Family Medicine Physician Dr. Sarah Krishnan Explains Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

D.O.s get extra training in something called
osteopathic manipulative treatment. We do many, many hours of lab training, learning
about the musculoskeletal system. We do extra hours in anatomy in that as well. And just learning about the interconnection
of muscles and joints and something called fascia and how it all affects your body as
a whole. It really has augmented my practice because
a lot of patients who can’t take medications can come see me for OMT. I can treat back pain in a pregnant woman
without Ibuprofen or narcotics. I just do simple manipulation, massage, stuff
like that to help. Same with my geriatric population, a lot of
them should not be taking a lot of the medicines that they do and I can treat it without.

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