Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy at Home + Cleaning Tips, Morning Boosters & More!!

hi welcome back to another video at the
carriage house or welcome if you are new here and if you are new here and we’re
meeting for the first time I’m Becca a stay-at-home mom homeschooling mom of
three so today I thought it’d be nice and relaxing to talk a little bit about
how to use essential oils in our home this winter essential oils are so good
for us and so beneficial to us and it’s just nice to have them around the home
whether you are treating a cold or a headache or you’re wanting to uplift
your mood a little bit or if you just simply want your house to smell nice
we’re just good to have so I have some really good ideas for you guys I think
so we’ll go ahead and get into the video one of my most favorite essential oils
to use at home especially in the morning is peppermint oil peppermint oil is
wonderful for clearing and boosting the mind which in turn can help energize
your entire body I like to put about three to five drops of peppermint oil
into my diffuser and this holds about a half a cup of water as I’m getting ready
preparing for the day in the morning this along with a nice hot cup of coffee
is a surefire way to jumpstart your day whether you stay at home or work at home
like me or if you’re getting ready for a busy day at work outside the home it’s
just so beneficial now if you do not have a diffuser then
that is perfectly fine and some alternatives are to either get a cotton
ball that has a few drops of this central oil on it and place it in the
room where you’re most likely to be in the morning or you can even get a small
pot of water about two cups and place on your stove and bring to a very low
simmer and then you’re going to add about 15 drops or so you can add more or
less depending on how strong you like the smell but an overall rule of thumb
is to add about 15 drops per two cups of water for a simmer pot just make sure
you check on your water levels throughout the day and not let it get
too low but other wonderful essential oils you can use for awakening the mind
and body our citrus oils such as lemon grapefruit and orange sometimes it’s good to have an essential
oil in your home just to make your house smell good and homey maybe you’re
noticing strange smells coming from the trash can and you don’t have the time to
take it out quite yet or you might be having company coming over last minute
and you don’t necessarily have time to do a deep cleaning right then and there
so for this I love to add one drop of orange one drop of cinnamon and two
drops of sandalwood and I just get these three blended together and my diffuser
and it just smells so good another blend that smells amazing in your home is
frankincense juniper berry and Cypress my most favorite essential oil to help
treat common colds coughs or congestion is eucalyptus oil and if you have kids
toddlers or little babies or grandbabies in your home this oil is just wonderful
to have around but I am using Lavoie cool mist humidifier which is wonderful
because it has this perfect little aroma box that I like to put a couple of drops
of eucalyptus oil which is nice because not all humidifiers are designed to add
essential oils but I like to put this in my kids rooms at night before bedtime
whenever they’re having little runny noses or coughs and this just helps them
sleep so much better I noticed the humidifiers in general are just
wonderful they can also help with rehydrating your skin therefore it’s an
excellent anti-aging helper but I will leave all of the boys information in the
description box down below for you and other essential oils great for treating
the common cold our cedar wood rosemary and fennel it is so easy and so much
more affordable to make your own all-purpose cleaner for your home and
probably better for you as far as breathing goes but my favorite DIY
all-purpose cleaner that works extremely well that I’ve been using for a long
time now it’s water vinegar with pine and lemons so I have 1 cup of water 1
cup of vinegar 3 drops of pine essential oil and 3 drops of lemon essential oil
and you can double this recipe for a larger bottle but the thing that makes
vinegar amazing to clean with is because it’s very acidic which is what breaks
down build-up and grime just don’t just make sure not to use on granite marble
and like solid woods but lemon and pine both have cleansing and antiseptic
properties which makes them wonderful to cut through grease and stuff as well and
the combination of the two just smells amazing and these are my two all-time
favorite oils to clean with other essential oils that are good to
clean with our tea tree rosemary and eucalyptus if you have kids or grandkids
around the house and I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of minor cuts or
scrapes and for this I love to use lavender oil lavender oil is amazing for
healing it helps cleanse it helps reduce swelling it’s great for burns cuts
scrapes bee stings it’s just incredible now lavender is good for so many things
but this is just one major benefit of lavender but I love that you can put
lavender directly on your skin and like many other essential oil which requires
a carrier oil but lavender is one of my most favorites most favorite ones to
have around the house if you had to choose one then definitely lavender and for me the ultimate essential oil
light to use for relaxing at night is lavender oil again especially after a
crazy day and if you’re like me and have crazy kids running around your house all
the time which is wonderful but at the same time it can make you crazy
sometimes so and basically you’re just refueling yourself and taking care of
yourself at night before you begin the next day so you can put several drops of
this in your bath at night before you go to bed or you could put it in your
diffuser as well the doll this is just wonderful while cozying up to one of
your favorite books at night but a few other essential oils that are great for
relaxation are sandalwood jasmine and Elan Elan but thank you so much for
watching this video and I hope you incorporate some of these essential oils
into your home you can also share with us and what you like to use in your home
in the comments section down below and if you’re interested in watching more
videos I will put them up here in just a second but thank you so much for those
who keep coming back to watch my videos I hope they’re beneficial to you and if
you are new here then thank you so much for stopping by we’d love to have you
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house okay so I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in
my next video bye on our face
your grace

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  • PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU HAVE PETS!! A dear subscriber here at the Carriage House, Gayla, mentioned essential oils and their potential toxicity to cats…It's a good idea to do some research because some oils are highly toxic to animals while others are ok if diluted ๐Ÿ™‚ I've never had a problem with my pets, but I just wanted to remind everyone just in case! Thank you Gayla for the reminder and Happy New Year to all!!

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