Essential Oil Diffuser and Aromatherapy Kit Review

hi I’m Chris with
affinityHM is your channel for home medical equipment reviews equipment
anyone and everyone can use to make life a little better tonight I’m going to
show you about our essential oil diffuser and portable aromatherapy kit
it is so cool it’s only $19 on our website and so what we’re gonna do is
actually if I can get this camera straight we’re gonna break it down I’m
going to show you all of the components that he received whenever you order the
kit and we’re gonna take a closer look at this little diffuser and how it
operates so the first thing that I want to show you is the actual diffuser
itself and it actually can operate through a USB cable
you know the USB cable comes with the kit but the little block does not come
with the kit so hopefully you have a block so you can plug it into the wall
if you like umm now you also can plug this right into the computer or thirdly
you can operate this straight from two double-a batteries you got a little
battery compartment right here where the double-a batteries would go and operate
it as a portable device with just the the little double-a batteries so that
snaps back together like so now right here is how you will be able to open up
the entire unit so let’s push that and that will release the bottom from the
top and now let’s take a closer look at the actual components of the diffuser
this is a waterless diffuser so it just works dry there’s a simple fan in there
and you can see there’s some electrical components and then here’s the fan vent
so that’s where the actual aromatherapy will come out of the unit um taking a
look at the base of the unit there’s a simple little vent system
right here underneath the vent system is a little pad so the pad is where the oil
is going to go this pad would have to be replaced if it becomes discolored over
time it will become discolored and and sort of hard and it’s just a simple
little pad but um for right now that pad goes in place and then the vent system
goes back in place over the top of that all right and then this is where you’re
actually going to place the oil so for our video tonight I’m going to use the
peppermint oil but let me show you everything you get you get the lime oil
the eucalyptus oil the peppermint oil which we’re using tonight let’s set that
aside and also the tea tree oil so I would recommend actually going to Google
and do some searches on these various oils right here and you can find that
they are very interesting wonderful and beautiful aromas from each my favorite
is definitely the peppermint so as far as how much oil to use in the
instructions it says to use four or five drops and that if you want to get a more
subtle scent you can go with you know maybe three or three or four drops if
you want stronger sin go with six or seven drops for tonight I think I’m
going to go with four or five so you just turn it up and one two three four
five six so I got a little extra so I’m gonna put the lid back on that you
notice that I dispersed the oils all around across the path not absolutely
necessary but I feel like it would give a little better
aromatherapy that way so that’s why I did it that way and then whenever you
put the top back on this front has a little notch right there so you’re going
to want to make sure that that front goes into the notch like so and then
whenever the back is seated it’s gonna snap together and it’s ready to go now
so I’m going to plug one end of the USB into my computer
and the other end of this cord fits right here into the back of the unit okay and so it’s ready to roll I’m
actually just hit the on button right here the fan begins to turn its gonna
pick up the aroma of the peppermint oil and send it out through the through the
vents and actually right now I can totally totally sense the aroma of the
peppermint which is wonderful I love peppermint peppermint oil but um it
actually works really nicely you can see the fan if I if I hit stop the fan
begins to stop get start the fan goes again so this little unit it actually
makes a little bit of noise I’m gonna bring it closer not sure if you can hear
that it’s not loud at all it’s very quiet but I can’t hear a little bit of a
noise so the oils that come with it if you would in the card above tell me
which would be your favorite of these peppermint lime tea tree or eucalyptus
which one of those four would be your favorite oil or in comments if there’s
another that you like better than these maybe there’s combinations of oils that
you could use at the same time that might be really nice but this unit is
$19 and you can get 10% off if you use the code: GIVEMETEN at checkout so uh
so there you go I hope you enjoy the video and I hope you have a wonderful
and relaxing evening thank you

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