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hey everybody Derek here and I want to
talk to you about another one of our great brands here at luckyvitamin boy
rock boy ron was founded in 1932 in lyon france by twin brothers and pharmacists
Jean and re boy Ron in 1993 way around built and established its brand new East
Coast facility in Newtown Square Pennsylvania when Ron is most well known
for its flagship product Oslo casino which is tough to pronounce but works
really well for me and my family during the flu season also popular and one of
the most well known homeopathic treatments is arnica which boy ron has
in many forms including pellets which you let melt under your tongue and also
their famous arnicare topical treatments arnica is derived from the flower and
many people have found natural pain relief with it this is also a favorite
of Lyon its hiss the minim hydrochloric oh and no it is not a Harry Potter spell
is a great treatment for allergies which I take throughout the season
boy Ron loves to spread the Wellness through education because homeopathy is
still a little difficult to understand for most people so they gladly share
information with everybody that’s trying to learn about it so check out boy ron
at luckyvitamin com it’s one of our favorite brands and we know you’ll like
it too and if you do tell your family and your friends about boy Ron and help
luckyvitamin spread the wellness you

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