Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: St. John’s Wort for Depression

The first topic that we’re going to talk about
is, depression. Depression can be caused by increased stress levels in hormones as in
the adrenal glands, also excess of use of smoking, intoxication and alcohol. So today,
I’m going to show you a couple of herbs that you can use in your daily life, which is going
to help you release anxiety, stress, as well as depression. First herb for depression is,
St. Johns Wort. It significantly improves anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness.
Some study also show that St. Johns Wort is more powerful antidepressant than most pharmaceutical
products. It improves sleep quality, often a major problem for people, who are seriously
depressed. One of the major woman symptoms, which are, anxiety, anorexia, lack of interest
in life, and also psycomotor problems, all changed with this herb called, St. Johns Wort.
Also people who drink a lot of alcohol can take St. Johns Wort, and relieve their depression.
One of the major advantageous of St. Johns Wort, is that, unlike many anti-depressant
drugs, it does not impair your attention, concentration, or reaction time. So how can
you make a tea with St. Johns Wort? I’m going to explain you that. You can make a tea by
steeping one to two tablespoons of dried herb in boiling water, and you can just boil it
for at least 10 minutes, you can also add honey, that’s honey, and you can also add
lemon according to your taste. And simply filter the water, and take at least one to
two cups of tea every single day, to relief depression. One to two cups is more than enough
to actually relieve your stress levels, and it’s also going to help your adrenal glands,
and will help you with your depression. So you can take it once in the morning, or once
in the evening, or you can also take 900 milligrams daily, which means, 600 with breakfast, and
300 milligrams with lunch, or you can take 300 with breakfast, 300 with lunch, and 300
with dinner, it’s all up to you. But do not take everything all together, which means
that, do not take a total of 900 milligrams together, just take it, 600 with breakfast,
and 300 milligrams with lunch. Do not take St. Johns Wort if you are pregnant, and also
avoid sun exposure, which is intense sun exposure, while using it, since the herb can make skin
more sensitive to sunlight. Do not take St. Johns Wort along with amino acids, if you
just have started the treatment program. And if you’re taking any prescription drugs, please
space them out for at least 20 minutes with any of the herbs that you’re going to take.

46 thoughts on “Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: St. John’s Wort for Depression

  • If you try pills be sure you get a quality brand like Kira or Perika. Most brands are garbage. I felt very positive and creative the first week, but the real antidepressant effects took about a month to appear. It stabilized after 2 months use and I am currently off it. Good stuff, but did cause a little drowsiness at first and loss of libido.

  • works wonders, I remember taking this when I was under the weather or nervousness a lot before taking college tests. Good video by the way and simple to prepare the tea.

  • Photosensitivity is a rare side effect. If you become sensitive to the sun while taking it, stop and try something else.

  • amazingasa ,
    Don't worry about sun exposure. Your skin is already used to sun from being outside most of the day, so you won't get sun burn. Make your tea before going to bed at night, and make sure to let it steep, covered, for 15 minutes, to get the constituents from the herbs. Strain and store the tea in a thermos. Take the thermos with you at work and drink the tea throughout the day.

  • I use St.john's wort for anxiety, Especially during exams. I have become so anxious during exam time that I freeze up and forget everything I learn.
    If I am having a low feeling or I am having trouble sleeping because I am thinking to much it really helps.
    Honestly, the tea is not potent or concentrated enough. I take SJW in tablet form. I have to say that it does really work and I don't think I could get through university without it.

  • I have to admit I've taken St John's Wort for about 5 months now and it has worked wonders, It takes a while for it to build up and alot of people shy away from it as they think it's not working but you have to give it time just like with any other anti-depressant, it has lifted my physical symptoms as well.

  • Incorrect information is being presented in the video – glaringly incorrect.

    St. Johns wort is well known to cause the following :

    The most common adverse effects reported are gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, confusion, tiredness and sedation.

    Confusion – tiredness – and sedation QUITE OBVIOUSLY would hinder / impair a persons attention, concentration, and or reaction time.

    The woman states that it does not – which is incorrect.

  • @foofwolf22 taper pritstiq down slowly over a week or two if possible also have a few days 'clean' before starting sjw. also i found the original/natural herb very sedating and horrible side effects, i was reluctant to try the standardized westernized version but reluctantly i tried the standardized version which turned out to be much more manageable

  • read recently that the Saint Johnswort to combat depression, anxiety, inhibition, shyness, migraine, asthma, behavior problems in general has psychiatric and physical benefits and the GNC Store of vitamins sold Saint Johnswort under the name of SJW.

  • @hesellsmystuff Anti-depressants are known to increase thoughts of suicide or similar or worse problems like the ones you listed….Some of them are also known to cause withdrawal symptoms.

  • @faithoffaith does it give you any sort of high, i am not depressed enuogh to take this long term with no psychological or physical affects, i want to get high. can this get me high?

  • @RedTailedTuna it is supposed to better your mood. If you generally feel a little better, think a little clearer, then changes can be made within yourself and your own behaviors and thought. Think of it like this, you are very trapped in your own mind and you don't realize it until you take this, it lifts a little weight off and you become slightly relieved. not saying it would happen to everyone else, but it's cheap and over the counter, might as well try.

  • @RedTailedTuna That makes no sense. Depression is an inbalance of chemicals in the body, and people don't get depression so they can survive, people with depression often committ suicide.

  • It is true that negative thought patterns will influnce the chemicals, but it does not "change" them if you want to be specific, it increases/decreases uptake of certain chemicals that contribute to feelings/sypmtoms of depression.
    Therefore, pharmaceutical drugs DO cure depression because they will inhibit or increase uptake of the certain chemicals that are causing it.
    Although drugs/herbs CAN cure depression, that's not to say it won't come back. But depression isn't something one "creates"

  • St johns wort is great!! I was taking citalopram for moderate depression and the side effect were horrible, insomnia and sick feelings were common. So I decided to ditch the chemicals for natures way and it has been great so far. I am not saying that you should take prescription drugs but this herb is incredibly potent!!

  • Basically I buy it loose in bulk off ebay in ounce packages and roll a joint/cigarette with it and smoke it. I have also just put it in a pipe and smoked it. Takes a bit of getting used to it taste wise but it is very effective.

  • I've been researching Kanna (Sceletium tortuosumis) 10 times more potent than St John's Wort. There's a mouth spray available, 3 sprays will take anxiety and worry away for 3 – 5 hours gives slight euphoric feeling, it's great for social anxiety and panic attacks. I've ordered it can't wait to try it.

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