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hello everybody welcome to my video today so guys today I want to show you how to do aromatherapy oil mix with different flower and roots under seeds so guys come on mine lawanda ginger and black pepper the up contain ants inflammation the contain are the helpful inching on your scalp then they also help to treat irritation so guys you will be needing 400 minutes of any kind of oil of your choice and please let it be oh yeah that you press a to use for your hair and for your skin so yeah I have coconut oil grape seed and rice oil you can use any oil of your choice as I said before so make sure everything for the quantity I am preparing my oil is going to be 400 milliliter of oil mix our oil so for a true core of lavender we need 1 cup of flour 1 cup of chamomile and other things so guys here are the bottles where I will be storing needs after final preparation but first I will be going I will be doing let me say a form of more arimin and also a decoration to just give this oh yay or damn look you when you you don’t place it in any way in your bathroom so I’ll be adding the mix helps you shall be using us way into this bottle so yeah you can see how I’ve mix the blended flower and seed into the bottle for decoration and for long saints of the aroma so first I’ll be adding my black pepper you can use the red pepper you can use the white pepper why choose to use the black one so yeah I have my lavender and my car my trouble my flower so this is my lavender flower I will be adding 1 cup of lavender flower into this mix oil the same thing as well as my Chama mine flower then I will now out many wounds in the plate in so the oil so I will also grate my ginger which is almost 20 gram of ginger I regret it then I also added into this oil then after that we we see the next step which I will be doing so here now I’m going to blend my ginger so here I’ll finally blended my ginger so I will do nothing else done so also added it with my flower and seed all together to make an infusion with this oil so I’m just going to reduce this my hand weeks of mixer to press the all flower down to absorb with the oil so then I will just give it a little stir just like that to make sure the oil and flowers it blended together before I will not take it to my double heat boiler and make an infusion with this so guys we are here now I’m just tearing and what you will be doing whereas the water is boiling you have your jaw or your beak on anything where you are preparing this oil mix you are just going to be turned you are going to put a timer for ten minutes you’d be toning for auntie ten minutes then just as you see me doing put off your flame cover with your paper to allow the heater continue to open the pause of this flower and seed and so on and so forth you will use a kitchen towel for any clothes just to cover to a lot of heat so guys today is the next day so we are going to check the oil oh my god the aroma all my god guys I’m going Kristin here the aroma is excellent so I’m just going to fix my hand gloves but she no guys for protection because this is what you use all self for somebody if it’s my personal use guys I don’t use unglued bed I know I’ll be sending out of it by the aroma the aroma of this Michel different flower and OH oh my god so guys I’m going to filter or sift anyhow you know the waist core and press the oil how to separate the oil from the flour and from the seed and from the roots which is the ginger you can use anything to do that but I just want to use this way if you buy this kind of chloroform please guys wash it very well dry it before you use that is what I did okay so I’m just pressing are the OMI this room in fact my nose is awesome because of the aroma oh my god very very awesome beautiful I love it really I love it guys so I’m changing my Anglos again so yeah I have my oil nothing else to do now then I’m going to give it a stay known just to mix everything cause no pressing it out definitely the guys forgive me I’m not joking I love when something has a Roman parfum you know st. so on and so forth so I’m putting a 10 drop of my lemon stasia oil you can see how doing my hands so I stare it you know to a lie to blend you are not going to preserve it guys because there’s no water inside okay so now I’m going to just pour into my boat so we all will be storing it [Music] so guys this is going to be in your bathroom you are going to place it to your bathroom so after you have your nights but it is very good for blood circulation it’s good for your bones your joints in fats to relax your body after a long day stress and walk so this om is very powerful so you excited the creation of the live under routine inside it’s going to work on your body guys so I hope you loved this video guys for those of you that I just click for the first time please guys who loved this video kindly subscribe to my channel to follow me on and also kind of share this video thank you all for watching God bless you bye bye [Music]

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