Baked Provolone with Herbs and Garlic Flatbread

Today I’m going to show you guys an appetizer that’s absolutely delicious Baked Provolone with Herbs and Homemade Garlic Flatbread you know this is the kind of appetizer that puts a big smile on everyones face kids love it, adults love it, everybody loves it and let me tell you this appetizer has such an amazing combination of flavors and it´s perfect for any type of occasion so let´s get started we´re going to begin by pre-heating our oven bake and broil option and heat it at your highest setting mine is 250 degrees celsius the first thing we want to do is make our homemade garlic flatbread grab 1 cup of all-purpose flour and add it to a bowl now add 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of white sugar mix all the dry ingredients together now add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin Spanish olive oil 1/3 cup of water and start mixing until you form a dough once you form a dough get in there with your hands and start kneading it inside of the bowl between 1 to 2 minutes now shape it into a ball add some parchment paper to a flat surface sprinkle with a little all-purpose flour add the ball of dough on top and I´m going to divide the dough into 3 evenly sized pieces and form each piece into a ball I´m going to start flattening out each piece of dough into a circular shape that´s about 1/8 of an inch in thickness I´m going to be using my hands to flatten this out but you can also use a roller OK to cook our flatbreads grab a non-stick frying pan heat it with a medium heat once the pan get´s hot we´re going to start cooking our flatbreads one at a time about a minute and a half per side with a lid on top now I´m going to drizzle a little extra virgin Spanish olive oil on top of each flatbread and then season each one with garlic powder and dried parsley now I´m going to cut the flatbreads to get 6 triangles from each piece you want to try and get them to be all evenly sized if you don´t it´s not the end of the world OK now it´s time for the star of our dish Provolone Cheese I´m going to place it inside of a shallow bowl that´s oven-proof I´m going to add some dried herbs and seasonings on top of the cheese and then place it into the oven between 10 to 11 minutes for the herbs I´m going to add a pinch of dried thyme a pinch of dried basil and a pinch of dried oregano we´ll season it with just a dash of sea salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper OK after 11 minutes let´s go check on our cheese and oh yeah! that´s exactly what you want it to look like if you where to leave this in here for a couple of more minutes this cheese would harden up so this is exactly where you want it let´s go ahead and take it out of the oven transfer it to a plate drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on top and decorate the garlic flatbreads around the dish OK now I´m going to give this a try and look at that cheesy goodness right there salud! so good you get all the herbs from the cheese and then you mix it in with the garlic flatbread just the combination my tastebuds are singing in symphony right now but seriously this is such an amazing appetizer and it´s so easy to make if you enjoyed today´s video on making this appetizer please hit that like button leave me a comment below and don´t forget to subscribe until the next time…Hasta Luego!!

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