Herbal Soap

Hey it’s Logan Christopher from Lost
Empire Herbs and in this video I’m going to talk about our herbal soap. So we took
some of our herbs and partnered up with the guys at Iron Lime Soaps, it’s a
completely all-natural product – it only has a few ingredients in there: olive oil,
coconut water, alkaline, palm oil, shea butter, spearmint, essential oils,
spirulina powder, pine pollen. The thing is with a lot of these herbs right you
can take them internally, but that they can also be good to be used externally.
Now, most of the soaps in our society are fulfilled they’re filled with all these
different chemicals that are endocrine disrupting or otherwise damaging, not
just to our bodies but also to the environment because once it goes down
the drain and goes to the sewer treatment plant a lot of that stuff gets
just shoved off and put somewhere, right? So we want to use natural products that
support our health and the greater environment as a whole. So you got this
little packing material in here then some soap like this and the soap smells
really good, that spearmint scent is quite strong with this. In most of these
videos I show you how to use these things but I’m gonna guess that you guys
know how to use a bar of soap, it is of course more expensive than most of the
soaps you’ll find on the market but if you want to use your herbs externally as
well as internally we have this available for you, we just thought it’d
be a fun product and we really like this stuff and judging on when we offer this
to our VIP customers they liked it too so we have this soap now available. In
the future we’ll also be having some additional variety of some different
herbal combinations that are used in these soaps, so if you gotta get clean
give this a shot.

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