Aromatherapy Mind Body Medicine: Quit Craving

So last one of the Roll-On Reliefs we want to talk about – the other ones are completely
self-explanatory – Quit Craving. Now we’re not talking about heroin addictions here. When I use the word “addiction” in that
context – whether that is food or nicotine smoking I use the word addiction pretty loosely
as anything which we are drawn to more than it’s good for us. Addiction is something which harms the
quality of our lives and I would include even addiction to video or what – online whatever – computer games online. I’m sure you know probably nobody of you but I’m sure you know people who struggle with things like that. The Quit Craving was designed in
particular for food and nicotine addictions. I don’t know to what extent it helps with other addictions but what I want to say here – don’t take aromatherapy or any other medication for that matter
as the magic bullet particular when it comes to these little
addictions we all have. It is about our personal work. If you look at addictions as something which is in a way for
self-improvement and self realization – this is part of our life’s work. Someone told me “Oh yeah I used the Quit Craving and for eating too much and I still eat – it didn’t help”. Yeah sure. So when you want to use it to get a handle on something like that – first of all like with anything else close the eyes for a moment – check where is this urge in your body sitting? Often in this area – upper chest, maybe a little bit lower chest – where the craving sits – cigarette, food – it doesn’t matter – can you feel it
there? Feel what it is about. Get familiar with
it and own it – that this is part of you – that you need to deal with and again of course roll the Quit Cravings on right there – right there and see what it does to it. Stay with it. Experience it. Experience finer and deeper levels of it
and then ones you develop the relationship with
it – you know what it is. You may even know more – where it comes from – at what occasion it arises most frequently. Someone – each time someone frustrates you or something frustrates you – you need a cigarette right that
moment don’t reach for the cigarette – reach for the bottle. Sit down. Roll it on and close the eyes and stay with it – see what it does to it – you may even smell a little bit – roll a little bit under your nose – take the scent in. Take the scent into that place where you crave for something. Let it work there. And work with it. That way you learn how to get a handle on it and over time you learn how to dissolve what that dysfunctional energy is which sits there somewhere between your
mind and your body and has the tendency – has the desire – to make you do something which is really not in the best of your interest. I don’t want say that this is easy. For example nicotine addiction is as powerful as is as addictive as heroin. I don’t say it’s
as damaging as heroin but the addictive aspect is as strong as heroin so this is for anybody who
wants to quit smoking – this is a piece of work and I don’t say it is easy but this is a great tool – make use of it.

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