so I’m back again because I want to
answer the question that someone had asked me why do I think juicing is
better for me or for anybody else and the answer to that is I’ve done other
regiments and one thing I know with juicing and people have different
experiences when they juice so this is not going to apply to everyone but when
I was dry fasting I attempted water fasting a few times it didn’t work out
for me so that’s why I can only refer to dry fasting I can lose save hours a
drive fast for five days five to eleven pounds I mean I’m sorry ten to eleven
pounds in five days but if you rehydrate or eat the right foods or maybe you’re
eating the right foods fruits and water nothing that should be putting the
weight back on you you can find that all of your efforts have been washed down
the drain within a matter of a day or two because I think we’re dry fasting if
you’re not consistently doing it and if you’re consistently doing it and you’re
not really incorporating solid meals and you’re
just incorporating when you break the drive fast just a rehydration window
then you can lose weight with its success successfully and keep it off but
I find that with juicing for me when I read from solid foods long as my body is
detoxing which I usually do a detox tea at night I eliminate those foods that go
past my digestive system into the colon and I eliminate it when I get on a scale
I never gain weight and if I’m a couple of pounds up that’s because the fecal
matter that has not been removed for my colon and with within a couple of days
my weight is adjusted to the axe or weight that I lost walked on a juice
cleanse I never have problems of regaining the weight ever since I’ve
been on the juice cleanse I did 140 a juice cleanse I lost 58 pounds as of
today of 72 pounds lost even when I had for 90 days stop juicing and started
eating solid foods I never regained that 58 pounds I’m
talking to you in the present time and I’m 72 pounds down and again when I was
on the juice cleanse for 104 days I was at 58 pounds lost I’m now at 72 times
laws and I had 88 pounds of food so I got about 16 more piles of moves and I’m
gonna be done with Phase two I mean phase one phase two is going to
be something that’s going to be done for a lifetime which is nutrition detoxing
and healing the body and maintaining my weight so that it doesn’t get out of
control like this again and I’ve run into this problem so that is the
question that somebody wanted me to answer and I answered it for you that’s
why I feel as though juicing for me is the better way to go it’s because I feel
as though all my hard work and everyone’s body is different I don’t
feel as though it goes down the drain when I’m juicing plus I’m getting the
nutrients that I need to grow my hair back out to detox detox upon my eyes my
skin my liver my limp my kidneys my my skin my tissues internally my colon it
does everything and more and it also brings up the natural energies so if you
someone who procrastinates on working out you have that natural energy from
the fruits and the vegetables which you’re not going to feel that way you’re
not and you’re also gonna be less depressed and anxious and your sleep is
going to be better because of the fact that that juice that your drink
if you’re not buying pasteurized juice but if you’re juicing these juices at
home have nutrients in it and those nutrients are going to give you all the
energy and things that you need to get about your day and be productive while
in the background it’s also cleansing the body on a cellular level so that
you’re handling and detoxing and getting your body well and booze in the way so
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  • Seems yummy, juicing. I love dry fasting tho. Part of it is because I don’t have to do anything, lazy. However, I am definitely going to try juicing within the next month. I love the results on you and yes, very healthy as well.

  • Dry fasting works totally different from me and I eat on my off days healthy meals though and i am maintaining my weight sis, so dry works for me, water I havent made it through a full week but I feel like you have to find what works for the individual ABSOLUTELY

  • Love your videos. I'm going to try a juice feast as soon as house guests leave at the end of the weekend. Why didn't water fasting work for you? Im new to your channel so if you already did a video on it please just point in the right direction and I'll watch it instead of repeating yourself.

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