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Hello friends, I am Suman Chauhan and welcome to my channel Health city. Nowadays, the problem that is being seen in one’s mind is cervical spondylitis. First I will tell where is the problem occurs especially and later there will be some related exercises. I will tell you which is very much potent and the pain you are suffering from and many people are such that they cannot even move their arms. Can not do any work, have been troubled by this thing so much, so do watch this video till the last because if you will do all the exercises that I will tell you, then the problem will be finished, so let’s start. In our spine. there are 33 vertebras, which means that in our spine there are bones and they are on top of each other. There is a sponge type disc in the middle of which the internal vertebra, all are our spinal cord we move or move our head back and forth, bones are like this, they move on top of each other. In order to be able to sustain the pressure, there is a disc in the middle of the bones that protects the bones from rubbing on top of each other, but what happens with this from the friend How much does it take between the bones, that is, it starts decreasing, it starts compressing, where it gets compressed, where is the cervical vertebra before the L1, with which the name is C1 C2. C3, C4 C5 Sixth Seventh and next on as far as from brain to cervical verebras, if you are having pain, it is due to any problem that there is swelling or softness. Would have When they go through the middle of the spine bone, it starts to become a nerve complex and when Nerve is compressed, the blood circulation in our body is not done properly, due to which we have a problem because of this It is in the neck, therefore, it is known as cervical and it is called cervical spondylitis. if this problem is in our waist vertebras, which is known as Sciatica or the problem of lumber. or also called lumbar spondylitis, then today we talk about cervical spondylitis, so many people were more worried why? you know why I will tell you. It is due to the age factor, as we grow, our ears not working properly and the eyes sites reduced and our organs becoming weak. All things due to age increasing and wrong food habits. If it becomes very messy, then the deficiency starts coming in much the same way that our vertebras are there, then there is a disc in between them which prevents it from our Vertebras, then it starts to compress. If you start to feel compressed, then you get swollen due to this, many times it hurts, which is the area of ​​it, your shoulder sleeps, it gets stiffed many times. It increases more nowadays, which is due to use a lot of computers, mobiles and laptops, so all those who are on duty now continue to work, they work for hours at the same places, nowadays children also watch mobiles from anywhere. When we sit for many hours by bending our necks in a position, this problem starts in the form of the cervical, so you work by straightening your neck by sitting upright like this. and neck movement is also important. For example, the exercise of the neck is also very important, now let’s know its symptoms- for those who have this problem, your neck is too much stuff, there will be a lot of pain in the neck. There will be too much pain in the solders, many time blood does not come in the hands properly, and many times the hands of someone become stuff. do not get any work like this. they are not able to raise their hands, then this is a big problem, many people have a lot of problems, they are unable to bring the neck like this, so I am telling you some exercises, small exercises that you should do for 2 times regularly, then by doing slowly, those who are from nerve stiffened problem will feel good. Exercise is the only treatment. If you want to end the cervical, you cant end this with any medicine. Frankly speaking, the disease is never eradicated from their roots, so if you want to end your problem from the root, you also want to get rid of it quickly and eliminate it, then exercise is the only treatment. There is something that you can do to eliminate your disease from the root, so let’s not delay, quickly know which exercises are there, which at home you can do. and daily if you will do, you will start getting relief from cervical pain and your disease will start to end in a few days, you have to raise your hands like this, directly in the line of your shoulder, just above your shoulder. Leave this much, spread your hands, wide equal to shoulder gap, do your hands like this while taking long breaths. For those who can’t even raise their hands, what to do for them, you can keep them like this. then how to do it directly and from here you keep doing it as far as you can take your hands, and those who can raise their hands, they have to do it, now, how to do the other one. Now see, I am telling you that you are going to take long breaths and see how I do Both the clockwise and anticlockwise, you have to rotate as much as you can, as much as you have comfortable. Now you have to do like. Then you have to keep your hands here. Take breath like this, anticlockwise Relax a little, take both your hands behind your head like this And to suppress tightly take as much as you can back and forth Now your shoulders have to be rotated round and round and you have to rotate your hands around the knee such anti-clock wise Relax. Now you have to take your hands near your chest And carry like now As if you are pulling a spring See again In this way, you have to do as much as you can 3 times 4 times 5 times, now you have to take a breath Do not bend the neck too much, just have to bend it so much so all these exercises for neck and hands yo have to do so it is up to you to do it slowly, which you can do as much as you can every day. You have to do it twice, by doing more than twice there may be stiffness and pain in your neck so you have to do it slowly and as much as you can. One last exercise is for the eyes. turn your eyes around you like I am telling you this because, sometimes many have a problem in the eye, because of the pain of the cervical also a pain in the head, and sometimes the problem starts coming in the eyes as well. If you do this exercise, then you will get a lot of rest in that too, you will get rest in other things also and who have cervical, they must definitely do these exercise because if you don’t do exercise t hen your problem may increase further. You can also go to bed, lest your illness increases, then start exercising to get rid of the problem and you will get relief soon. When you go to sleep, when you sleep on your side, then you can put a small pillow under the neck, but when you sleep on your back, don’t use the pillow. and try to not use any pillow normally. when you sleep on any side you can use. because on that posture, neck bend too much and we have to keep our neck with the balance of body If you sleep straight then no need to use a pillow. so these are some tips, friend, and exercises, if you do and follow you will 100 % cured If you do not have this problem and if there is someone around you, if they are not able to watch this video then you can definitely tell them You can do the good thing and it is a good thing to do good to others, if you liked the video, then like it, share it, what happens from sharing, it should be good for everyone. we should do well with others Subscribe my channel so that every new video notification you can get and all good video you can watch and cure yourself. ok friends will meet you again good Bye.

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