Hair Growth Tips For Thicker Hair Naturally + Proven Home Remedies For Thicker Hair

Hi family, welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Selina Zinchuk welcome My channel is about DIY, natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you come on and join the family Into today’s video. We are going to be talking about how to get your natural hair thicker Naturally, there are so many things that come into play when you are looking at getting your hair to be thick Number one, it could be something that you are just born with you just have naturally find Strands, so your hair is going to look thin and then sometimes it could be so many Other things that come into play so in today’s video I’m going to be telling you what are some of the things that causes your hair To look thin and what you can do to solve those problems, if all of this interests you then please keep on watching One of the first causes of our hair being thin is the environment your environment You live in can also cause that number one the changes in weather the cold season The warm season and then you have to know what to do when those various season come Like for too much Sun on our hair can also damage our hair and then too much dry cold weather can also cause breakage and causes our hair to appear thin so when you have Summer time you should try wearing some hats on your hair to protect your hair from the Sun and then also on winter time you should also Try to wear hats when going out another thing you can do during winter time to get your hair to still moisturize and not break off is Try to do more deep conditioning treatment and limit your shampoo So more deep conditioned treatment that will trap the moisture into your hair Which will keep your hair moisturize for a longer time and not making it to break the next thing that can cause your hair to appear thin and also break your hair off is excessive styling and Also heat, hot tools, a lot of hot tools, now since I went on my natural hair journey Which started in 2016 I put away all the hot tools and I put away Majority of the styling tools now if you are familiar with my channel You will notice that I use my fingers 99.9% of the time to care for my hair now if you don’t know how to use your fingers to care for your hair then you can try using a wide tooth comb If you have type 4 hair and type 3 hair you really need to know how to detangle your hair and how to care for your hair because our hair curls on itself so much that if You are not mindful you will be losing a lot of hair than necessary. So try learning how to finger detangle your hair because when you are Because when you are finger detangling you can feel the knots on your hair and you can gently Part those knots out and that will eliminate breakage so one of the most important thing I will tell you is When you are caring for your hair take your time and care for it If you know that you are in a hurry and you need to go somewhere then postponed on Detangling your hair until the following day Because a very bad detangling can lead to a lot of hair shedding Which also leads to thin hair the second thing that you need to do is limit the amount of heat that you put on your hair direct heat Example like curling iron Blow-dryer flat iron if you are trying to get your hair back thick and if you are trying to maintain that Thickness you need to limit the amount of direct heat that you are putting on your hair Since I started my natural hair journey in 2016 I’ve never put heat on my hair and I do not miss it at all because when I was relaxed I did all of those things I color my hair. I used a lot of heat on my hair. I can see every day I was straightening my hair and my daughter hair. So since both of us went on our healthy hair journey Started in 2016. I limit all Heat from on her hair and my hair and this is what I use my fingers to care for our hair Another most important thing that you need to take into consideration It’s what you eat Whatever you put in you internally will also show on your skin and you hair if you are having a very Poor diet that can also affect your hair try to include a lot of proteins into your diet also another of mistake that people have when it comes to growing hair is that they stress over it too much which is also, very very bad a lot of stress caused you to lose your hair and when you are losing your hair you are stressed over that And that also cause your hair to get worse, thin, breakage so it’s just like a vicious cycle So try to limit your stress level what I started doing nowadays I just take a walk around my neighborhood I also go jogging with My daughter Sonya and I try playing some other games that will help to reduce my stress level I know life come into play We all have things that we are not happy about or stuff that is going on in our life it could be your family your kids And that’s just life. It happens. But if you also find a way to balance it Believe me. It’s gonna show both on your face Your life gonna be much better and you’re gonna be a more happy person another thing to take into consideration is being deficiency of other minerals now I recently, I was diagnose with anemia that means I’m anemic So I have a low iron level and that is something that I’m Seriously working on it because I have worked too hard to get my hair healthy and I don’t want any Something to just come in and just take my happiness away now This is something that you will have to discuss with your medical doctor and as we get older there are so many other things that also depreciate so having a Visit with your doctor having some natural alternative getting some blood work done that will make you to be aware of how healthy you are if you a deficiency of any Vitamins and so and then start working on that First of all try the natural way and if not if your doctor have to prescribe something for you Just make sure you don’t depend on it 100% keep trying the natural way I 100% believe in natural Alternative because I feel it’s just healthy for us. Look at our forefathers I mean if we are talking about thousands of years back They had no idea of all these chemicals nowadays What did they use to keep theirself healthy and so it was Nature it was the green leaves. God gave us all these plants To solve every problems that is going on with our human body So do not rely too much on chemical to solve your problem I would encourage you strongly to turn to natural herbs And it’s going to work because I use a lot of chemical before And I didn’t care but since I started my healthy hair journey And I see a lot of big difference in my hair health in my hair thickness in my hair length And I give all those praises to natural ingredients my DIYs and I know that they are working because I saw that when I was using chemical and now that I’m using natural remedies there’s a big big difference in my over all hair health, hair length and hair thickness if you are having a severe Shedding and breakage I would advise you to do Micro nutrient tests that to test your scalp and see what is going on There if you notice that you’re shedding just starting I will also advise you to do some scalp health There are so many natural remedies out there that you can do to take care of your scalp Don’t forget that our hair grows from our scalp So your scalp should be your number one focus of keeping it healthy when you keep your scalp healthy The hair follicles gonna be healthy the hair that come out of your your hair skin It’s going to be healthy now One thing that I always advise people on when you want to keep your scalp healthy it’s using organic neem oil, organic neem oil is very good at killing fungus And bacteria on your scalp. All you need to do is just get your organic neem oil mix it with one or two tbsp of olive oil mix it together well Massage it into your scalp Cover your hair up with a plastic bag for at least 30 minutes and then you can rinse that up and I promise you that if you tried doing this treatment once a month You never gonna have any scalp issue. The next thing you can also do is A CV rinse apple cider vinegar rinse get a 50/50 ratio 50% Apple cider vinegar and 50% on water mix them together and spray it on your scalp massage it in and then leave it on for like an hour and after you can just go in with your Moisturizing shampoo or just rinse it out This is something that I also need to do Because I noticed that I have hard water in my city So if you have a hard water in your city all those hard Minerals that is in the water We want it in our body to stay healthy But we don’t want it in our water and on our hair so you can get shower filter That’s something I started looking in recently Get a shower filter and that will help solve your problem. And that will help correct Your water problem in your bathroom because all of those hard waters Those are minerals like a build-up on our hair and on our scalp that can also cause your hair to be dry Brittle and it also gonna thin out Now, let’s look at various DIY’s that you can do to be able to change your thin hair To thick hair Number one I would Encourage you to use sweet potato Vitamin E oil or almond oil So you can boil your sweet potato Blend it up. Add your vitamin E oil and add your almond oil into that Give it a good mix. You can apply that hair mask on your hair. Leave it for one hour And then after you can rinse it out the vitamin E will also help to make your hair very soft and moisturize And that is a very very great DIY to help strengthen your hair to help Make your hair healthy. I also have a video on how I make my potato hair mask I also add Avocado into it. I will leave that video down in the description box for you to check it out That’s all great hair mask. You can try using it once a week and Try that for a month or two and you will see a big difference in your hair the next great natural ingredient that you can use to help change your thin hair to thick hair is Fenugreek seed I use fenugreek seed in three best DIYs the first way I use fenugreek seed. Make my fenugreek powder and then I infused that into an oil for like a week And then I will use that oil to massage my scalp the next way you can use fenugreek to Boost your hair growth and also improve your hair health. Is fenugreek mask So just blend your fenugreek seed into a powder Add some water to it and a mixture of your favorite oils. You can either use coconut oil olive oil blend it into a Consistency that best suits your hair and apply that mask to your hair leave it on for like an hour And then after you can rinse it out, the next awesome way I love to use fenugreek that I use it daily as hair spray So I will infuse left one table spoon of fenugreek in one cup of water I will leave it overnight and then the next day I will strain that, I will strain it up and then use that water as A daily spritz in my hair and I have seen a big difference since I started using Fenugreek into my regime my hair is thicker My hair is longer and my hair is healthier So I would encourage you to also give that a try Another great DIY that you can use to get your hair thick is using egg Honey, and olive oil egg have a good amount of protein in it and our hair Is made of eighty five to ninety six percent protein and that protein is called keratin protein now as we get older that protein i’m depreciate so Having a regular protein treatment is one of the best thing that you can do for your hair Now all you need to do is break According to your hair length one or two eggs into a bowl Whisk it up add your olive oil into it and add your honey Apply that hair max to your hair, leave it on for like 30 minutes to an hour And rinse it out. You can try this treatment once or twice a month Another great DIY is using castor oil Coconut oil and aloe vera gel one of the best treatment you can give your hair is aloe Vera gel, aloe vera gel can be used both on your skin and it can also be used on your hair all you need to do is Combine your ingredients together and then apply it to your hair leave it on for like an hour Rinse it out and go into styling your hair Now the last thing this is just like a bonus tip for you. I will tell you do not wash your hair every day Our scalp create a natural oil and that oil is called sebum So our scalp already create natural oils Which is healthy for our hair so if you washes your hair everyday You are just scraping away all that natural oil that your scalp produce But if you notice that you have very dry Scalp then you can use these oil treatments at least twice a week or three times a week For you to battle the dryness on your hair But washing your hair every day is not healthy for you your scalp or your hair So if you are someone who already used to washing your hair daily, I would say try stretching it so every three days and then if you can to a week for type 1 hair, hair that is very straight it’s very difficult for them because the natural sebum get their hair to become very oily fast but we as type 3 and type 4 hair, you can even stretch your wash day to up to two weeks and your hair will be Healthy and fine if you love this video Can you please give me a like leave a comment down below and share with us your natural remedy that you are using to get your hair healthy and beautiful and Please subscribe to this channel so you can always be updated each time I upload a new video by hitting the little bell next to this subscribe so you can get Notification each time. I upload a new video Thanks for watching Bye. Bye

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