Ayurvedic back pain treatment in hindi | Herbal remedy for back pain | Avoid back pain in hindi

bjbj Hi friends..Welcome to your very own
channel Akash Wellness. Due to today s lifestyle, backache and waist pain are very common. In
such a situation what people do is they go to a chemist shop and buy special cream and
expect the backache to be cured permanently. But nothing like this happens at all. That
s because most of the creams available in the market works on the symptoms of back ache
and not on it s root cause. Therefore, in this video I have listed some herbal remedies
which will work on the root cause of backache and cure it permanently. Also, there are no
side effects at all. Keep watching this video till the end. There can be many reasons for
backache such as heavy lifting, your profession that demands working on the computer for long
hours, smoking, excess body weight, psychological reasons such as depression, anxiety. This
video is basically divided into 3 parts.. 1st part of herbal remedies, 2nd part of stretching
exercises, yoga and 3rd most important part of what things to avoid so that you don t
get backache. If you can t avoid, then no use of herbal remedies, yoga, stretching exercises
for you. Herbal Remedy #1: Yogaraj Guggulu & Kaishore Guggulu This is a very special
ayurvedic formula and very beneficial in treating backache. Herbal Remedy #2: Musta Herb also
known as Motha or Nagarmotha. It is basically used as muscle pain killer. You will get much
relief from backache with this herb. Herbal Remedy #3: Tagara Herb & Valerian Herb These
2 herbs not only relax muscles, but also give sound sleep. If you feel that you have backache
due to tension in the muscles, then take any one of these. Herbal Remedy #4: Mahanarayan
Oil: Massage this oil on your back where you have pain. You will get much relief by this.
Another alternative if you don t have this oil is to mix ginger powder in water and massage
on your back and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then massage with nilgiri oil. Some herbs
amongst these which are genuine and authentic can be purchased from the link given in the
video description below. Top 7 stretching exercises and yoga beneficial for backache:
Disclaimer: In this video whatever herbs and stretching exercises
or yoga is shown are not for those who have slip disc. Herbs and stretching exercises
will really be beneficial for your backache. But you should certainly avoid a few things
else all these are useless. If you have backache problem, then protect yourself from cold.
Avoid high heel sandals Avoid heavy weight lifting exercises in gym Reduce sexual activity
So, this was video regarding backache. I hope all these herbal remedies and stretching exercises
will benefit you. Like if you found this video useful. Comment below how it helped you. See
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