Dr Sebi – Natural Herbal Remedy For Weak Bladder

Yes young lady. Yes, thank you Dr Sebi. I have bladder probelms. A what problem. Bladder problem. Bladder problem? Yes. Young lady I know that this happens to most of you in your very
early age of 65 and 70 and 80. And you know I just had a case in Tennessee and
this is not going to cost you a dime. And all of you who have bladder problems,
poor urine retention. They even make a special diapers for us now, we tend. You
want to see how good this plant is? I want you, don’t pay me any money, don’t come to
see me. Go straight to the herb store and buy yourself some Chickweed. Put that down please,
Chickweed. That’s right, C H I C K, chick like chicken, W E E D. You buy yourself
some Chickweed and make a tea, not only is this good for you it’s good for me.
It’s strengthen my prostrate gland instead of me getting up ten times a
night. You understand? Chickweed man and in less than two days… Well that, that is different. What you
need for that now is some iron or the Bio Electra 1 and 2, but the Chickweed
definitely works. Thank you, thank you ma’am.

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  • Should i drink only cheeckweed tea for weak bladder or i can take chickweed capsule?How can i do tea ,and how manty tea at day should i take for week bladder?Thanks

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