Essential Oil Roll-On Recipes

– I love roll-on bottles. You can take them with you everywhere. They’re so easy to use and they’re a nice, clean way to apply an essential oil blend because you don’t have to dip
your finger into the blend. They make great gifts, you can use them with absolute ease whenever you want. You can use roll ons for
so many medicinal purposes and also to create
beautiful, natural perfume. Lemme show you. Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute. I have two fabulous roll on
blends to teach you today. The first is a perfume. It’s called I Am Always
Unique Roll on Perfume. It’s got four essential oils in it. First is Pinon Pine,
which is a fabulous aroma of being in the fresh forest,
but what’s unique about Pinon is that it’s got some citrus
undertones that are beautiful. The next oil is, and we
use five drops of Pinon. The next oil is Mandarin. We use three drops of mandarin. It compliments the Pinon
Pine so beautifully because of that citrus note. Then we use one drop of Vetiver. That grounds the whole
blend and adds a richness and a thick, sweetness to the aroma. Lastly, five drops of Jasmine. Probably a lot of you know Jasmine. It’s such a beautiful floral aroma and blends incredibly well with all the other oils we’ve talked about. Now here’s a great touch. We’re gonna blend this in
Vanilla Infused Jojoba. That is gonna add the sweet
richness of the vanilla and we’ll have a gorgeous perfume. The second blend we’re
making is called Belly Bliss. This is for any time
you feel like you need some support in your belly;
you’ve eaten too much, you feel unsettled,
maybe you feel nauseous, just not feeling well in your stomach. The blend has 12 drops of Roman Chamomile. Roman Chamomile is a
classic for supporting your belly, for any time
you’re feeling kind of off. Two drops of Ginger; now, of course, everyone knows Ginger
as a great essential oil for settling your stomach. And then two drops of Peppermint. Brilliant also, especially
if you’re feeling nauseous, feeling like, eh, something you ate just
didn’t feel quite right. Those two drops of Peppermint
are really gonna help. And then we’ll put all that into one-ounce, 30 mils of Jojoba. I hope you enjoyed this video and the roll on blends that we made. If you’re interested in learning more about how to blend essential oils, I have a free class at Aromahead Institute that you can sign right up for. It’s called introduction
to Essential Oils. I’ll put the link in
the description below. You can just click it and sign right up. All right, take care everybody. Bye for now.

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  • Hello Andrea, can i adapt somehow the 2nd blend "belly bliss" for a kid who suffers of car sickness? She is 2 years old and we have a 12 hours trip to make by car and she has bad car sickness (vomits all the time). I don't have ginger essential oil. Can I replace it with other oil? Thank you so much and i just love your videos; you changed my life completely! in good of course😘

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