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Hi guys and welcome to a new episode of
ahotiK’s Road to 99 kg. I’m Teo, you also know me as ahotiK and today I want to answer a question: Which is better for losing weight? Is it working out or dieting? Let’s find out! Ok, I just want to get this out of the
way. I have recorded a cool intro and outro for this episode already, last
Saturday and it was by this beautiful lake. Unfortunately the camera was set to
continuous auto focus and it was searching for the focus all the time. I
have a Nikon d5300 and that’s one problem with it. If you set it on auto
focus, continuous auto focus it will search for focus all the time. It’s not a
really good camera for vlogging and recording yourself but it’s a perfect
camera for pictures. The scenery was beautiful but the the footage was not.
So I have to do it here in my office. This week has been a bit rough and the first part of the week I have plateaued with my weight and then afterwards I actually
gained one kilo so it wasn’t really that good. I have started with some new things
maybe that’s why I gained weight. Let’s see what happened! Trying something new today: going to the
gym! It feels like the first episode once
again: Freaking hard That feeling, after working out. Feel like
I’m so massive now. I just managed to plank for 35 seconds. Feel really tired in my arms and chest. After the workout I’ll have a big kebab roll. Wednesday, football as usual, my second
workout this week. I’m done with the football and I feel really tired, like last time, so I’m just gonna be walking back home instead of running. Almost home from football pretty good workout and I also feel the pain in my arms from
yesterday’s weightlifting. It’s Thursday and it’s gym day again but I forgot my
shorts so I’m gonna run to the nearest shop and buy a pair and then just gonna
run back and that’s gonna be my warmup. I hate this exercise! Thursday afternoon, after
today’s workout I will have to cheat again because I’m invited to a barbecue
afternoon with with my coworkers I’ll be having a burger or something and maybe
some small amount of red wine. Hi, it’s Saturday and we’re gonna go on a road trip meeting some friends at a national park down in Skåne or Scania and we’re
gonna have a barbecue there I should be running instead and working out because,
compared to last week this week I haven’t cheated on the workout but
instead I’ve cheated on the diet heavily I should also be running some more to
make up for a diet cheating – What do you think about Teo’s weight loss vlog? – It was quite entertaining! So I was just doing the power walk but I started to lose weight as well and I’m gonna continue to watch him – So you mean that
his videos are inspiring for you? – Pure inspiration! – Okay, thank you very much! – You’re welcome! I was about to go out for a run and then this happened. It’s Sunday and it has been raining the whole day today but now in the late afternoon it’s
sunny again so, yesterday I promised myself to go for a run and here I am!
I intend to push myself today to make it up for the lack of running this week.
Yes, of course I went to the gym, but that doesn’t make up for for running, as my
weight has gone up. I’m back at 115 kilos. I’m not gonna run with a camera because
that’s a distraction and it it’s an excuse to stop (running) and start walking just to record another shot. I’m gonna extend the track that I ran last time from 5 km to maybe it’s gonna be around 8 (km) We’ll see! I thought it was gonna be
sunny for the whole run but it’s started to rain again. I’m back from the run. Runkeeper recorded 6.5 km, but it paused for, I think
it was around, 1 km, so it should be 7.5. And of course now the pace is off. It recorded 8.5 minutes per kilometer but I
think it was better than better than that. The battery of my camera ran off (*ourt)
so I have to continue this with my phone. I didn’t use Zombies, Run this time I
wanted to try Spotify’s running feature as you might know Spotify is a
music streaming up but it also has this feature for helping
you keep the same pace while running. It will find music that will match your
running pace. If you want say 160 steps per minute it will find music with 160
beats per minute. helping you maintain the same pace. You’re not entirely in control of what music it plays. You can choose a gender or you
know on a wider level but it will still choose the music for you so if you’re
like me that you don’t really like all kinds of music sometimes you might not
like the track but you can skip them. Okay so you saw that I’ve started going
to the gym lifting weights. That’s another kind of workout I’m gonna be
doing because I really need to strengthen up my upper body. I’m gonna
continue running and of course dieting. So the question that I started this
video with was: is working out or dieting better for losing weight? Well actually what I think it’s happening it’s you have to get a calorie deficit so if
you’re plateauing it means that you need to get out more calories out of your
diet or to work out more to get rid of calories. So if you’re gonna be cheating with your diet you really need to work out way more to make up for for
the extra calories you’re eating. Another theory I have about the weight gain
could be around gaining muscles. Muscle mass it’s heavier than fat so maybe I
lost fat but I got muscles so that’s why my weight got up.
I’m not sure this is true or not it’s just a theory I have I’ve heard this several times but
I’m not sure it’s correct or not. Going back the question I believe that the
calorie deficit is what makes you lose weight. So that’s it for this week.
Thank you guys for watching and if you like these don’t forget to give
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