Concept of Individualization in “Homeopathy”!!!

Good morning everyone and welcome once again
to Wacky Wednesday, today I want you to imagine a scenario in my clinic, so let’s say you
and your partner had an massive argument last night, and land up with a terrible headache
this morning, both of you decide to consult me in my clinic, so just because the causative
factor which is the argument and the effect which is the headache is the same… would
I be giving you the same medicine??the answer is NO!!! Why not?? because Homeopathy, stands on the
principal of “Individualization”, it believes that you are “Unique”, and everything about
you is “Unique”. There is no one quite like you in this world
and this is not just because of your “Unique DNA” it is also because of the various forces,
family, the work, the society , and host of other things that mold you into who or what
you become. Research proofs that identical twins bought
up by two different families in two different places turn out to be different, Why?? identical twins brought up in the same family
by the same set of parents also turn up to be totally different don’t they?? Hence homeopathy believes though the causation
and effect of a particular illness might be similar, yet the remedy change for one person
to another. Hence, a homeopath spends lot of time understanding
your life and living to arrive a final nuance of your symptom picture and match it with
equivalent remedy picture listed in the vast list of remedies in the Mataria Madica. Now let’s say your symptoms picture points
towards Nux Vomica, and his symptom picture points towards Bryonia and since both of you
are very diligent patient, follow all the lateral holistic advise that i have given,
you get better in just two doses, now does that mean that next time you land up with
the similar headache you should take the same medicine? May be yes , May be no, why? because just
like you each movement in time is unique, there will be never two movements which will
be alike in your entire life time. So, what each movement throws up is going
to be completely different. Hence, the remedy would change from time to
time. Then again let’s say next the your daughter,
or your mother or your husband or your brother land up with the same similar headache, are
you going to give them the same medicine? again the answer is No!!! why?? because just like you they are also
unique, and hence their remedy is also unique, now do you understand how it is in a homeopathy
consultation, now does that mean that Nux Vomica is a remedy for headache?? No!! We also use Nux Vomica in vertigo. We sometimes use it in constipation, other
times for vomiting. We even use it in nose block, for absolutely
new born babies. So, you see, a Homeopath spends a whole lot
of time understanding you and your life, so that he arrives at central axis which is the
constitutional medicine and lateral axis which could be the inter current, deep acting, acute
and chronic remedies. What are these?? Well, topics for another Wacky Wednesday. So, if you want to get Wacky and wise do follow
us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, to get wise in a Wacky way, but for today remember
you are “Unique” and demand to be treated specially, don’t settle in for Generic medicines
give it to either by your health practitioner or the pharmacist, remember Homeopathy stands
“Tall, on the Principal of Individualization” and anything that is not individualized is
not Homeopathy at all. Thank you!!

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