Ayurveda for Sarcoidosis Cure | Treating Sarcoidosis Naturally – Real Testimonial

Greetings Sir! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre. First of all I want to know your names. My name is Dr. SK Bhanote, Saila Khurd. I am Gurmukh Singh Rana. Where are you from? I am from Hoshiarpur district. Sir, you are suffering from which health issue? I was suffering from itchy throat, dry cough and weight loss. Sir, from where you had treatment for this problem? I got a CT-scan from Ludhiana and got medicine by Dr Anil Kashyap for 10 days but didn’t get any relief from breathlessness. Then I read about Dr Vikram Chauhan on internet and came to Mohali for treatment. As per your symptoms, what was the diagnosis? I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. So which type of medication was prescribed to you by Dr. Vikram Chauhan? The prescription helped me to expel out mucus and improve oxygen supply. Well show your prescription to the viewers prescribed by Dr Vikram Chauhan to you? This is the prescription. Since when you are taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda Centre? It was from last Friday and by taking only one day dosage of this medication, I got relief from breathlessness. Since, how long you are suffering from this disease? It’s been from 2014. Which type of medicine was prescribed to you in allopathy? I had been to Canada and the Doctors over there tried to rule out heart disease. They did nucleo test, echo test and TMT test every year in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and found no heart problem. I came back to India later. As you got relief from medicines, did you follow any dietary recommendations by the doctor? Yes, doctor told me not to have citrus fruits like lemon, orange and asked to avoid milk and milk products. Many people are suffering from sarcoidosis, so what type of message you want to give to viewers? I want to convey message to all the people suffering from this disease is to leave allopathy as they give steroids to the patients which should not be taken, moreover there can be damage to the bones with many other complications. Thank you sir, you visited Planet Ayurveda and provided such a good information to the viewers. Ok , Thank you.

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