Caring for herbs – Golden Rules

Our top tips for growing herbs are keep them in full sun, they prefer well-drained soil, and probably pruning and looking after them all through the year. Feeding anything in pots, which a lot of people are doing at the moment, once a month, and then cutting back in the autumn. Tidying up and pruning. This year I’ve been asked a lot of questions about mint. We divide our mint up into quarters in the pots. If it’s in a pot divide it into quarters repot it and then you get mint for the next two years, and if you do that every two years, you’ll never really run out of mint. It’s not great for us, but it’s a good tip for you. To summarise, full sun, well-drained soil, pruning in the autumn, tidying everything up, feeding through the year and watering regularly, and that’s our top tips for growing herbs.

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