Aromatherapy Recipes: Make Your Own Argan Oil Face Wash

(peaceful New Age music) – Hi, and welcome to Aromahead Institute. We’re gonna make a face
wash with argan oil and aloe vera gel and just
a tiny bit of essential oil. And this product is a wonderful
way to wash your face, especially if your skin is
sensitive or really dry. It’s wonderful for aging skin or for skin that’s been
exposed to the sun. And you’re gonna use it just
like you would use a soap. So we’re gonna start out by adding the argan oil to our bottle. And argan oil is produced in Morocco. It’s a wonderful oil for
sensitive skin or for dry skin. It’s got a lot of vitamin
E and antioxidants. So I’m gonna fill this bottle
3/4 of the way with argan oil. And by the way, the argan oil has the most wonderful, just slightly nutty aroma, and it’s just gentle and really beautiful. And then we’re gonna
put in approximately 1/4 of an ounce of aloe. And I don’t really measure this. I just estimate. And this is aloe vera gel. And it’s gonna leave a little room in here for the essential oil. Now I don’t use very much
essential oil on my face, so I’m only gonna add one drop of lavender and one drop of frankincense, and that’s gonna do it. But you could use any
skin-nourishing essential oil in this blend. So we’re gonna just get
one drop of lavender and one drop of frankincense. There we go. There it is. Great. It’s nice. Amazing with just two drops
how beautiful it smells. And then give it a little shake. And then when you go to wash your face, you just put a little
bit of it in your hand, and you would just rub
it all over your face and then wash that off with warm water. And you have a fabulous,
healthy, cleansing wash.

57 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Recipes: Make Your Own Argan Oil Face Wash

  • Thank You Andrea! I look forward too the classes I will take at your institute this fall…I will be taking the essential oil class….I also will try this face wash this month…Keep up the beautiful work!…..Jewel.

  • Tamara! Thanks for the sweet comment!! I am SO happy the blend has helped!! Thanks for sharing your experience, I know it will help others a lot.

  • I'm a bit confused. Does warm water rinse off the argan oil? Argan is so thick, does the small amount of aloe make it less oily? Thx

  • I love to use argan oil on my skin as a moisturizer, so I'm glad I found this video for a face wash… can't wait to try it out!

  • Hi Andrea! I have been using neem oil on my skin for the past four months for my acne prone skin. If I use your recipe but use neem oil instead, will that have the same effect?

  • fabulous recipe, and that what made me to subcsribe to your channel 🙂 so glad l stumbled upon it, l feel a favorite coming 🙂

  • Can I use rosehip oil instead of argan oil? Can you also tell me the difference between rosehip oil and argan oil. Thank you 

  • Looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I will try this. I love argan oil, aloe, lavender and frankincense. The aloe vera seems to be in a more liquid form than what is sold in tubes in most health food stores where I live. Do you use the one that is sold in bottles for internal use instead? Approximately how long do you think it would keep? Thank you. 🙂

  • Do you ever put a warm wash cloth over your face(once you've put the oil on) and then wipe it off. I've seen that done many times and referred to as "oil pulling" for the face. Do you recommend that?

  • thank you Andrea ireally enjoy your channel and love all your recipes on eo I'm your faithful viewer from now on. how do I order your book on oils

  • Hello! Love your videos! Do you have any advice on what eo brands to buy for a beginner on a budget? Thanks! Be well.

  • Hi, i seem to notice that this recipe doesnt have castile soap in it. How does this become a face wash? 🙂

  • I am very eager to try this recipe! I do not have Argan oil, but when I researched buying some I found that some places sell it refined, others unrefined. I usually shop at either Eden's Garden or Plant Therapy and both only sell refined. Does it really matter? I want to make sure I am doing this right. Thanks!!

  • Hi Andrea. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. Is that a 2oz bottle you used for the Argon oil? You said you don't use a lot of essential oils on your face. I have a moisturizer with jojoba oil I use for my face with essential oils. Is that okay? What do use for a face cream or moisturizer?

  • Hello. I'm really enjoying watching your videos, thank you. What could I use to replace argan oil? Are jojoba or sweet almond oils good options? Many thanks

  • Hi Andrea
    Thanks you for answering my previous question. Do you have a place that we can email you? I am new to making my own face washes and inhalers i am a bit confused on best places to buy my supplies and most importantly my essential oils. I have getting most of my oils from DoTerra which ave been great but pricy and i have been looking for a great smelling Neroli oil… any suggestions.

    Thank you You are an inspiration.

  • Awesome! Thanks so much!!

    I'm going to try mixing Argan oil with Witch Hazel and a couple drops of essential oils and see how that cleanses. (I don't have any Aloe right now, but will get some and make it exactly as you shared and try that too). <3

  • Hi Andrea. I was wondering if you use any natural preservatives especially in your water based products. Thank you

  • I have made thus face wash and loved it! I have had it about two weeks and noticed a seperation in it (or just didn't notice it before!) it is mostly a golden color but there is a white creamy layer at the bottom. anyone else experience this?

  • Hi Andrea, is there a significant difference between the types of Frankincense Oils B. Carterii, B. Serrata and B. Neglecta?

  • I have many aloe vera plants at home. Can I extract the gel from their leaves and use it instead of the marketed ones ?

  • What is the shelf life on this blend. You have another blend of avacado, aloe, and Frankincense on your blog and it's a month for shelf life. Can you tell me the difference between the two brands as far as uses and why the shelf life is so short and which one would be better for combination to oily skin? Thanks!

  • So where can I get the along veranda gel?. I have a plant but don't want to have to make this everyday.

  • LOL, I make this recipe as well, though I also include 1 drop of Patchouli or sometimes 1 drops Sandalwood as well.

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