Hello everyone, Welcome to Dr Rashmi’s Homeopathy. Friends today we are going to discuss about premenstrual syndrome. Premenstrual syndrome are those set of symptom which you feel before the monthly periods, be it mental or physical symptoms. So we will talk about the causes of premenstrual symptoms and its signs & symptoms and what diets to follow can be avoided. Alongwith that, will discuss about those homeopathic medicines which are most effective to deal with these symptoms So lets starts today Topic So Friends lets talk about Premenstrual Syndrome Premenstrual Syndrome refers the time between the ovulation and period in which you develop some symptoms, feel some signs which can disturbing for a lot of women Many people don’t get these symptoms at all and there are others who get lot of troubles due to these symptoms So if we talk about reasons that causes the premenstrual syndrome then the main reason is the hormonal imbalance The Estrogen hormones starts growing during this period and the progesterone starts declining So mainly due to rise in the Estrogen hormones you develop these symptoms. So lets first talk about the science behind. Scientifically, the major problem that can occur are digestive troubles, constipation diarrhea and some people suffers with lot of bloating Breast changes are also very important. One many feel tenderness and heaviness around the breast area. Edema- Edema can also occur because of the water retention in the body, one can gain weight during this period. Many people develops mood triggers A lot of people experience migraine attacks Asthma is also developed during this period, experiences headache and joint pain. A lot of people gets ACNE problem. All these signs are developed due to estrogen rise. Now lets talk about the symptoms. In this lot of people who experiences the symptoms complain about the extreme anxieties, confusion. Feel drowsy , tiredness all the time, gets depressive thoughts , develops sleep disorders. these are the symptoms one get from depression. so those who experiences premenstrual syndrome due to estrogen rise which interacts with serotonin hormones and which in turns develop depressive symptoms You go through so much mood swings that you don’t understand the underlying cause. So friends this is all due to hormonal changes your body is going through, hormonal imbalance is being developed. So if you experience such symptoms then do not worry, its PMS and your body adjusts accordingly. As soon as period starts, all these symptoms automatically disappears Lets talk about the causes now stress plays an important role in this. If you get lot of stress then you experience PMS Exercise also plays an important role those who do regular exercise and aerobics, goes on morning walk, does cardiac exercise, does swimming, those who are involved in active lifestyle, are less likely to suffer from PMS Friends, one need to keep a check on salt and sugar intake one need to maintain a balance between them because if there is excess of salt or sugar intake then it will result in water retention and weight gain, in addition to that PMS symptoms will be found. Next comes caffeine , caffeine to be avoided, smoking and alcohol should also be avoided, you should take a balanced diet one should take whole fruit, and all these precaution one should take to avoid PMS The most important thing is to avoid stress, live an active life, good intake of water to be maintained and believe that all the changes which are occurring to you are very natural and it will automatically vanish. And in this period if you are feeling anger,
Irritation then you should understand that you have all these symptoms of PMS Friends now lets talk about homeopathic medicines. The homeopathic medicines are very effective in dealing with PMS The first medicine that I recommend is Netrum Mur. Netrum Mur are given to those who get ACNE problems before the periods. They suffer from depression and does not like consolation They feel very sad and feel like crying and together with that they likes to eat salty foods and if these are the symptoms then Natrum Mur is an excellent medicine to treat PMS Can take natrum mur in 30 potency Next comes IGNITIA, Ignitia is also an excellent medicine for PMS Those who experience frequent mood swings, feeling happy and sad on a regular interval. You feel elated on one moment and sad at other moment So there are too many mood swings in this case Ignitia is a good option So friends, next medicine comes is NUX VIMICA If one get frequent constipation just before the period then Nux Vomica is given. Together with that if one experiences Insomania, then also Nux Vomica is useful. Friends, next medicine is Conium Conium is given when one feels tenderness around the breast and it works best for such cases if one feels hardness around the breast and experiences pain then this medicine work well. Next medicine is Sepia Sepia is given when one feels irritated, feels lonely and doesn’t wish to talk to anyone When you are feeling irritated all the time, Sepia become very useful for those cases. Friend all these indications like mood swings, body changes are all because of Estrogen rise and it is a sign of PMS and if you have these symptoms then you need not worry you can take these medicine and get relief from PMS So friends if all these symptoms are related to period then it is normal but if these are not linked to period means if these symptoms carry on post period then it could be symptoms of depression because depression and PMS symptoms are very related to each other. So these were the information on PMS and if you have any queries and doubts related to PMS, you can post a comment on the comment box and if you have any personal queries , you can send a text on whatsapp Friends, if you liked the information, please like and share the video and subscribe to my channel so that you are always notified about my new videos See you soon with my next video.

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