Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes

hi welcome to Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes website. This short video will show you around the website whether you’re a new visitor or if you’ve been here before. If you have visited essential oil recipes over the past 5 years or so you’ll notice that we’ve revamped the entire website with quite a different layout so today I’m here to help you find all the
different sections as well as new ones so here we are on the home page the first thing you’ll probably notice is the sign up form on the top right the one of the big red arrows pointing
at it here you can sign up to our email list and by doing this you’ll receive our new 17 page ebook which is packed full of entirely new recipes for your aromatherapy diffuser once you’ve entered your name and your email address that will require
you to confirm your subscription when you’ve confirmed your subscription you’ll receive a link to
the free ebook by joining this list you’ll hear about the latest aromatherapy news plus we’ll be offering you goodies from
time to time of course we promised need to spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time now on to the rest of the site you see at the top of the page there are links to the main sections these are on the top of every page on the site first is the home button which is the page we’re on right now so by clicking this you can return to it at any time you can also click on the logo here next is the aromatherapy blog this blog is updated regularly with new aromatherapy recipes, essential oil profiles, recommended suppliers and more recently an entire section of the best aromatherapy news on the web you can subscribe to the RSS feed simply by clicking on the orange button over here there are various blog posts and they’re all organized into topics over here on the right, they’re also organized by date order and by clicking on one of the posts just click on the title here takes you to the full post you can leave a comment if you like and then you click to go to the entire blog post next we have aromatherapy recipes here’s you’ll find all the aromatherapy recipes and they’re organized into these sections over here on the right we have aromatherapy perfume recipes aromatherapy body scrub recipes natural skin care aromatherapy diffusers bath and body aromatherapy blends aromatherapy home recipes and aromatherapy holiday recipes so each page has its own list of aromatherapy recipes within it next we have about aromatherapy and essential oils this is where you’ll find many aromatherapy essential oil profiles history of aromatherapy more information on holistic aromatherapy essential oil extraction essential oils chemistry essential oil properties sense of smell and about the author finally we have the resources section this is where you find recommended aromatherapy suppliers, aromatherapy books, aromatherapy ebooks and links also up here is the contact form it’s for you to fill in if you have any feedback or questions about aromatherapy and essential oil recipes I hope you found this short video useful and that you enjoy your time at this one-stop shop website and that you find all the information you need about aromatherapy and essential oil recipes

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