Cliara Essential Oils Aromatherapy & The Power Of Essential Oils To Repel Mosquitoes

Hi I’m Heshan, with Cliara Essential Oils.
Are you facing the problem with mosquitoes at your home or office? I have here with
me three mosquito repellent essential oils the citronella oil, the tea tree oil
and the cinnamon leaf oil. The citronella and cinnamon leaf is derived from Sri Lanka
itself and the tea tree oil is grown and distilled in Australia.
Now most mosquito repellents; they use chemicals most of these chemicals they
are toxic to the body, so this is why we want to educate you all and to make you
aware that there still is a way to eliminate these mosquitoes, using natural
means. It doesn’t have any chemicals contained and it is very safe to use. The
reason I’m giving you three options is most of our customers they tell us that
some essential oils are too strong for them or they dislike it for some reason;
so you can either use separate oils or you can even use a blend which matches
your preference. So while we have these three essential oil how are we going to
actually use them against mosquitoes? These are products, these are the ways
that you can use them. This is a citronella aroma spray it uses water as a main
base and it uses citronella essential oil as a repellent for the mosquitoes. The
second product is our Cinnamon Oil Warmer now for people who want to use an
economical way of using it probably in a bathroom or a living room might be the
visitors come or might be an instance where you want to put outside the
balcony or the terrace, this is an oil warmer you can use for that. So as you can,
see the mechanism of how this works is you have to light a candle at the bottom
add water on the top and you can add a couple of drops of oil into the top
container. You have the heat you have the water and you have a couple of oil drops
the water evaporates along with the essential oil providing that fume. And
this is a bit of a more high end version but much more convenient for
homes we call this the electric diffuser. The electric diffuser has, if I can just
show you exactly how it works it has a compartment and you fill it up with
water add a couple of essential oil drops close it. And you can just switch it on. It has two
modes there’s two ways you can use it one is that you have the automatic turn on
and off method which you are seeing right now or else you can have the
constant fume going off, which is if you want more strength you can just put this
the constant flow of the fume button. This is also safe and you have small kids around
because it doesn’t have any heat. It uses basic vibration to break down the water
particles so if you have small kids around it’s a very safe product to have.
Most customers, most people ask us okay is there anywhere I can have something
natural inside my vehicle because most vehicle air fresheners are full of chemicals,
is there a way? Definitely there is a way and this is how you going use it. It has
the same mechanism of the electric diffuser however its small and you can actually
connect this into the lighter socket of the car. You
can open up this small compartment add water and then add an essential oil of
your choice so these two repel mosquitoes at either
citronella, cinnamon leaf oil or tea tree essential oil, just add a couple of drops and
then along with water fix it, connect it to the socket and just press it and you
get a fume just like this inside the car, now you have a completely natural
way not only to make the car smell good but also something which gives therapeutic
benefit when you’re inhaling. Don’t worry it’s completely adjustable and if you do
have any USB connecting don’t worry about that also because it comes with
the two extra USB ports. So this is how you can actually make your life more
healthier by eliminating mosquitoes and all the essential oils do have
therapeutic qualities aromatically. Start using them make your home your
office. I hope this was informative to you all if you do find these useful if you
do feel that it is something you are interested learn more about please take
the link on the caption or click the video or just send us a message and we’ll be
more than happy to help you out. Thank you

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