Get Your Kidneys Back – Top 5 Natural Remedies Backed by Science

This video is going to be super interesting
for kidney disease patients the top 5 best herbal supplements and home remedies to improve
your renal health Either if you have chronic kidney disease
or if you just want to protect your kidney health these remedies will help you
Hello how are your kidneys doing? this is Katherine welcome to 00Kidney don’t forget
to like and subscribe! Pharmaceutical companies are working on new
kidney disease treatments every day Unfortunately the medical establishment is
working even faster on new ways to make money from patients
We are facing this problem every day insurance premiums are on the rise and access to the
much needed treatments is becoming always more problematic for everyone but the very
wealthy Still there is hope We must learn to take
care of ourselves the best we can I’ve been researching the topic thoroughly
and I know for sure that there are herbal supplements that can help
Be aware that a lot of the supplements on the market today can be dangerous for kidney
patients and other just don’t work On the other hand there are littleknown agesold
remedies that people have been successfully using since the ancient times
These are the home remedies I’m showing you today allnatural sources of powerful healing
compounds They are proven by science to be safe and
effective You can start benefiting from them right away
and you’ll be able to treat the intrinsic causes of kidney problems faster and better
than you think Here is the top 5 home remedies and herbal
supplements for kidney disease Number 5 Soy
Soy foods are a healthy alternative to meat Kidney patients need very few proteins so
it’s really important that those are high quality proteins
Soy foods also are one of the best sources of omega3 fatty acids essential polyunsaturated
fats that are really healthy for our kidneys Soy based foods contain loads of vitamin B
zinc iron and antioxidants They are also cholesterolfree and are linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular
disease You may already know all of this
But do you know that soy has been recently proven exceptionally useful for people suffering
from chronic kidney disease? A research published on the International
Journal of Preventive Medicines states that replacing animal proteins with soy proteins
can have huge benefits for the health of our kidneys
How? The main responsible may be isoflavones researchers
say Who will be able to benefit from this home
remedy? Kidney dialysis patients CKD patients and
those with a kidney transplant have been found out to get the most benefits from replacing
meat based proteins with soy foods So how can you add soy to your renal diet? Edamame beans These whole beans are harvested
before they completely mature and are soft and delicious They are usually eaten directly
from the pod after boiling Really tasty! Also there is tofu! Just be careful with potassium levels it is
higher than meat and you should count it in your daily allowance
Number 4 Cilantro Cilantro has been used by Ayurveda medicine
for thousands of years to fight infections soothe skin rashes improve digestion and to
detox and heal the kidneys Also known as Chinese parsley coriandrum sativum
is an herb in the carrot family Today there are studies proving that Cilantro
is actually useful for the health of our kidneys Several studies on Cilantro published in the
Journal of Ethnopharmacology and in the Journal of Food Science showed that cilantro can be
used to lower blood sugar levels cholesterol and blood pressure
Now diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes of kidney disease so anything
that can fight these conditions is absolutely great for our kidneys
How to get the maximum benefits from cilantro? Fresh Cilantro can be used to spice up salads
poultry and fish dishes or it can be taken as an herbal supplement
Cilantro is also often used as a detoxifying tea thanks to its diuretic and antiinflammatory
properties Number 3 Ginger
A lot of people are using ginger for its nausea relieving and digestive properties but do
you know that it’s an exceptionally useful home remedy for chronic kidney disease patients? Commonly used in herbal medicine ginger has
always shown powerful kidney healing properties And now there are studies proving its effectiveness
If you have kidney disease increasing your antioxidant intake is a sure way to improve
your renal health Ginger can also be used to manage blood sugar
levels and to fight diabetes in kidney disease So ginger can help against high blood sugar
levels and free radicals two of the worst enemies of our kidneys Again there are studies
proving this Ginger is also perfectly safe The only precaution
is that it can act as a blood thinner so be careful if you are already taking blood thinning
medications How to get the best from it? Ginger consumption should not exceed 4 grams
per day You can eat it raw or in powder Ginger can
be used to add a unique taste to soups main dishes and desserts or you can make a tea
with it My suggestion? Eat it fresh Peel it and just eat 2 or 3 grams
during the day Number 2 Milk Thistle
Milk thistle a member of the daisy family has been used by medical herbalists since
the late nineteenth century to treat kidney disorders and various other illnesses
Many individuals have seen dramatic improvement in their kidney health using milk thistle
How? Silymarin the active compound of milk thistle
can help regenerating and repairing DNA and protein enzymes in damaged kidney cells
People who would benefits mostly from milk thistle are those who suffered from a kidney
damage caused by an infection environmental toxins or diabetic kidney disease
In a study on Silymarin the capacity of the kidneys of regenerating their cells improved
by 30% over the control group How should you take milk thistle to get the
best from it? The right dosage according to recent studies
is 400 to 500 mg of milk thistle extract per day You can find it as a supplement on Amazoncom
Number 1 Astragalus root Astragalus root is used in Traditional Chinese
Medicine as an adaptogenic herbal supplement Adaptogenic remedies are substances used to
balance physiological processes of the body equilibrating the hormones and supporting
the adrenal system It is used to fight off stress infections and diseases
Astragalus is considered one of the best herb based kidney disease treatments
It’s particularly useful for renal patients because it contains very powerful natural
compounds to treat cardiovascular problems and diabetes
And it works There are compelling evidences in medical literature suggesting that this
herb can reduce the amount of protein in the urine and creatinine levels especially in
CKD patients How to take it? Recent studies suggest that to get the best
from it 75 to 15 grams a day of powdered astragalus root should be optimal
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