[Easiest] How to Lower Creatinine 2019 – the Best Herbs to Improve Kidney Health

Welcome to this super exciting new video Today
I’ll show you the best herbal remedies for your kidneys
These herbs are proven to lower your creatinine and increase GFR
They will naturally promote the healing process of your kidneys decreasing the inflammation
and soothing the symptoms of kidney disease Let’s learn their secrets together Hello how are your kidneys doing? this is
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If you suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease if you want to lower your creatinine or
if you just want to know more about natural remedies
you’re in the right place Here at 00kidney I’ve made a lot of videos
explaining how to improve kidney health But today is different I want to talk you
about something even more interesting These herbs I’m showing you today are the
most powerful herbal remedies lower creatinine levels You see the human kidney is part of a powerful
but fragile system And yes the gentle action of herbs has been
proven really beneficial to this complex system The adaptogenic nature of the natural compounds
of the herbs I’ll show you today is what our renal system needs to start healing
But let’s not waste any more time I know you can’t wait to learn about these incredibly
powerful herbs So let’s start
Horsetail Horsetail is our first herb today It has powerful
healing and soothing properties It can strengthen the health of our kidneys
thanks to its potent antibacterial antioxidant and antiinflammatory action
Horsetail is also a diuretic And this is very important
Diuretics lower our creatinine by helping our kidneys flushing out the excess of water
and waste from the body In fact diuretic drugs are used in today’s
medicine to treat hypertension They promote the flow of urine relieving the
pressure on the cardiovascular system and helping the work of our kidneys
So horsetail a natural diuretic can help reducing the pressure on the kidneys while detoxifying
them and reducing the inflammation caused by the disease
A WONDER OF NATURE if you ask me The use of horsetail also known as shavegrass
can be traced back to the ancient Romans Chinese herbalists have also been using it
for generations It was a cornerstone of their medicinal pharmacy
Yes the ancient populations already knew about the incredible properties of horsetail
But they didn’t just use it to heal their kidneys
Thanks to its high percentage of silicic acid horsetail can help with the health of our
lungs too It can treat dry cough nasal blockage and
even bronchitis It’s also used to improve bone density and
to strengthen the teeth very useful for kidney patients since bone problems can be frequent
It can even help with skin problems such as rash acne and wrinkles; this is again due
to the powerful antiinflammatory and antioxidant compounds present in it
But what I think is the most important benefit of horsetail is its diuretic property
Why is this so important if there are prescription drugs with the same effect? As you may already know a lot of kidney disease
patients are often given prescription diuretics These drugs used to treat hypertension Hypertension
causes kidney disease Do not ever underestimate hypertension
Now what not everyone knows is that a lot of these drugs these water pills are actually
dangerous for our kidneys Yes I’m not joking Popular diuretics like furosemide and spironolactone
and others are associated with a risk of acute kidney injury
So while I would never tell you to go against what your doctor says be very careful with
the drugs you’re taking Always be informed And remember that using an herbal remedy as
natural as horsetail to lower your hypertension is totally safe and doesn’t present these
very dangerous side effects But the problem is no doctor ever recommends
these herbs Not because they aren’t safe since they are
And not because they don’t work It’s because doctors don’t know them They
don’t trust the herbal medicine This is the western way of doing things It’s the way we
do this here in Europe or in America There’s kidney disease and then there’s dialysis
and maybe a transplant No other options no alternatives
Raise your hand if your doctor didn’t tell you that the natural course of kidney disease
is always the same from bad to worse And then in the end there’s dialysis
Raise your hand I’m not joking I’m really curious about this
Has your doctor ever mentioned to you alternative treatments to dialysis and transplant like
for example stem cells artificial organs or even herbs? Tell me this in comment this is gonna be interesting
Can’t wait to read your opinions But let’s not digress Back to horsetail
As I was saying the benefits as a diuretic antiinflammatory and antioxidant of horsetail
are supported by a number of scientific studies Studies published on respectable papers It’s
not just folk medicine not anymore So to get the best from horsetail you can
use the dried aerial parts to make a powerful kidney cleanse tea
It can be also taken as a supplement if you don’t have time to make tea
They sell it in pills on amazoncom I’ve put a link in description if you want to buy horsetail
from there Again the herbal remedies I’m showing you
today are proven to work They have been in use since the times of the ancient cultures
And they’re still in use today IN FACT a friend of mine Mike is always using
horsetail And guess what? It really helped him reversing his kidney
disease Here’s his video in the card above if you want to learn more about his story
But there’s another herbal remedy I want to talk you about today
It’s called Milk Thistle Milk thistle also known as Silybum marianum
is maybe the most effective herb in treating renal problems It’s a very very powerful herb
and it’s great to lower creatinine You see creatinine is a waste product; it’s
naturally generated by the body But it’s also an indicator of kidney function
How? The kidneys are supposed to filter out creatinine
from the blood so if there’s more creatinine than there should be a problem in the renal
system is to be expected Also a buildup of creatinine can lead to uremia
a lifethreatening disorder So when we see a high level of creatinine
in the analysis we immediately start to worry That’s just not something you can ignore it
may signal a loss of kidney function So the best way to lower creatinine in the
blood is to treat the underlying causes What we actually want to do is toimprove our
kidney function Now this is why milk thistle can help us
A lot of people are using milk thistle to treat their kidney disease and many of them
are seeing dramatic improvements in their kidney function
This is because there’s a compound in milk thistle a flavonoid called silymarin
Silymarin has been widely studied for its properties and today it’s considered one of
the most powerful herbal extracts present in nature
It has very potent antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties
Why is this useful to lower creatinine? As you may already know antioxidants protect
the body And when you can reduce the inflammation you help healing the disease
This happens because in nature a lot of diseases are of inflammatory origin
For example an inflammation of the joints is called arthritis
The inflammation of the nephrons the filtering units of the kidneys is called Nephritis
There are a lot more diseases of inflammatory origin you can recognize them because their
nouns end in “itis” Which means inflammation in Latin
So it’s easy to understand why an herbal remedy that can reduce the inflammation is so powerful
to improve our kidney health Now the people who would benefit more from
milk thistle are those suffering from diabetic kidney disease If you have diabetic kidney
disease milk thistle can really help lowering your creatinine
Also people with a kidney damage caused by an infection or by toxins can really improve
their health with milk thistle What is the right dosage for this herb? How can you take it? Recent studies found out that 500mg per day
of silymarin extract is the best dosage in most of the cases
You can find silimaryn the active compound of milk thistle as a supplement on Amazoncom
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And remember to always talk to your doctor before starting to use any herbal remedy
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