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Hi friends, I am doctor Ritu Jain, I am a HOMEOPATHIC consultant. And I have continuously been sharing medical informations with you if you like the information then please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. If you continue to like and subscribe to my videos then i will continue to give you medical informations. let us talk about today’s topic homeopathic medicines for constipation. I have alradey uploaded a video on constipation related to what is constipation and what are it’s causes. So please watch the first video and now I will tell you the proper treatment how you take the medicine and which patient can take which medicine so according to that you will take the medicine generally constipation happens due to decrease in wobble movements and results in hard motion infrequent movement no regular motion and it disturbs your routine so constipation is not a disease but it is a symptom of your body where if there is no motion your appetite decreases and there are a lot of other problems I will tell you the homeopathic treatment. The one who suffer from constipation and becomes chronic and cannot eat then, people normally for quick treatment Laxatives.These give you temporary relief and increases the movements but if laxatives are taken every day and there is no constipation but laxatives in allopathic or any may not cause constipation but you have to take it regularly then only motion happens, then those laxatives help for temporary situation if there is sudden pause in the movement of material and by taking medicine you can push and increase your movements only while you take medicine but on other times it does not work and slowly paralyses your intestine and because of the forceful treatment then it will result in diseases and gets paralysed. So think again before you take laxatives. For that the best treatment is homeopathic treatment. You will not find the results at the start in homeopathy ut as you continue it will normalise your physiology, which means your intestinal regular movements are taken care of. For that there is homeopathic medicine to normalise your condition and will not worsen your condition. So allopathic laxatives generally increase your cndition and homeopathic medicines gradually normalise your condition so first in homeopathic medicine i will talk about NUX VOMICA. It is a very good medicine and people have heard about it but taking medicines once or twice will not help you you will have to take long treatment I will tell you who should take this medicine .NUX VOMICA medicine generally is suitable for those who live a sedentatary life who have sedentary habits which means your official work you have to sit and do your work and there are less physical activities and because of that there is no proper movement of food in the body you are always sitting and working physical activity is very less , for them it is the best one. The symptoms in this are you feel the urge for stools but when there is no proper motion so generally NUX VOMICA is suitable for them. Along with that if you take SULPHUR medicine along with NUX VOMICA then t works very well. Apart from that there are mediciens such as BRYONIA . It is the second best medicine for homeopathic treatment. The main symptom to take bryonia is that the motion is too hard and large and is blackish BRYONIA , generally has is the medicine for dryness if here is dryness in your intestine and due to this your peristaltic movements are less then here BRYONIA works very well. BRYONIA main symptom that I told you dryness so BRYONIA The mucous membrane present in your mouth or your intestine or in your eye you will see dryness that your mouth aand lips dries up so BRYONIA suits very well for them. The next medicine is OPIUM medicine. if you take more sedatives, then your stools are hard and ball like constipation is more hard movement of stools then for that the medicine is OPIUM. Then there is another medicine ALLUMINA The main symptoms are that the stool is soft but still cannot pass even after pressure there is no passage then for that medicine is ALLUMINA ALLUMINA generally suits babies who are bottle fed which are plastic made then because of that constipation happens then for that medicine is ALLUMINA. Then apart from that there is ASCULUS if you have back pain also because of constipation and hard stools also there is difficulty in passing the stools along with that there is piles problem also then for that medicine is ASCULUS.Then SILICEA and THUJA ,SILICEA THUJA is for those who have to remove mechanical ar pass the stools and cannot happen naturally If SILICEA patient is suffering from constipation then he is free minded generally people are worried because of constipation but SILICEA keeps you occupied and you are not worried even if there is no motion for two days there is no tension that there is no motion that you are not eating your food properly or there is gastric problem there is no such tension but whenever he has to excrete the stools, they are so hard that it has to be removed mechanically There are other medicines like LYCOPODIUM for those whose stomach becomes blotted or gastric problem and headache along with that gastric problem so for that it is LYCOPODIUM. Apart from that I have already told you in the first video it’s causes if you drink less water or follow low fiber diet then it is important to correct all these things if you do not correct al these if you do not drink enough water, or deficiency of fibers then it should be improved if theses are not corrected then medicines cannot do anything until you improve your routine if you live a sedantary life then you must do physical activities or if you cannot do physical activity then do few exercises or join yoga classes because of that your body movements increases your physical movement increases your intestinal movement also increases and your constipation gradually stops so all these things it is important to take care because medicines are not miracles but along with them it is important to improve your routine if you are careless about health then you should start improving along with that if you take medicine then it works well and you get 100% results if you do all these things. 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