Dr. Ruth Live – Holistic Pet Health Protocols

Hello, I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts your pets
ally and today I am delighted to introduce you to my holistic pet health
protocols and what these protocols are are kind of plans that focus on
supporting your pets most important and most common health challenges and each
protocol is going to cover food options supplements I’ll give you some free
videos digital products and then some consultation options as well so what I’m
going to start with today is keep my pet healthy protocol but first what I’d like
to do is show you how to actually access this they are in my free members area
and so that’s really simple what you’re going to do is head over to the website and to Dr.Ruthroberts.com what you’ll do is click on
this member login and that will take us to the login page if you’re not a member
already no worry again this is completely free so just click here that
will send you to a registration page and get you going so I’m gonna go ahead and
log in and get us over to the page that’s got all of our member area
resources and what we’ve got up top here are the courses that I have available
many of you are already using the original crock pet diet that’s got the
e-book recipes and also cooking videos and then of course access to our
completely private Facebook group called for The Crock Pet Chefs and then
these are the other digital programs I have available so the Kidney Health
Starter Kit helps you understand what kidney disease is and isn’t and when it
actually is kidney failure the kidney health program gets you a little bit
more deeper dive into how to support your pet with kidney disease and then
the gut instincts course teaches you how to sort of reboot your pet’s digestion issues because that’s often
the base of every disease issue and then down on the lower part of the page are
the free holistic pet health resources so we’ve got some PDFs one of which is
the ebook about the truth about pet food so you’ve got some reference on how the
bag of food came to be some videos that I’ve used to help people understand how
to help keep their pets limber and then here’s our holistic health protocol so
I’m going to click here and that will take us over to the the page that lists
these out as I said we’re going to talk about the keep my pet healthy protocol
today I’ve got several the bones of several others up already I haven’t
added all of the resources as yet you’re certainly welcome to take a look around
but each week as I begin to discuss these other protocols I’ll go back and
review the page for you so let’s take a look at the keep my pet healthy protocol
and this will take us to this page here and the big you know like a lot of us an
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure which is a very common expression
but especially in America we have this concept of medicine being sickness care
and not wellness care and this is the place to start if your pets healthy if
your pets beginning to experience some wild changes start with us keep your pet
healthy protocol and I think you’ll be shocked at how much you can repair and
get your pet feeling better just by doing these simple things so the first
thing is if you’re not cooking start and if raw is your thing do rob do whatever
it is but don’t feed the bag of food so again the crock pet diet is complete
and balanced for all life stages according to Africa standards which
actually have a little bit more bearing than they used to and if you’re not
already Crock Pet cook go you know check it out
you can buy the crock pet diet right here on the page you just Add to Cart
and check-out and good to go that will get you access to the e-book the cooking
videos and again the membership area now the next section talks about sort of the
two most important mechanisms to prevent disease according to a functional
medicine concept so these are products I’ve used for years holistic total body
support of course is my multivitamin that includes glandular supplement for
your pets endocrine system we have both protocols for dog and four cats these
two products here are Koza max TG is the best omega-3 fatty acid supplement I’ve
found on the market it’s sustainably harvested and Claire’s
outstanding at providing making sure that all the bad stuff is out of there
and Ther-biotics is their complete probiotic powder again have used both of
these for over a decade these are health care practitioner products and so what
that means is that you and I have to have a relationship in order for me to
dispense these to you and I’ll explain a little bit more about that so if you
would like to get your pet started if you’re not using this already for your
pets you can also add the entire protocol bundle to cart
purchase it and take 10% off the entire bundle same thing for cats holistic
total body support for cats is one of the very few multivitamins on the market
for cats that actually has enough taurine in it to balance out the diet
whether that’s cooked raw or conventional that way you know that your
pets not going to have a Torian deficiency that was such a huge issue
for cats decades ago and there’s some stuff we’ve discussed in the past for
dogs so again if you want to get your cat started on the entire protocol just
click this button and it will add the entire proto
call to cart now the next section is about keeping your best friend moving
and so here are two videos I did some years ago one is on passive stretching
for dogs you can apply this to cats as well and then the second one is called
basic tween ah for pets and tween eyes a form of bodywork in traditional Chinese
veterinary medicine that is considered to have been started by Dr. Palmer got this used tween to develop chiropractic treatment I said
that backwards but these are great options if you’ve got a pet that’s
gotten a little bit stiff if you’ve started doing agility or other sports
with your dog these are great warm-ups so I can’t recommend these strongly
enough again completely free to access here the next section is about
meditating with your best friend we know that meditation has huge
benefits for us and if we relax and calm down it helps our pets relax and calm
down so start simple you don’t have to do the
whole lotus position sit in a chair sit on the sofa where your pets are gonna
hang out with you and start for just three to five minutes Insight timer is a
free app for both iOS and Android I believe that it is fantastic because you
can set some tones that will be non jarring that will signal that this
meditation is starting so you have a little warmup time in there to get
settled in and that the meditation has ended and then of course there’s a timer
part of it as well so again start with three to five
minutes keep it super simple you know if you don’t have to say um or any of
those things say what makes sense to you you could start with something as simple
as observe on the in-breath and release on the out-breath but doing this with
your pets around you or even if they’re just in the same room as they feel you
calm down they will calm down everybody’s going to
be a lot happier so it’s a great way to once you’ve gotten everybody outside
from when you’ve gotten home from work for the day to just take a few
and shift gears from the work world to homeworld if that makes sense and then
this last section is if you need a little help from me so we’ve got this
link here and you can fill in many email consult so if you’ve got specific
questions about what you need to do for your pet to help keep it healthy and
if you have not consulted or you know talked over our Facebook community
the pets cook community on Facebook then this is a way for you and
I to establish a relationship so that I know what your pet needs and I’m able to
dispense these really high quality products to you and then of course if
you have a more specific issue where you’re gonna need more help this is
information about the holistic wellness program and what is a coaching
package where I’ll review medical records for you set up a specific diet
for you and help you get your pet on the road to health so again I am super
excited about these products and I apologize there we go I’m back now
so I’m super excited about this protocol for you it’s a great way for you to get
quick information and it you know it for every income level or for every budget
level you know if you want to do a coaching program but it’s just not
feasible economically I get it but this gives you enough information to where
you can get your pet started on the right foot so I will be back next week
with a new protocol to talk you through and get you some more information about
until then remember your pets best health starts in the bowl
I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts your pets ally

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