Heart Patient|Body Revival|Heart Patient Speaks About Body Revival

My name is Mahendra
Shudev I came from Nagpur My father had heart blockage 85% And there was swelling in kidney Hospital told to
go for operation But because he was aged person
so we didn’t go for operation Because doctor didn’t wanted to
take risk so we took him home At home he was on bed We saw doctor Munir
Khan’s Ad on T.V So we took address and came here After giving Munir Khan sir’s
medicine he started doing activity He can go to
bathroom and latrine He can also eat by his own hands In one bottle he started curing He started his routine
in one bottle Till now he completed 2 bottles It’s much cured and we
came for 3rd bottle Doctor Munir Khan’s medicine is
very nice it’s like god’s gift Every patient should come
here and take medicines

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