to help with
reducing these symptoms. Now, there’s a couple that I really like that wind up focusing on
this area and on this niche. The first one that I really
like winds up being lavender. Lavender is an amazing scent that winds up having massive amounts of abilities to wind up helping with
calming and relaxation. We do this for many of our
patients who have neck pain and lower back pain. What you’ll wind up doing
is you just put a drop or two in your hands
(inhales) and you inhale and take a few deep breaths of it. If you also have a diffuser
at home, that’s a tool that you can use to put
drops of the aromatherapy into so that it can just get
all throughout your house, from wind up helping as well. Aromatherapy is really powerful. Lavender is one of my favorite
scents to wind up using, and oils to wind up using. Next one winds up being chamomile. Chamomile is really, really
amazing, and you see and hear of it in many supplements for helping with sleep and relaxation. We’ve also found that it’s very helpful for anxiety and stress management, so for many of our pregnant
patients who are having anxiety, this is a really great
tool to wind up using. The last one is ginger. Ginger is massive in antioxidant
and it winds up helping to relax the entire system. What this has really
been found to be powerful for is when you have
difficulty with nausea and/or sleep difficulty. Utilizing a ginger oil for
aromatherapy can really help to solve those symptoms,
get you feeling better, working better. Once again, aromatherapy is
a great thing to do at home, however, if your symptoms
wind up continuing to persist, you may need some help
from a professional. We’ve had great help in
allowing for moms-to-be to get through their pregnancies natural, pain-free, drug-free and have
easy and simple deliveries. If you or someone you know
is concerned about that, or is going through this process, please share this video with them so they can have the resources and tools. If you like it, please
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to our channel down below. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin from Align Wellness Center, and thank you for letting me be a part of your health. (bright pop music)

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