Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang and Jasmine at the Aromahead Institute

– I wanna show you this
special tree that we have here at the Aromahead Institute. It’s the ylang ylang
tree, and it’s right here. We planted it a couple of years ago. This tree is indigenous to Madagascar and grows in certain countries in Africa, and we’ve been lucky enough
to be able to grow it here. It’s kind of an unusual species
to have here in Florida. On the tree itself, you can
see there’s lots of these little baby flowers, ylang ylang flowers. And these flowers are an unusual shape and the same color as the tree, so you have to kind of look for them. They have an incredible aroma: very floral, very, very sweet. What the distillers do
is they pick the flowers, and they distill
thousands of these flowers in order to make a small
quantity of very rich and concentrated essential oil. This essential oil is a beautiful oil that we use for calming, for sleep. We use it in baths and in
room sprays and lotions. And it’s very beautiful. So here we have our jasmine plant, and it produces these
incredible white flowers, little tiny flowers. The most amazing floral smell. The interesting thing about jasmine is that the distillers have
to pick it before five o’clock in the morning, because after
sunrise the essential oil that’s in the flower
recedes back into the plant, so in order to get a
really good distillation they get up at two in the morning. They go out, they pick all
these flowers before five, and then they bring them
to the distillation site and they distill them.

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