Dentist & Patient Interviews | Brighton Dental San Diego

welcome to Brighton Dental here in our practice we utilize techniques focusing on painless non-toxic dentistry we do this in a number of ways where we provide a painless soothing comfortable environment utilizing aromatherapy and magnets I’ve been asked why I love what I do and why I do this every day I I do it because I like to change my patients perceptions of how they view dentistry by restoring their smile eliminating pain and giving them the confidence that they’ve always wanted having confidence and a healthy smile is very important to me so I love coming to Brighton dental and seeing dr. Woods because every time I leave here I feel amazing we utilize the latest technology so that we can detect decay early so that we can remove it without using anesthetics and causing any excess pain if it’s detected early then we can eliminate it very easily I came into Brighton dental to have a tooth fixed I didn’t have any pain involved it was painless and I’m so thankful we have all digital technology digital panorex digital x-rays we have a 3d scanner to help speed up the process for patients to get their restorations back quicker plus it’s a lot more exact at Brighton dental will take the stress out of your dental experience

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