Coffee house Veg Cutlet Recipe By Chef Shaheen

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shaheenskit Today’s recipe is coffee house veg cutlets They are very simple to prepare Try them on this christmas for your friends
& family Have a look how to prepare them at home For making coffee house special cutlets We need vegtables whichever vegetables you
like I have taken carrot this is one large carrot Cut in to cubes One medium size beetroot cut in to cubes We have to boil little bit of cauliflower & fresh green peas 1/2 a cup & just cover it & cook it or boil it for 3-4
min I have added 2 tsp of oil & these are boiled vegetables Beetroot, carrot, cauliflower & green peas & we have made a coarse mixture Coarsly we have grinded in to a mixer, dont
make a paste & this is natural colour because of beet root So when the oil is hot add onion to it One onion med.size ,green chilli according
to your taste Capsicum deseeded 1/2 a capsicum A piece of cabbage finely chopped Ginger grated ginger This is turmeric powder or haldi 1/2 a tsp of turmeric powder Red chilli powder once again according to
your liking If you like spicy add some more This is garam masala powder 1/2 a tsp & this is chat masala powder 1 tsp Now add all these vegetables There is no water dry absolutely dry Now its time to add salt Just taste after mixing all these vegetables
in potatoes Taste it if you require some more salt you
can add lemon juice of 1/2 lemon You can see there is no oil no water Now these vegetables are ready to be mixed but cool them To be mixed but cool them These are about 300 gms of boiled potatoes Which i have peeled & meshed & remember whenever you are preparing Cutlets or anything in which you have to use
potatoes These days you are geting new potato Which is very sticky So try to avoid new potatoes & prepare these cutlets with older one or
purona aloo Now we have to add these vegetables Now we are mixing all the vegetables & potatoes
well With this smasher Add 2-3 tsp of maida according to requirement We are also adding little bit of bread crumbs
to it & these cutlets will be rolled into this vermicelli Or savayya i have added little bit of chat
masala These are rosted vermicelli & this is corn flour in which i am going to
add water To it to make a paste We will dip our cutlets in to this paste & roll in to vermicelly then fry You can see our dough of cutlets is ready And it is a mixture of boiled potatoes Boiled vegetables which we have run in A mixer just for few seconds to get A course vegetables which we have seasoned & again mixed it in to potatoes & we have added Bread crumbs about 1-1/2 or 2 large size bread Which i have prepared crumbs & now i am going to shape them Here is my corn flour which i have Diluted with water & these are vermicelli Which i have broken & add a little bit of chat masala Give them any shape of your choice & now i am going to dip it drain it & now roll in to these vermicelli & try with one cutlet & if they are not breaking fry all your cutlets If you dont like the coating of vermicelly You can use bread crumbs Just try whether your oil is hot or not Yes it is hot carefully place your cutlet Yes it is not breaking i am going to Prepare my another cutlet I have turned them & now you can slow down your flame To get a crispy crunchy outer covering First ones are ready Keep ready your tissue papers on a plate So that the extra oil will be absorbed

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