Ayurveda Palace Jurmala

We are at the hotel “Ayurveda Palace Jurmala”, where the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle is introduced… Here we offer Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic treatment and rehabilitation program, so-called Panchakarma, healthy eating… We offer only vegetarian dishes in our restaurant. Cooks-vegetarians are working in our kitchen and the most of the staff are also vegetarians. We don’t offer alcoholic beverages to our gusts and clients. Smoking at the hotel is strictly prohibited. We offer various types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga. In the near future we will also ensure Nidra and Kundalini Yoga, as well as all the possible therapies, which Ayurveda includes. Two types of treatments are divided in Ayurveda – cleansing and nourishing, wich gives the opportunity to continue live in a good mood. In Ayurveda Palace Jurmala these two types of therapies are combined with a healthy food in our restaurant and yoga classes. We offer for our guests to rejuvenate the body. We prescribe individually all therapies, basing on the health research that can be carried out in the hotel with the help of hardware implementation of pulse diagnosis, as well as using preliminary medical tests results. We ussually ask our guests to take them to the therapy. This practice helps us to indicate necessary methods for the treatment more precisely and to get results that satisfy patients and ourselves. In Ayurveda Palace Jurmala work as local experts as well experts from India. Today we can acquaint You with therapists who perform all procedures. They are familiar with both schools of Ayurveda – Kerala and North school. We invite You to come and enjoy our therapies! According to Ayurveda diseases are mainly caused by accumulation of metabolic toxins. We offer Panchakarma program, which helps to remove these toxins. And we believe that in this case the person becomes more healthy and happy.

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