Dhokla Recipe – How to Make Soft and Spongy Dhokla – Full Preparation Step By Step

Subscribe to Food Fatafat and click on the Bell Icon for more latest videos updates. Friends we all must have Dhokla once in a while, and it is very tasty. So, Today let’s see how this Dhokla is prepared. or what is the full preparation? Add 32 grams of Citric Acid It makes the dhokla little bit citric or tangy Add 50 Grams of Salt Add 10 Gram Termaric. Add 200 Grams Sugar Add half a liter of water and mix all the ingredient properly Now add 1kg of Besan (Gram flour) We are making this dhokla in one kg proportion Now we have to mix this mixture very finely so that is should not leave any bubbles or lumps. Add 200 Grams of refined oil Add some more water to dilute the batter Now add some Meetha Soda (Baking Soda) around 50 grams Meetha Soda (Baking Soda) helps it to become fluffy. And it will make our dhokla very spongy. So you can see that our mixture is ready and becomes very fluffy now we will take it out in a tray and cook it with the help of steam. Now close the lid and with the help of the steam our dhokla will cook. Leave it for 30 Mins. Now prepare its sweet and sour water Take refined oil and fry some mustard seeds and green chilly in it. Add 5 liters of water in proportion to 1kg dhokla we have to add some more ingredients like Salt, Sugar, Yellow Chilli Powder and Citric Acid Boil the water for some time so that all the ingredients should mix properly. and then our water is also ready Add some more salt

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