Herbal Remedies To Increase Stamina & Testosterone Levels in Men | Products Feedback

Namashkar Amit ji. Sir today you are with Dr. Vikram in his clinic. It an opportunity. Do share your experience with us. Please tell us what all benefits you had with Dr. Vikram? I was very concerned about my body. I used to go to gym. I had a trainer also. I was confused with which one was the best supplement. Then i tried Planet Ayurveda product – Weight Gain Formula. This helped me a lot. It increased my stamina. Now i can do 300 push-ups in half an hour. It helps me to carry heavy weight. So it increased your stamina and strength both. I went for medical checkup. It was 100% normal. Touch wood, it is a miracle. Now i am in south africa. You are using it regularly? Ya , ya So Dr. Vikram can you explain how do these herbs benefit? Actually Amit came to me 1.5 year ago. He was looking for a product like this. He saw this over internet and contacted me. He came all the way from south Africa. I am actually very much against these whey protein and other such products creatine and other such supplements. Artificial protein damage your body’s immune system. They damage your kidney. I see a lot of kidney failure patients. Yes leave the artificial. This weight gain is 100% natural. In Ayurveda we have wonderful herbs like; Ashwagandha. Yes Ashwagandha. Amazing Amazing. People who are too skinny and have lose body. After using this, they become better. Slowly, slowly their weight increases. It also increases the muscle mass. It is also very good adaptogenic. It can improve your capacity to handle stress. And you are able to digest food properly. Some spices are also there along with Ashwagandha. So digestive power is more. It doesn’t work like in one way, in one way. It builds up, slowly. It takes time. It takes time like two or three months. See, this is a single ingredient – Ashwagandha. This is plain Ashwagandha. Here i’ve put 200mg Ashwagandha in this Weight gain formula This Ashwagandha is plain Ashwagandha 500mg. Before i go to gym i take them. And now to maintain the testosterone levels i am giving him Tribulus, Shilajit and Musli. These are all natural supplements. Then this is the pure powder form of herbs. These are pure and natural herbs. 13 -14 herbs are there. I think every gym should provide this. They are safe and it is like a manure to the body. Its like giving natural manure to the plant and it grows. I believe Planet Ayurveda 100%. Thank you for your trust. Thankyou Dr. Vikram.

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