Ayurvedic Healthy Foods Dr Ranpatha Ruwan Rathnayake

Most of the time we can’t tell you clearly through media what type of food you should eat and what types you should not ? Because it is different to one person to another and depends on many things like (disease/ weight/age) As doctors we need to analyze the condition of the person by a having discussion with them personally, there are many other facts we need to know before we tell them the type of food they should eat Especially for patients who are taking treatments If a person is treated for medical condition the type of food that (he/she )should eat might be completely different and might have many different varieties, because there are types of food that not good for some health conditions also need the consider he methods that the food is prepared and served to the patient. Due to these facts It is difficult to say commonly what types of food that you should eat to maintain your health condition , would always recommend you to consult a Ayurvedic doctor and get the proper natural diet plan to stay healthy Please Subscribe to our you tube channel for more video like this

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